Hero Custom Gold Sunglasses

Here’s why you should order your rose gold sunglasses from Y&T Eyewear:

  • Professional craftmanship
  • Wide selection of trendy and comfortable rose gold sunglasses for everyday use
  • Sunglasses with exceptional quality and price
  • Rigorous inspection process

Custom Gold Sunglasses Manufacturer In China

Y&T Eyewear has over 12 years experience in manufacturing a wide range of sunglasses including custom gold sunglasses. The secret of our success and longevity can be attributed to excellent customer service, and high level of professionalism.

Our customers keep coming back because they are certain they will not be disappointed by our services. Quality assurance is the cornerstone of our eyewear business. We produce sunglasses of the highest possible standard.

We will oversee the designing and manufacturing of your sunglasses to ensure you receive the high quality eyewear you expect. Your sunglasses will be subjected to a rigorous testing process from the initial design to the final stage.

That said, if you are looking for a rose gold sunglasses wholesale manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear would love to hear from you. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team if you have any questions on how we can work together.  

Custom Gold Sunglasses Styles

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rimless Custom Gold Sunglasses CS-758

custm gold sunglasses manufacturers in china yt.jpg

round Custom Gold Sunglasses CS-759

custm gold sunglasses manufacturer in china yt eyewear metal.jpg

square Custom Gold Sunglasses CS-760

custm gold sunglasses manufacturers china yt metal.jpg

metal Custom Gold Sunglasses CS-761

custm gold sunglasses manufacturer in china metal.jpg

aviator Custom Gold Sunglasses CS-762

custm gold sunglasses manufacturer china yt metal.jpg

cat eyes Custom Gold Sunglasses CS-763

Custom Any Desgin you want

200+ Custom Sunglasses Model

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Pilot Custom Gold Sunglasses CS-764

custm gold sunglasses manufacturers china yt metal 1.jpg

Mirror Custom Gold Sunglasses CS-765

custm gold sunglasses manufacturer metal.jpg

uv400 Custom Gold Sunglasses CS-766

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Retro Custom Gold Sunglasses CS-767

custm gold sunglasses manufacturer in china yt metal.jpg

polygon Custom Gold Sunglasses CS-768

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Colorful Custom Gold Sunglasses CS-769

Benefits of Working With Us

Great selection of eyewear

If you are looking for a rose gold sunglasses wholesale manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear is the best choice. We sell the finest custom gold sunglasses at the best prices. We have a variety of styles, colors and sizes for kids, women and men. We stock a wide variety of rose gold unisex sunglasses, rose gold round sunglasses, rose gold polarized sunglasses, rose gold cat eye sunglasses, and rose gold sunglasses with metal or wooden frames. We’ve got something for everyone.

Quality sunglasses

At Y&T Eyewear, we commit ourselves to the highest standards of quality through the entire design and production process. We maintain high standards because we want you to return and give referrals, and that cannot happen with substandard quality sunglasses. Therefore, you can rest assured we will provide you with rose gold sunglasses that are made to last. Our inspection process is very thorough, and it starts from initial design to final stage. You will receive sunglasses with unmatched quality.

Huge inventory

As a renowned custom gold sunglasses manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear stocks over 300 styles of sunglasses. We are capable of handling orders of any size. We have a huge inventory of stock on a wide variety of rose gold sunglasses for startups and well established brands. Do not hesitate to contact Y&T Eyewear to submit your order.

Strong research and development capability

At Y&T Eyewear, we never remain stagnant. Our team of designers has dedicated itself to R&D, which has enabled them to soar ahead of the competition. We are constantly looking for ways to make your custom gold sunglasses better. We keep up to date with the latest trends, which helps us provide you with unbeatable designs and service at all times. If you want fashion forward and innovative sunglasses, look no further than Y&T Eyewear.

ODM/OEM customization services

Y&T Eyewear customization services can offer you reliable and comprehensive eyewear solutions. Our aim is to help you obtain functional and superior quality custom gold sunglasses for your customers. We will help you stay ahead of the competition by offering you a unique design and manufacture service to ensure all your requirements are satisfied. We also offer sampling services to ensure you get what you pay for.

High precision production equipment

Y&T Eyewear prides itself in industry leading technology. We have 13 injection molding machines and 8 CNC machining centers. Rest assured your custom gold sunglasses will be manufactured using the latest technology. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team. They are ready to answer any questions you might have before or after your purchase.

Our factory

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reading glasses factory.jpeg
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reading glasses factory injection department.jpeg

Advantages of Rose Gold Sunglasses

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About Us

Y&T Eyewear is a leading rose gold sunglasses wholesale manufacturer. We manufacture and supply custom gold sunglasses to small and large eyewear companies from across the globe. Our company has been in operation for over 12 years.

With our top-notch customer-focused approach, our customers are able to trust us when purchasing our eyewear products and accessories. All our rose gold sunglasses are competitively priced without compromising on quality, while keeping in mind your budget.

Our team of designers has extensive knowledge and experience. They are eager to help your eyewear succeed by designing for you stylish and innovative gold sunglasses. They will work with you from the initial design to the final stage to ensure you are happy with the final result.

 Y&T Eyewear is a one-stop factory for all your eyewear needs, meaning your sunglasses will be manufactured under one roof. We have cutting-edge technology including 13 injection molding machines and CNC machining centers.  

Our Customers

Y&T Eyewear has over one thousand repeat customers including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a sample?

Yes. We can provide you with a sample for your design or give you a sample from our stock. Please contact Y&T Eyewear for more information.

What is your MOQ?

The MOQ is 500 pieces per style. No MOQ required if you buy from our stock.

Why choose Y&T Eyewear?

We have good quality, good production capacity, a strong record of accomplishment, and competitive prices.

Are you a one-stop factory

Yes. We handle all aspects of your eyewear products. We have a full production line.

Which countries do you deliver to?

We deliver to many regions including USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia, among others.

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