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Wholesale Optical Glasses

We offer wholesale spectacle frames and spectacle frames for eye care. There are many materials used in frames.pc tr90, CP, tpee, ED, etc. There are many styles to choose from.

Reading Glasses

Prescription glasses used to supplement vision in middle-aged and elderly people. As with myopic glasses, there are many national standards that specify optical indicators and some special rules for use. It’s like ordinary sunglasses. Our reading glasses can be tested by FDA and CE. Ball drop test standard.

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Men's sunglasses

The lens of the sunglasses has the function of UV protection – Polaroid sunglasses are widely used outdoors on sunny days.

Ladies sunglasses

women trendy style sunglasses frame butterfly shape, oval, square, club coach, sports, rectangle, round, traveler, cat eye, aviator, etc. Frame type full frame, half frame, frameless.

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Children's sunglasses

Children’s sunglasses for boys and girls over 3 years old, and we can make very complex printing on some cartoon designs. Our printing methods: color printing, heat transfer, water transfer, and can make children’s sunglasses bright and beautiful.

Party Sunglasses

Are you looking for mass customization party sunglasses in China? We have the ability to design and develop to make your design a reality. You can also choose a design from the existing design.

party sunglasses manufacturer

Our Collection

Frame type: full rim, half rim and no rim

Celebrities: butterfly, oval, square, club head, sports, rectangle,

There are many materials used in the frame 

Refractive index: 1.25 + 1.5 + 1.75 + 2.00 + 25 + 2.50 + 2.75 + 3.00 + 25

The age is more than 3 years. Providing printing and design 

More than 1000 party sunglasses, here is only a small part of

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Advanced production lines
Professional knowledge
12 years experience
Integrated solution
High security technology
Guarantee satisfactory results
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We have happy clients

Hi, Good to hear from you. I hope this email finds you well. The quality of the sunglasses is great. Everyone who has tried them so far likes them. The sales are good, slow but good. I'm expecting to sell more during the summer.
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Hi Peyin, Our sunglasses have just arrived to us here all looking perfect, thank you. Thanks, Kind Regards,
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Hello, Mr.PeYin How are you? and Happy Chinese New Year! Thank you very much for the sample of sunglasses. I really like all of them. Regards
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Frequently Asked Questions

 1200 pc minimum order quantity

Meanwhile, if there is stock, we can arrange small quantity for you.

Most of our sunglasses are sold in dozens of different colors. You will usually receive 3-6 colors per dozen, depending on the style. The combination of colors is usually 2-3 pairs of the most popular colors, and 1-2 pairs of the less popular colors. Some styles Which is sold in one color.

We have two payment methods: 1.30% deposit, balance before shipment. 2-1 Letters of credit

Sample delivery cycle: 3-5 days Delivery time: Usually, according to the minimum quantity is 30 days. If you have any need , we can also discuss .

I checked the quality of each sunglasses before shipping, and packaged very well.
To avoid any subsequent quality problems, we recommend that you check the sunglasses after receiving the sunglasses.
If you find some damages, please send details to us immediately, then we can deal with it accordingly.

Yes, we have a development department.

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