Custom Men Sunglasses

Y&T Eyewear is one of the leading mens sunglasses China manufacturer and supplier. Here’s what we can offer you:

  • Highly professional team of designers with obsessive attention to detail
  • Consistent high quality and customer satisfaction
  • Reasonable and competitive prices
  • Fast turnaround times and on-time delivery

Mens Sunglasses Manufacturer In China

Y&T Eyewear is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of custom mens sunglasses. With over 12 years of experience, we have been able to gain extensive knowledge and experience in customized eyewear solutions.

We have a variety of designs, colors, and sizes to suit the different needs of your male clients. We are able to provide you with high quality sunglasses using the best sunglasses material in the market.

You will be able to acquire sunglasses at affordable and competitive prices. For more information on how to collaborate with us, do not hesitate to reach out to our sale team.

Mens' Sunglasses Series

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Pilot Custom Mens Sunglasses MS-740

custom mens sunglasses with logo suppliers yt eyewear tr.jpg

Brown Custom Mens Sunglasses MS-741

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Gradient Custom Mens SunglassesMS-743

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metal Custom Mens Sunglasses MS-744

custom mens sunglasses with logo supplier in china yt tr.jpg

Wayfarer Custom Mens SunglassesMS-745

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Classic Custom Mens Sunglasses MS-746

Custom Any Desgin you want

1000+ Men's Sunglasses Model

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aviator Custom Mens Sunglasses MS-734

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Square Custom Mens Sunglasses MS-735

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Polarized Custom Mens SunglassesMS-736

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Custom Mens Sunglasses MS-737

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black Custom Mens Sunglasses MS-738

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Oval Custom Mens Sunglasses MS-739

Why Choose Us

Variety of selection

Working with Y&T Eyewear as your preferred custom mens sunglasses manufacturer and supplier gives you an opportunity to choose from a wide range of designs, styles, colors, and sizes. Besides providing us with your preferred design, you can also choose your preferred design from our collection of over 500 styles. Do not hesitate to reach out to our sales team.

Uncompromised quality

As renowned custom men sunglasses manufacturers, Y&T Eyewear is well aware that quality can make or build a brand. Therefore, all your sunglasses will be designed and manufactured under uncompromised quality. Y&T Eyewear is committed to providing you with the best quality mens sunglasses at the most competitive prices.

Huge Inventory

If you are looking for a mens sunglasses China manufacturer with a great inventory management system, we are your best choice. Y&T Eyewear has a huge stock of mens sunglasses in different designs, colors, textures and sizes. Therefore, we are capable of helping you meet your custom needs. Our team is keen to maintain product flow in order to meet customers’ demands quickly.

High quality manufacturing equipment

As a leading mens sunglasses China manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear has high precision injection molding machines and 8 CNC machining centers. Therefore, we are capable of meeting your unique needs for custom mens sunglasses regardless of the purchase quantity.

Customization services

We believe in providing the best customized service and providing the best value. Besides providing you with trendy custom mens sunglasses, we can also imprint a custom logo of your choice on them. Our R&D team is capable of providing you with high quality sunglasses based on the samples or drawings you provide. Therefore, do not hesitate to reach out to us for customized services that are tailored to your specific needs.

Designs that are constantly evolving

Our excellent designers have been able to pioneer some of the most fashion forward designs in the eyewear industry. They are constantly creating new designs in order to offer you something new on a continuous basis. You will be able select your ideal mens sunglasses from our high quality and visually appealing collection of sunglasses. However, you can request us to design for you custom mens sunglasses based on your customers’ unique needs.

Our factory

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Advantages of Our Sunglasses

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What We Do


Y&T Eyewear is an eyewear company that was established 12 years ago. We manufacture a variety of high quality eyewear products including prescription sunglasses, digital glasses, sunglasses, and other types of eyewear products.

We possess high precision cutting-edge technology, and an impressive team of skilled personnel. We take pride in our 13 injection molding machines and 8 CNC machining centers.

We also possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in the manufacture of custom mens sunglasses. Therefore, if you have an idea you would like to incorporate in your line of mens’ sunglasses, we are happy to help you realize it.

Our highly experienced design team will take care of the design process, while our production team will manufacture and produce your mens’ sunglasses to a high standard.

Y&T Eyewear also offers sampling services. Therefore, we will send you a sample of the mens’ sunglasses so you can ascertain whether they meet your requirements and quality needs.

The entire manufacturing process will take place in one location at our state-of-the-art factory. Therefore, there will be no delays occassioned by obtaining materials externally or acquiring third-party services.

Our well able sales team is ready to answer any queries that you might have in relation to your custom mens sunglasses order. Do not hesitate to reach out.

Who Are Our Customers?

Year after year, our network of happy clients is growing. Our customers include: 

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are your lenses?

Lenses for mens sunglasses are available in a variety of colors including green, brown, and grey green.

Do you offer polarized lenses?

Yes. We have a wide collection of polarized sunglasses for men.

Do all sunglasses function the same way?

No. Some sunglasses only block a certain amount of UV rays, while others block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC. Please contact us to seek clarification.

What are the qualities of a good pair of sunglasses?

A good pair of sunglasses is one made using special coatings and materials with the aim of blocking all UV rays. A good pair also has special colors that help to enhance comfort for the wearer.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to numerous destinations including Europe, Southeast Asia, USA, among others. Please contact us to get more information regarding your destination.

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