Do custom wooden sunglasses manufacturer in China

  • Do Wooden Sunglasses Manufacturing More Than 12 Years

  • A Variety Of Functional Lenses Are Available.

  • MOQ 50pcs/ Style For Custom Order.

  • Top Quality Optical Frame QC Inspect

Wooden Sunglasses Manufacturer In China

If you’re in the sunglasses business and want to get help from a wooden sunglasses manufacturer, Y & T Eyewear are ready to give you excellent service. It will help you to save a lot of purchasing energy. Y&T will provide you with the biggest price support and inspect every pair of wooden sunglasses before shipping. You will get more value from Y&T Eyewear as you expect to import wooden sunglasses in China. Welcome to inquire with us. The sales representative will give you a prompt reply.

Wooden Sunglasses Collection

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Wooden Sunglasses WS-45

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Wooden Sunglasses Manufacturer WS-46

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Wooden Sunglasses Manufacturer WS-47

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Wooden Sunglasses Manufacturer WS-48

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Wooden Sunglasses Manufacturer WS-49

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Wooden Sunglasses Manufacturer WS-50


Why choose Y&T Eyewear as a wooden sunglasses manufacturer?

500+ styles of wooden sunglasses for you

Y& T Eyewear develops new wooden sunglasses every year. For years of development, Y&T already owns more than 500+ styles. Y & T eyewear has enough wood sunglasses to meet your sales needs.

Custom your wooden sunglasses with your shape.

Provide custom, wooden sunglasses to work for you. 50 pcs wooden, and bamboo sunglasses per color for each style are acceptable.

R&D Team

Our R&D Team explores many styles for customers every year. These wooden sunglasses styles are proven by the market. You can import our wooden sunglasses styles directly.

Sales Department

Y&T eyewear’s salesman has 3 + years of work experience. They get your needs quickly. In the meantime, they can give you professional industrial advice according to your situation.

Q&C Team

The Q&C team will inspect your order’s quality detail, such as lens specifications, polishing effect, packing, and so on. They will make sure everything is correct before shipping.

Skilled Production Team

As a wooden sunglasses manufacturer, Y& T Eyewear has advanced wood sunglasses skilled worker production team. Eighty percent of wood Sunglasses production process work is manual. So experienced workers are very important. It can make assure quality and yield.

Our factory

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Kids Sunglasses’ Product Advantages

Who Are Y&T’s Partner?


I want to custom my wooden sunglasses. Do you need mold cost or extra cost?

You don’t need to pay another extra cost for the wooden sunglasses order. If you can order 50 pcs per color per style, as a wooden sunglasses supplier, Y&T can custom sunglasses without any other cost. Because most of the products are hand made.

Can we make a carving pattern on the wood frame legs?

Yes, we can. You can design the pattern on the drawing. Design carving pattern on the nice wood frame making the sunglasses very attractive. As a wooden sunglasses manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear will help you custom wood sunglasses.

How can I do custom wooden sunglasses in small quantities?

You can choose from our current styles first. We have more than 500+ styles of wooden sunglasses. It can save time to start your wood frame sunglasses wholesale fast. If you have 50 pcs order, we can do your OEM order as your drawing.

What kinds of grain do you have?

 The wooden grain includes Beech, zebra, black walnut, red sandalwood, skateboard, Duroc, cherry wood, etc. As a wooden sunglasses factory, choose suitable wooden grain can make the wood sunglasses attractive.

Do you have packaging for the wooden sunglasses?

As a wooden sunglasses manufacturer, there are several packing types for your choice. Bamboo barrel and wood box are standard packings. You can also use a cardboard case.

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