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Top 10 Italian Sunglasses Manufacturers

Are you looking to collaborate with a leading eyewear manufacturer from Italy or Italian sunglasses manufacturers? 

Do you want to incorporate custom sunglasses into your product line? If yes, are you looking for reliable and committed custom sunglasses manufacturers from Italy with a proven record of accomplishment?

Whether you’re looking to partner with wholesale Italian eyewear manufacturers, including Italian optical frame manufacturers, Italian eyeglasses lenses manufacturers, Italian sunglass manufacturers, or Italian custom eyewear manufacturers, we’ve got you.

The aim of creating this eyeglass frame manufacturers list and eyeglass lens manufacturers list is to enlighten you about the top 10 eyewear Italian manufacturers. 

Most importantly, this list consists of Italian eyewear manufacturers who have for the longest time preserved the historical tradition of producing optical frames and sunglasses.

It’s important to note that we will not introduce to you an Italian eyeglasses manufacturer or an Italian sunglasses manufacturer that is involved in mass-producing low-quality products. 

Rather, we’ll introduce to you a list of the best sunglass manufacturers who have dedicated their lives to making eyewear products that suit a wide range of face types, personalities, and preferences over the years.

in addition, this eyeglass frame manufacturer list can assist you in finding eyeglass frame manufacturers who provide durable and lightweight eyeglass frames. 

You’ll also discover custom sunglass manufacturers who will create high-quality custom sunglasses for you that will accentuate your customers’ appearance. Your customers will undoubtedly stand out.

Besides, you will also get to discover US sunglass manufacturers. If you’d like to work with an Italian sunglass manufacturer who is also a well-known China sunglasses manufacturer, this list will help. In fact, if you’re looking for low MOQ sunglasses manufacturers China is the place to go.

Having said that, let’s get started right away.


NO.1  Italian Sunglasses Manufacturers 


If you’re looking for high-end designer eyewear, look no further than Luxottica. Luxottica is an Italian eyeglass conglomerate, and the largest eyewear manufacturer and distributor.

As one of the top sunglass manufacturers,  Luxottica owns about 60% of all sunglass sales in the United Sales. 

Luxottica operates in over 150 countries across five continents, and Italy is one of those countries. They have offices in Milan, Italy. 

Luxottica is the biggest sunglass manufacturer of high-end sunglasses and optical frames for a variety of proprietary brands, as well as licensed brands, including:

a.Dolce & Gabbana

dolce gabbana.png




e.Giorgio Armani

giorgio armani.png


ray ban.png

g.Michael Kors



i.Alain Mikli

alain mikli.png

j.Costa del Mar

costa del mar.png

k.Oliver Peoples

oliver peoples.png



m.Ralph Lauren

ralph lauren.png

n. Arnette







s.Tiffany & Co, among others. 





Over the last 20 years, Luxottica has been able to gain a competitive edge due to its vertically integrated business model. 

As a renowned and reputable sunglass manufacturer, Luxottica offers a variety of services, including design, product development, manufacturing, transportation, and distribution.

Luxottica’s seven production facilities in Italy are responsible for product design, development, and manufacturing. 

Luxottica also has three facilities in China. Consequently, if you are looking for a reputable and reliable China glasses manufacturer, Luxottica manufacturing facilities in China can sort you out. 

On the other hand, Luxottica has a retail store in North America. Therefore, if you’re looking for American sunglass manufacturers, you can check out what Luxottica has in store for you.

The Company has been able to develop its manufacturing processes and upgrade its capacity thanks to ongoing R&D and innovation. 

Pro Tip: You can also check out cloth manufacturers in China while you’re at Luxottica China.

Website: ​​


NO.2   Italian Sunglasses Manufacturers


After Luxottica, Safilo is the second-largest sunglasses manufacturer and distributor in Italy. Safilo was established in 1934. Since then, Safilo has been manufacturing high-end sunglasses in their Italian facilities, which are based in the Cadore region.

It is worth noting that the Cadore region has a proven track record of designing and creating the finest glasses. Besides sunglasses, Safilo has also been manufacturing optical frames, as well as sports eyewear.  

Safilo creates its collections by combining artistic, technical, and industrial innovation with highly skilled and experienced craftsmanship. As a glasses manufacturer that is passionate about what it does, Safilo produces eyewear products that are naturally stylish. 

In other words, Safilo prioritizes blending workmanship and aesthetic sense to make comfortable and stylish spectacles.

Safilo eyewear also features an unrivaled level of fit, as well as innovative color combinations. 

