Promotional Sunglasses From China

> Do you want to launch a promotion?

> Do you have no idea about which product for promotion event?

> There is no mistake in choosing sunglasses as promotional gifts.

> Do you still worry about the MOQ of the promotional sunglasses?

Promotional sunglasses

The custom sunglasses with quite a low-cost can be used as tradeshow giveaways. The promotional sunglasses are against UVA, UVB function for hot summer promotions. It can effectively eliminate glare. The sunglasses with good protection under strong light and make users feel comfortable to wear outdoors. They are more suitable for outdoor promotions. For example, the promotional equipment of the heatstroke relief products, such as the gifts of the beverage promotion activities, and the team sunglasses used by the tour group,cheerleaders’ sunglasses in sports events. The brand’s logo can be put on the sunglasses’ arms. We can also do a simple hole sticker on the lens. The sticker can be removed easily as per the user’s needs.

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Want to Start A Business?

Why Choose Promotional Sunglasses as a giveaway?

Any Promotional Company

Promotional sunglasses are suitable for any company that needs promotion, such as food companies, clothing companies, home appliance companies. Because sunglasses are popular among customers. They are a good choice for companies that want to promotional sales.

Fordable Price

Because of its relatively low price, injection-molded sunglasses are sunglasses promotional items which are very suitable for sales promotion. We can make many classic styles at a low cost to meet customers’ price requirements for promotional sunglasses giveaway. And many companies can afford promotional products sunglasses expense.

Custom promo sunglasses

Professional promotional products companies Promotion companies will value the style of the product very much. We have many cheap personalized sunglasses for promotion. Custom promo sunglasses are trendy for them. Custom promo sunglasses are trendy for them. You can also custom some cartoon characters if you have a license.The variety of your promotional glasses can be diverse.

Brand Anywhere

The promotion industry is a vast market, and sunglasses are very suitable for promotional gift products. A pair of printed sunglasses is a walking billboard. We are a company with cheap sunglasses can provide custom logo sunglasses. As a custom sunglasses manufacturer, We can boost your promotional activities. Sunglasses with logo printing can help major companies promote their brands. Put the company brand in the heart of consumers.

Trend Sunglasses Styles For Promotional

 Styles Designed For Promotion

custom bottle opener sunglasses promotional sunglasses.jpg

If you want to promote drinking food, why not collect it as your giveaway? It is a practical and cool gift.

promotional sunglasses cheap.jpg

For National Day activities of various countries, you can choose this style and print the national flag of the country.

promotional neon sunglasses.jpg


It is a collapsible style. It is very convenient for people to carry it. It can put in a clothes pocket or bag.

custom promotional sunglasse.jpg


If you do simply design the colour of the glasses, this style is also good, what do you think?

promotional printed sunglasses.jpg

The sunglasses frames with a colourful pattern printed make the sunglasses much beautiful. And you can also make your subject printing as your logo and product.

cheap promo sunglasse.jpg

It is a collapsible style. It is very convenient for people to carry it. It can put in a clothes pocket or bag.

custom printed lens promotional sunglasses.jpg


The custom printed lens’s cost is high. So we make stickers on the lens that can decrease cost-effectively.

promotional plastic sunglasses.jpg

It is a carton style at a little cost. Maybe you have some favourite cartoon styles that can also be customized.

ray ban sunglasses promotion.jpg

This is classic style sunglasses. We control the production cost and make it at an affordable price.

cheap promo sunglasses.jpg


Promotional sunglasses with the polarized lens is a better range. The cost will be higher than a normal lens.

custom bottle opener sunglasses promotional sunglasses.jpg


If you want to promote the drinking food, why not collect it as your giveaway?It is a practical and cool gift.

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promotional sunglasses wholesale mens.gif


promotional sunglasseswholesale custom.jpg


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Wholesale UNIQUE promotional SUNGLASSES

Why Choose Y&T Eyewear

Free samples of the company’s existing styles.

It is convenient for you to confirm the quality of our promo glasses products.


You can easily start your promotion business. A small number of orders can be customized to your favourite colour

We have a specialized design team.

If you don’t understand the design, you only need to provide the logo and colour, and we will make the product renderings and send them to you for confirmation.`


Express or air transport shipping is a common mode of transportation. If your order needs to express delivery, we will cooperate with the express delivery agent company for a long time. They can offer super low special express cost.

Delivery time

Delivery time is a crucial thing for sales promotion. You may have a planned sales date. If you choose our current sunglasses styles, we will do simple customization for imprinted sunglasses. We will finish the order within 10-20 days.

