Custom Party Sunglasses

Working with Y&T Eyewear as your preferred custom party sunglasses wholesale manufacturer has the following benefits:

  • Over 12 years OEM/ODM experience

  • Highly professional team that is responsive to your needs

  • High quality custom party sunglasses in different styles and colors

  • Quality wholesale party sunglasses at affordable prices

  • Thorough and comprehensive inspection process

Custom Party Sunglasses Manufacturer In China

Are you considering purchasing wholesale party sunglasses? Would you like to put a smile on your client’s faces, particularly party lovers? If yes, Y&T Eyewear has your best interest at heart.

At Y&T, we manufacture a variety of high quality custom party sunglasses for startups and well-established eyewear brands. Some of the party sunglasses we manufacture are custom bridal party sunglasses and custom sunglasses for wedding party.

Ordering custom party sunglasses can help create awareness for your eyewear brand. You will have an opportunity to display your logo on the lenses or arms of the sunglasses, meaning you can use the sunglasses for promotional purposes.

The party sunglasses are available in a variety of designs, colors, patterns, and shapes. Do not hesitate to contact Y&T Eyewear. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Party Sunglasses For choosing!

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What We Have to Offer

Collaborating with Y&T Eyewear has the following benefits:

Full range of eyewear products

With over 12 years of experience, Y&T has become a trusted manufacturer and supplier of custom party glasses, and a range of other eyewear products. Over the years, we have been able to manufacture thousands of party sunglasses, bridal sunglasses, and wedding party sunglasses, among others. Our team of 8 designers is capable of producing more than 50 styles per month. You will have over 300 styles to choose from.

Thorough quality management system

We are capable of delivering the kind of party sunglasses you want. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your custom party sunglasses are of the highest possible standards. We have a high quality management team who provide thorough inspection services from initial design to final stage. This is important to Y&T because we want to ensure your party sunglasses measure up to both your high standards, and the company’s standards.

Impressive inventory

Y&T warehouse has a huge inventory of the trendiest party sunglasses. Consequently, you will have access to an extensive inventory of over 300 styles to choose from, and a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Our huge inventory means we are capable of fulfilling your large and small order requirements at any given time. We update our inventory on a regular basis. We will manage your supply chain to help you focus on marketing and growing your eyewear business.

Innovative and up-to-date styles

Our team of 8 designers works diligently to help clients like you meet industry needs and demands. They continuously develop timeless designs, and are capable of designing over 100 new designs each month. They are ready to share their insights and ideas with you to help you develop innovative custom party sunglasses. They are also capable of designing for you party sunglasses that match your sample design and requirements. .

Custom made eyewear

At Y&T, you will get access to an impressive range of high quality party sunglasses, among other types of sunglasses and prescription glasses. If you don’t find the type of party sunglasses you are looking for, we can help you customize to your exact requirements. Do not hesitate to bring your idea to us.

Who Are Our Partners

With Y&T Eyewear, you could not be in better hands. We use advanced technology to deliver high quality party sunglasses. Our 13 injection molding machines and 8 CNC machining centers are all here at our factory. You will get the design and manufacturing services you need all at one location.

Our factory

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Who are Y&T’S Target Customers

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About Us

Y&T Eyewear has been manufacturing eyewear for over 12 years. We are professional wholesale party sunglasses manufacturers serving both local and international startups and leading brands.

Besides China, we can ship your party sunglasses to Europe, USA, and Southeast Asia, among other destinations. Y&T has over 150 employees who are capable of offering you top-notch customer service.

Our goal is to provide you with high quality custom party sunglasses that make a lasting impression on your customers. Our services include customization services, as well as sampling services.   

Sampling services are critical to Y&T because they help to ensure you are fully satisfied with the sample party sunglasses before they are manufactured in bulk. We manufacture a wide variety of custom party sunglasses in different styles, colors, and sizes.

We can provide you with party sunglasses for men, women and kids at an affordable price. We take pride in our work, meaning we only use high quality materials.

We have everything under one roof meaning you do not have to go looking for your favorite material from a third-party manufacturer. We will save you time and money, which you can use for promotional marketing.

We have 13 injection-molding machines and 8 CNC machining centers. Your party sunglasses will be manfuactured using cutting-edge technology. Besides manufacturing, we also participate in annual international trade shows.

During such events, we offer our services to clients in that particular region. Y&T sales team is ready to answer all your questions and offer you full support every step of the way.

Do not hesitate to reach out. Peace of mind is guaranteed.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have a minimum order?

We manufacture at least 1000 pieces per style. You can order in small quantities as per your needs.

Can I provide my own design for my custom party sunglasses?

Yes. We offer customization services. Our design team can create for you a high quality design from your sample.

Do you offer sampling services?

Yes. You will be able to sample the sunglasses to ensure they meet your requirements.

Do you ship to international destinations outside of US?

Yes. We ship to various local and international destinations including Europe and Southeast Asia.


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