Safilo manufactures its eyewear products using materials such as acetate and titanium. Titanium and acetate are not only durable and lightweight, but Safilo uses these materials because they allow them to provide glasses that feature unfading Italian charm, as well as matt and shiny finishes. 

As the second-largest sunglass or eyeglass manufacturers, Safilo proprietary and licensed brands include:

This safilogroup is dedicated to conducting research and creating innovative cutting-edge lens and frame solutions. At Safilo, each pair of glasses is put to the test to reduce the risk of allergies. 


a.Banana Republic 


c.Hugo Boss



f.Elie Saab 

g.David Beckham 




k.Jimmy Choo

l.Kate Spade 

m.Isabel Marant

n.Juicy Couture


p.Liz Claiborne


r.Marc Jacobs


t.Pierre Cardin


v.Seventh Street 

seventh street.png

w.Tommy Hilfiger 

x.Under Armour

y.Tommy Jeans

z.Rebecca Minkoff

zz.Rag and Bone, among others.


NO.3  Italian Sunglasses Manufacturers


IOVES has been an eyeglasses manufacturer since 1950. Loves manufacturing facilities are based in Lozzo di Cadore, Italy. IOVES now sells prescription glasses and sunglasses in more than 45 countries across the world.

If you decide to order sunglasses and optical frames from IOVES, they will walk with you from the time you share your initial concept to final production. Besides customized models, IOVES develops over 315 in-house models per year.

As a renowned eyewear manufacturer IOVES manufacturers various types of sunglasses using various types of eco-friendly materials. They manufacture:

a.Nylon lightweight sunglasses 

b.Acetate sunglasses 

c.Grilamid TR-90 sunglasses 

e.Stainless steel sunglasses

f.Clip-On magnetic sunglasses

g.Polarized Clip-On sunglasses 

IOVES is now able to offer flexibility in the production process and speedy delivery thanks to the expansion and modernization of its production facilities.

If you’re looking for Italian private label manufacturers, IOVES manufactures private label sunglasses. Besides offering you eco-friendly materials for your private label eyewear sunglasses, IOVES also offers 2D CAD and 3D designs. 

IOVES, a well-known sunglass lens manufacturer, can also create custom sunglasses depending on your selected frame and lens shape, and color. 

They also offer custom packaging, which includes cases, and clean cloth. Paper cases are also available. The company also manufactures sunglasses with customized logos, meaning you can add your custom logo on the temples and lenses.

Furthermore, IOVES manufactures sunglasses for corporate gifting. Therefore, if you’re looking to make an impression on your employees or customers, you can check out IOVES corporate gift sunglasses collection.


la giardiniera.png

NO.4  Italian Sunglasses Manufacturers 

La Giardiniera  

La Giardiniera is another company worth adding to the top 10 Italian sunglass manufacturers. La Giardiniera has been manufacturing eyewear since 1973. La Giardiniera is based in Venegono Inferiore (Varese), which is an Italian region renowned for its fine craftsmanship and high-end eyewear.

La Giardiniera’s approach to designing and manufacturing glasses is characterized by passion, skill, attention to detail, as well as fresh and innovative solutions.

As a renowned eyeglasses frames manufacturers, La Giardiniera offers premium injected plastic sunglasses, as well as handmade acetate frames. 

As one of the best glasses frames manufacturers, La Giardiniera also offers painting services, where your frames are transformed into a mini-masterpiece, complete with vibrant colors, eye-catching highlights, and subtle shading.

Having said that, the two main brands of La Giardiniera are:



Ellegi Eyewear




Karisma Eyewear


La Giardiniera will keep in close communication with you from the initial design to the final production. The company also offers its customers the best solutions in the eyewear industry by utilizing the most cutting-edge manufacturing and quality-control techniques. 

At La Giardiniera, every new project is preceded by a thorough investigation of knowledge and the most efficient production techniques. In other words, La Giardiniera will not just create your sunglasses. They will also assist you with design and technical decisions.

Besides participating in international trade shows, La Giardiniera also distributes eyewear to companies across the globe. 

La Giardiniera are private label sunglasses manufacturers as well. They are capable of providing you with custom-made molds and prototypes. Metal icons, laser etching, lens printing, crystals, leather, unique colors, jewels, and other customization options are available. 

You can rest assured that they will personalize your custom sunglasses based on your unique needs and specifications. 

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the team at La Giardiniera.


ottica prealpi.jpg

NO.5  Italian Sunglasses Manufacturers


Ottica Prealpi began as a small craft business in the late 1980s, and has grown into a medium-sized company of high-end, made in Italy eyewear – both eyeglasses and sunglasses.