OEM/ODM Sunglasses Ability

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Promotional Sunglasses

Being the top and most popular promotional sunglasses supplier in China, we hold more than 80% of the country’s supply for sunglasses. Y&T Eyewear is a business that is in partnership with various companies and businesses within the eyeglass and eyewear supply chain, and you will never have trouble or problem choosing us!

In fact, here are some of the top-asked questions about us and our business online!

What Are Promotional Sunglasses?

figure 39 what are promotional sunglasses.jpg

Just like any other promotional product, these promo sunglasses are used as a marketing instrument by businesses, companies, and enterprises to spread and broadcast their brand.

In most cases, giving out promotional sunglasses means that the company that is to use it is a company specializing in the making, creating, or manufacturing sunglasses. However, there are businesses and companies that utilize it that don’t have sunglasses as their products!

Mainly, these promotional sunglasses are used to give the market some type of awareness of the brand.


What Are Category 4 Sunglasses?

There are various ways of identifying sunglasses, and most of the time, they’re divided and separated in categories. The categories go from 0 (lightest) to 4 (darkest) in terms of hues.

To help you with it even further, here’s a table that discusses these different categories:








Visible Light Absorption (ABS)

0 to 10%

10 to 20%

20 to 43%

43 to 80%

43 to 80%

80% and above

Sun Use





Very Strong

Very Strong

Driving Sustainability

Day and night

Day (only)

Day (only)

Day (only)




Very light





Very Dark

And to help you identify if Category 4 is the perfect type of sunglasses for you, here’s a quick description of each.

Category 0 Lens

Does not reduce the lens’s darkness – the percentage of light absorbed is just a little bellow 5%. They’re perfect for reading glasses or for spectacles.

Category 1 Lens

Contains a subtle coloration from the slight tint that the glasses have, but is still usable and recommended to be used as everyday sunglasses. It’s a slightly above level over category 0 sunglasses and are perfect for daily usage.

Category 2 Lens

The midpoint or halfway in the entire levels of sunglasses, category 2 sunglasses have a more noticeable tint compared to category 1 glasses. Can absorb twice light as category 1 glasses and are ideal for bright days.

Category 3 Lens

Deemed to be the best and the type of category that’s used by most manufacturers. They’re able to reduce the glare visible that you do during day-to-day sunny activities and are perfect for keeping ultra violet rays from penetrating your glass.

Category 4 Lens

Known to be the darkest shade of sunglasses you can get, category 4 sunglasses are perfect for absorbing light in the heaviest and highest levels. They’re perfect for scenarios where you’ll be directly looking at sunlight, deflecting it from glaring your vision.

Category 5 Lens

It’s typically the same as category 4 lenses when you start with category 1 instead of 0. However, most experts believe that these lenses are able to absorb visible sunlight up to 92% instead of just 80%.

Using this without sunlight is considered illegal and can actually cause accidents because it can impair your vision while you’re using i

Can Y&T Eyewear Produce Toddler Sunglasses?

figure 41 can yt eyewear produce toddler sunglasses.jpg

Toddler sunglasses that are produced by Y&T Eyewear

Y&T Eyewear can be your go-to company if you’re unable to find a manufacturer that can produce and manufacture toddler sunglasses that you need for your business.

We are equipped with the right set of experts and equipment that are often used for the production of custom-made sunglasses regardless of the properties and specifications needed.

Should you need toddler sunglasses that have specs, you will never have any trouble or problem when you work with us! We will never let you down and that’s a guarantee!

How to Clean and Maintain Sunglasses?

As a user and owner of sunglasses, it is important that you know the proper and correct way to clean and maintain your sunglasses.

figure 42 how to clean and maintain sunglasses.jpg

Figure 42 – Cleaning or maintaining sunglasses

This is for you to avoid or refrain from having it worn out earlier and faster than it should. Here’s the best and correct way to clean and maintain sunglasses regardless of what type it is.

   1.Wash your hands thoroughly so you remove oils and grease from your fingers.

   2.For the frame, run it with warm water to eliminate dust and dirt. The process could wet the lenses, too.

   3.Using microfiber cloth, dry the frames out.

   4.To ensure that it’ll be cleansed thoroughly, spray it with a cleaning solution. If you don’t have a cleaning solution, you can use dish soap or dishwashing liquid.

   5.Don’t use any type of water to dry it, make sure that you shake excess water first so you wouldn’t soak whatever medium you’ll use to dry it.

   6.When all the excess water is removed, wipe it with a clean and sanitized microfiber cloth.

NOTE: Don’t use regular tap water for it. It will be best to use running distilled water as your water, as well as gas duster to remove dust and dirt.

How Much Do Custom Sunglasses Cost?

