Y&T Eyewear: OEM/ODM Spectacle Frame Manufacturer

  • As a spectacle frame manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear has served the eyewear industry for the past 12 years

  • You get the best spectacle frame manufacturing services for your full product line.

  • You get the latest fashion spectacle frames

  • You will get high quality spectacle frames that have gone through a vigorous inspection process

Y&T Eyewear: OEM/ODM Spectacle Frame Manufacturer

Are you looking for a spectacle frame supplier? If yes, you have come to the right place. Y&T Eyewear is a spectacle frame manufacturer based in China.

We are committed to delivering premium services to our OEM and ODM clients. In addition, Y&T Eyewear can help you prepare a frame inventory management plan.

Acetate Or Titanium Spectacle Frame

spectacle frame manufacturertitanium.jpg

OEM/ODM Spectacle Frame Manufacturer SF-61

spectacle frame manufacturer supplier titanium.jpg

OEM/ODM Spectacle Frame Manufacturer SF-62

spectacle frame manufacturer supplier china titanium.jpg

OEM/ODM Spectacle Frame Manufacturer SF-63

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OEM/ODM Spectacle Frame Manufacturer SF-64

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OEM/ODM Spectacle Frame Manufacturer SF-65

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OEM/ODM Spectacle Frame Manufacturer SF-66

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PC OR TR Spectacle Frame

spectacle frame manufacturer tr.jpg

OEM/ODM Spectacle Frame Manufacturer SF-67

spectacle frame manufacturer supplier tr 1.jpg

OEM/ODM Spectacle Frame Manufacturer SF-68

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OEM/ODM Spectacle Frame Manufacturer SF-69

spectacle frame manufacturer pc.jpg

OEM/ODM Spectacle Frame Manufacturer SF-70

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OEM/ODM Spectacle Frame Manufacturer SF-71

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OEM/ODM Spectacle Frame Manufacturer SF-72

Why Work With Y&T Eyewear?

Different high quality materials and designs

As a spectacle frame manufacturer, we utilize high quality material to create a variety of spectacle frames including acetate spectacle frames, TR spectacle frames, titanium spectacle frames, and PC spectacle frames. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to choose your ideal spectacle frames material without having to move from one factory to another.

You can also order for spectacles frames with blue light blocking lenses. Blue light filtering spectacle lenses are long-lasting. They protect the eyes while keeping your sense of style in check. They are suitable for individuals who spend a lot of time in front of their mobile phone and computer screens. Due to their high demand, they tend to have a good ROI.

Highly skilled R&D team

In a month, the R&D team at Y&T Eyewear is capable of producing at least 50 different types of spectacle frames in different colors and patterns. You will have an opportunity to select the ideal color and pattern for your custom spectacle frames.

Highly professional sales team

Our sales personnel possess a minimum of 3 years experience in the eyewear industry. They are capable of giving you sound advice so you can make an informed purchase decision. They will respond to all your queries within an hour.

Efficient quality management team

Y&T Eyewear quality control team inspects your spectacle frames from start to finish. They do quality control for product quality, printing, and even confirm your order requirements before packing your product. They also keen on ensuring your products are shipped to the right address.

Highly skilled production team

Their 5 years expertise and experience guarantee quality, accuracy and competence in the production of all spectacle frames including your custom spectacle frames.

Our factory

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Materials Used to Make Spectacle Frames

spectacle frame manufacturer supplier acetate.jpg

Acetate spectacle frames

Y&T Eyewear uses high-density acetate, which is one of the greatest material for spectacle frames. Acetate does not deform nor shrink. It is also hypoallergenic and cannot cause skin irritation.

spectacle frame manufacturer supplier in china titanium.jpg

Titanium spectacle frames

The Y&T Eyewear pure titanium frames are made using high quality bicolor IP plating. IP vaccum plating helps to ensure that the frames do not fade.The frames are strong, superelastic, light, hypoallergenic, and rust-free. Titanium frames meet a 48-hr salt spray test.

spectacle frame manufacturer supplier pc.jpg

PC spectacle Frames

At Y&T Eyewear, we use eco-friendly spray paint to produce PC frames in different colors and prints.

spectacle frame manufacturer supplier tr.jpg

TR spectacle frames

TR material is lightweight, flexible, and highly durable. Due to the material’s flexibiliy, TR spectacles are very comfortable. They are also less likely to bend or break due to impact.  

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As optical frames manufacturer in China, our designers’ team pays great attention to the style of products and the international trend of patterns. Some of the eyeglasses frame products are from France, Italy and other European and American countries cutting-edge fashion design concept. With years of experience in exporting to European and American markets, we are with the international fashion trend synchronization. Whether it is a classic style or popular style, our product line is involved. So you can rest assured in our product line selection. We can find the style you need from our style. We can reduce a lot of energy about sourcing eyeglasses frame from China. You don’t need to find so many Chinese glasses frames manufacturers and save a lot of market development time for you. You just need to focus on your market and serve your customers well. As a dominant optical frame supplier, it is the most powerful backing for your market development.

Who Can We Work With?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I receive my spectacle frames?

Our highly skilled sales team and freight forwarding agents will do all the hard work for you. Just provide your shipping destination, and they will get the product to you.

What customization services does Y&T Eyewear offer?

As a spectacle frame manufacturer, our spectacle frames are available in different shapes, and colors. We also make custom printed eyewear and logo etcetera.

Do you do custom orders for small orders?

As your spectacle frame manufacturer of choice, we take small orders for custom-made spectacle frames. However, the cost of the mold and cost of operation is similar to that of bulk orders.

What countries do you serve?

As a China spectacle frame manufacturer, we deliver high quality spectacle frames to our main markets in Europe, USA, Southeast Asia, among other countries and regions.

What makes Y&T Eyewear unique?

Competitive prices and effective supply chain management increase Y&T Eyewear competitiveness. Thousands of repeat clients from across the globe have been working with  Y&T Eyewear as their spectacle frames manufacturer of choice.

Therefore, if you’re looking to order wholesale spectacle frames in different styles, colors, and patterns, look no further than Y&T Eyewear. You will not get disappointed.

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