The Ottica Prealpi factory is in the city of Seguisino, in the province of Treviso, and is only a one-hour drive from the Venice airport.

As eyeglasses manufacturers with a proven track record and experience, the team at Ottica Prealpi has the capacity to anticipate market developments and keep up with the current design and fashion trends. 

The goal of Ottica Prealpi is to continue to expand in the eyewear market by collaborating with new and developing luxury companies.

Ottica Prealpi frames are 100% handcrafted in Italy. One advantage of collaborating with Ottica Prealpi is that they have everything under one roof. They have in-house titanium, acetate, and unique injection production lines in addition to metal frame fabrication. 

Moreover, Ottica Prealpi has developed a new production technique to design a specific type of nylon frame, which is highly popular among customers who deal with small fashion collections, thanks to their R&D expertise. Ottica Prealpi also offers customized services for top designers and worldwide fashion eyewear brands. 

Ottica Prealpi is one of the best European eyeglass frames manufacturers because of its ability to design eyewear collections for all known categories. 

To meet clients’ expectations, Ottica Prealpi invents its own sunglasses. Ottica Prealpi offers dedicated manufacturing procedures to new and emerging sunglasses brands in South America, Middle East, Asia, Russia, India, as well as China. 

Currently, Ottica Prealpi has a team of 45 craftsmen. The company is enthusiastic about expanding its business and developing new partnerships. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact Ottica Prealpi for more information on how you can partner.



NO.6  Italian Sunglasses Manufacturers


Mirage prides itself on being able to bring your sunglasses idea to reality. To put it another way, Mirage is where your sunglasses vision comes true. 

Mirage began as a little optical shop run by a family in the 1960s. Maria Negri and her husband Carmine Milone were driven by a desire to create high-end, cutting-edge eyewear.

However, in the late 70s and early 80s. Carmine discovered the renowned nylon material known as Grilamid TR-90, which is a lightweight and highly resistant Swiss material.  It is this discovery that transformed Mirage from a modest family business to an internationally recognized eyewear producer.

Mirage is capable of providing you with high-quality fashion, optical, and sports eyewear using made-in-Italy innovation techniques and workmanship.

Mirage offers private label and OEM sunglasses based on your unique specifications and requirements. From solids, gradients, to mirrors, Mirage has all the colors you need for your lenses. Mirage also prides itself in being able to provide you with a variety of trendy colors.

Moreover, if you are looking for white label sunglasses manufacturers in Italy, Mirage is the place to go. The most intriguing aspect of buying white label glasses from Mirage is that they can modify their items to fit your brand. Therefore, be sure to have a look at their white label sunglasses.

The biggest markets of Mirage are the United States, Australia, and Europe. Consequently, if you’re looking to buy sunglasses from American sunglasses manufacturers, Mirage sunglasses are worth considering.

It’s also worth noting that the Mirage team can create both open and custom molds for you. Consistency is essential at Mirage. As a result, the Mirage team puts each pair of frames through a thorough quality assurance procedure to ensure they meet pre-determined requirements.



NO.7  Italian Sunglasses Manufacturers

Handmade in Rome

Another eyewear firm to add to our list of notable  Italian glasses frame manufacturers is Handmade in Rome eyewear company. 

Handmade in Rome prides itself on being able to provide customers like you with fully personalized service. They can develop for you sunglasses in accordance with your vision at every step of execution. To put it another way, the Handmade in Rome company can create a one-of-a-kind eyeglasses solution for you.

Before designing and implementing your sunglasses concept, the design and technical department at Handmade In Rome will conduct model research. Models are created in the design section depending on current fashion trends and client demands. 

Handmade in Rome’s mission is to give value to your sunglasses business by supplying Made in Italy sunglasses that have passed stringent quality standards. The sunglasses will go through a 48-step hand production process to ensure that each frame is of the highest quality.

Handmade in Rome combines cutting-edge technology with expert knowledge and the traditional creative values associated with handcrafted glasses.

Handmade in Rome utilizes high-quality cellulose acetate, which contains up to 80% cotton. The acetate is machined on 5-axis Japanese CNC equipment. You will have access to over 1000 colors of cellulose acetate.

A high-precision automated machine cuts the lenses. The polishing is done using a four-stage tumble technique that takes 168 hours to complete, followed by brushing and finishing by hand.

Handmade in Rome has a highly supportive, responsive, and energetic customer support team. The team is committed to providing you with the best solutions and a good return on your investment.



NO.8  Italian Sunglasses Manufacturers


Essequadro was founded over 60 years ago with the goal of offering exquisite sunglasses to its consumers that they would cherish for years to come.