The prices and rates of custom sunglasses will depend on quite a few factors, including the materials used, the type or specialty feature of sunglasses, the color, and even the volume or the bulk of your order.

figure 43 how much do custom sunglasses cost.jpg

Figure 43 – Custom sunglasses where you can specify the colors depending on your wants and needs

Typically though, purchasing custom sunglasses from American and European manufacturers and suppliers will cost you anywhere around $1.50 to $3 per piece for basic sunglasses.

If you’re looking for better and higher-quality sunglasses or those that have UV features, anti-scratch properties, anti-reflective (AR) properties, it can be up to $8 per piece by purchasing it from a direct manufacturer.

But, if you decide to go and work with a Chinese promotional sunglasses manufacturer, you can expect to pay about $0.75 to $1 per piece depending on the specializations and the properties of the sunglasses.

Chinese Sunglasses Manufacturers Return Policy

Just like purchasing from other manufacturers and suppliers, you can also have a return policy when you get or purchase your products from Chinese sunglasses manufacturers.

The return policy of Chinese sunglasses manufacturers differ from one manufacturer to another. However, if we put it in a much more general sense, the offer for return by most Chinese suppliers is around 30 to 90 days.

In addition to that, the policy for the return would require clients to be in contact with sunglasses manufacturers within 24 to 48 hours upon the receipt of the products without any errors or defects.

Several policies state that refunds are to be given to consumers and customers within 7 to 14 days from the date that the products have been returned, while there are manufacturers and suppliers that expedite this process even before the orders arrive back to the hands of the supplier.

Here with us at Y&T Eyewear, we’ll be more than happy to help you with it because we’ve appropriately streamlined our methods and processes!

How to Tell Quality of Sunglasses?

Determining the quality of sunglasses is relative. Some people find stronger and more durable sunglasses to be the better quality while some consider the frame and the make of the lens.

figure 44 how to tell quality of sunglasses.webp
figure 44 how to tell quality of sunglasses.webp

Figure 44 – You can determine the overall quality of your sunglasses by checking all of its parts and components comprehensively

It will be difficult and complex to tell good sunglasses from bad sunglasses. But, we prepared a quick list of things you can try to consider when choosing or when picking sunglasses:

UV Protection Label

From what it’s called, UV protection labels are labels on your sunglasses that determine the level of protection it offers when it comes to UV or ultraviolet rays.

To give you an example, sunglasses that have a UV 400 label means that it’ll be capable of blocking wavelengths of light rays up to about 400 nanometers, this is enough to protect your eyes from glare and the exponential effects of rays to your eyes.

Check Polarization


Polarization is the process where the radiation is assumed in a much definite form. In layman’s terms, polarization on glasses have certain noticeable effects, including:

   1. Enhancement and development of contrast
   2.Reduction of glare and reflection
   3.Improvement of comfort and clarity to the eyes
   4.Dispersion of light on the lens’s surface

Lens Quality


Part, if not the most crucial factor in choosing good-quality sunglasses would be the quality of the lens. This will dictate many features of sunglasses, most of which include the clarity of the lens, the strength and durability in terms of protecting the coating, and many more!

In addition to that, the lens quality would help determine the overall longevity of the lens because it’ll be scratch and abrasion resistant. Several other factors include:

   1. Weight of the sunglasses

   2. Color and appearance of the frame and lens

   3. Make and material of the lens

   4. And others!

Make and Material


The make and material of the sunglasses would also be a crucial factor in determining the quality of the sunglasses. Not all sunglasses are made from the same type and root material, therefore, knowing what it’s made of will be a significant factor in determining its quality.

Some of the most common materials used to manufacture sunglasses include polycarbonate or (PC), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and others for the lens. For the

Manufacturer of the Sunglasses


Last, and most definitely not least is to consider the manufacturer or the supplier of the promotional sunglasses you’re purchasing.

Most of these Chinese promotional sunglasses suppliers have reputations and standings in the industry. Therefore, they would not let a single business ruin it, giving you the assurance that your business will never be compromised no matter how small and how minimal your orders are.

There are tons of sunglasses wholesalers and suppliers in and around China, and most of the time, 

How Do I Choose Sunglasses?

figure 45 how do i choose sunglasses.jpg

Figure 45 – You can choose from a wide variety of options in picking out your sunglasses

Choosing sunglasses for your personal interest versus your business would be very much different. As a matter of fact, there are certain factors that make them different and part of these would be knowing the manufacturer or the supplier that created the products.

You need to consider the points and factors to determine and tell the quality of the sunglasses that you want to offer and add to your arsenal for your business.

In addition to those above, it will also be helpful to check the color of the lenses, the frames, as well as its reflective properties.