Essequadro was named an “effective member” of the National Association of Optical Goods Manufacturers (ANFOOM) in 2013. The Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers also recognized Essequadro’s achievements. Essequadro joined the Confindustria sector of Avellino in 2017.

The design department can help you with model research, project development, and spectacles design, following your idea through every stage of development.

Essequadro sunglasses are produced using Mazzucchelli acetate, as well as a metal derived from a medical steel alloy. You will have access to over 2000 shades of acetate. 

The sunglasses are taken through 72 stages of processing. Essequadro prides itself in its numerical control machinery and computerized design. 

A 5-axis cutting cutter is used to process the high-quality pantographed acetate. An automatic machine cuts the lenses. Cleaning is accomplished by a 120-hour tumble process. Polishing, brushing, and finishing are all done by hand, according to tradition.

Your sunglasses will be manufactured in-house, with extremely short delivery periods. The highly skilled craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and exclusive patents will undoubtedly ensure you get high-quality sunglasses that feature Italian tradition.

It’s worth mentioning that the Essequadro manufacturing process takes place entirely within one building. They do, however, occasionally use materials from outside sources.

Essequadro has been featured in a number of Italian magazines throughout the years, including Sole 24 Ore and Panorama, among others.



NO.9  Italian Sunglasses Manufacturers


Arlecchino has been a notable eyewear producer since 1986. Arlecchino is well known for being a leader in the manufacturing of sunglasses and optical frames. 

Arlecchino is committed to offering customers handcrafted, 100% Made in Italy eyeglasses.

Arlecchino’s manufacturing process takes place at the heart of the eyewear district, or more specifically, in Quero Vas. Arlecchino’s clientele comprises the world’s most well-known brands.

We manufacture in the heart of the eyewear district, and our clients comprise the majority of the world’s most well-known brands.

The team at Arlecchino is highly qualified, and a good number of them have over 30 years of experience in the eyewear industry. 

At Arlecchino, raw material is handcrafted to make high-end glasses made solely in Italy. Cellulose acetate and metal are the key materials used in the production of frames at Arlecchino.

Arlecchino combines specialized craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to produce custom sunglasses with custom finishes. 

The company’s mission is to meet the demands and requirements of each and every customer. Arlecchino endeavors to exceed your expectations at every stage of the process, from concept to implementation, technical design to final pair of sunglasses.

The Arlecchino R&D team combines creativity and precision to make eye-catching sunglasses that are tailored to your exact needs.

From the moment your sunglasses are designed until the moment they are delivered to you, Arlecchino pays close attention to every detail.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Arlecchino if you’d like to learn more about their sunglasses line. They’re ready to listen to you.



NO.10 Italian Sunglasses Manufacturers 

De Rigo 

De Rigo has been manufacturing eyeglasses since 1978. De Rigo is the brainchild of Ennio and Walter De Rigo. De Rigo began as a small company of artisans based in Belluno.

The company has grown from a small start-up to become one of the largest frames manufacturers. De Rigo sunglasses reflect a company built on highly skilled people, and partnerships built on true values. 

As the largest eyeglass frame manufacturer, De Rigo has various licenses brands, as well as house brands. 

De Rigo house brands include: 

1.Police:Unisex brand for young people who wish to be noticed for their uniqueness and flair.




2.Lozza: It was established in 1878, boasts somber, and polished models. Adults and the young who love vintage products will love it.




3.Sting: It was first released in 1985 and is aimed at teenagers aged 15 to 25.




4.Yalea: Yalea is the fourth and most recent house brand, having debuted in June of 2021. 


De Rigo licensed brands, on the other hand, include:



Blumarine Eyewear


b.Carolina Herrera 


Carolina Herrera




DIFF Eyewear


Escada Eyewear


Furla Eyewear


Fila Eyewear

i.John Varvatos

John Varvatos Eyewear

j.Jones New York

Jones New York Eyewear



l.Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo Eyewear


Mulberry Eyewear


Zadig&Voltaire Eyewear

o.Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci Eyewea


Tous Eyewear


Trussardi Eyewear


Tumi Eyewear

De Rigo takes pride in continuous research and distinctive creative methods, as well as stylistic breakthroughs, hard-to-copy brands, and excellent quality.

With its several retail franchises, including General Optica located in Spain, Mais Optica in Portugal, Opmar Optik in Turkey, and Boots Opticians in the United Kingdom, De Rigo is one of the largest participants in the eyewear retailing industry.

De Rigo prides itself in having highly skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art technology. 

It is worth noting that De Rigo has been endorsed by George Clooney, Gabriel Batistuta, Paolo Maldini, amongst other celebrities.


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