What kind of logo can be produced on the promotional sunglasses?

In addition to these simple logo printing, we can also customize the printing design with great difficulty. For example, some cartoon characters are good choices. The product colour and logo colour can be perfectly matched. We can make the product look very nice. The printing of cartoon characters will be much more difficult. So the cost will be higher than the normal logo.

Requirements in Ordering Promotional Sunglasses From China

The process of shipping and purchasing sunglasses from China is easy, so, why do some businesses think that it’s hard? – It’s because of the heap of requirements and documents needed to complete the transactions.

To help you with it, the following are the documents and requirements needed to be able to purchase and ship out sunglasses from China.

Air Waybill

This is some type of receipt that’s provided by the airlines to prove that the goods have successfully been transported and delivered. This is required and is not actually a problem since it’ll be coming from the shipping company.

Bill Of Lading (BOL)

The Bill of Lading or BOL/BL for short, is the document that gives comprehensive detail about the shipment of the goods. It’s something that provides the title of the goods and is required for the release of the shipment to the port.

Certificate of Origin (CO)

Quite obviously, the CO or the Certificate of Origin is the document that gives evidence that the goods have come been produced and manufactured from a particular country, which is China in this case. With us here at Y&T Eyewear, we can prepare this for you, so you’ll no longer have to stress or worry about it.

CITES Permit

There are products and services that are concerned to have any type of discrepancy with wildlife regulations, and that is what the CITES permit is for. For this, you don’t have to worry, because the CITES management will be the one to give you this, should the product you’re importing is on the CITES list.

Commercial Invoice

This document is a type of note that is formal and is used to denote that payment has been made and is ready for shipment or delivery. The exporter or the manufacturer will be the one to prepare and produce this and will be used to avoid any risks of fraud, counterfeits, and scams.

Import and Export Declaration

This is a document that’s required by the customs office. This is actually something that contains a list of goods that have been exported/imported. Depending on the situation, it can be prepared either by the importer or the exporter of the products, but in most cases, the exporter or the manufacturer will be the one to prepare this.

NOTE: Ask your manufacturer for those that they’re required to present and give to you because there’ll be no way for you to get it on your own. When you choose working with us here at Y&T Eyewear, we will give you everything you need – you don’t even have to ask for it!

Furthermore, these won’t be everything you need to prepare; there are region or location-based requirements and documentation that you must look into to guarantee the success of the transport of your orders from China to where your business is.

How Can I Order Custom Sunglasses?

The process of ordering custom sunglasses does not actually fall far from how you order regular or usual promotional sunglasses. The difference in the processes would be in terms of the initial or the beginning procedure.

Instead of ordering the regular or usual sunglasses by selecting from the list of available options, you can get and order custom sunglasses by sending the manufacturer or the supplier the draft or sketch of the product you’re looking for.

Typically, the process goes on like this:

1.You’ll send the manufacturer/supplier the sketch or the draft of your product.
2.They’ll verify and confirm if what you sent was doable by asking their R&D team.
3.You can get and request for a sample product for you to check the accuracy and consistency.
4.Once final, they’ll be creating the custom sunglasses all according to your needs.

Skipping all unnecessary steps, you can definitely place your full and complete trust in us here at Y&T Eyewear if you ever find yourself needing custom sunglasses!

Where Can You Get the Best Custom Promotional Sunglasses?

Y&T Eyewear has been in the long-standing list of top promotional sunglasses manufacturers and suppliers in and around China. For more than a decade, we have been in the shade of the business, focused in the manufacturing industry as the primary source of our business.

But, over the years, we realized the value and the importance of inculcating retail and merchandise into our arsenal as well. Over the years of being the top manufacturer of promotional sunglasses, we learned too few things in the production and the manufacturing of promotional sunglasses.

  1.We produce OEM and ODM sunglasses
  2.Our MoQ is flexible – the minimum order quantity (MoQ) of our promotional sunglasses is just 1000
  3.All our sunglasses are certified and are assessed thoroughly
  4.The shipment or the delivery time of our products is only at 7 to 12 days

Here with us at Y&T Eyewear , you will never have any trouble or problem in purchasing the promotional sunglasses you need. We use high-quality and high-end materials and products in manufacturing and you can send us a raw draft or sketch of your wanted products and we’ll be the ones to give color to it!

Can the custom pattern be printed on the lens?

Yes, the pattern can be printed on the lens as your printing request. Because the technical requirements for lens printing are relatively high. So the printing cost is relatively high. Because of the cost, we can use another way to show the pattern design, which is to use stickers on the lenses. This sticker is like a protective lens film, which can be easily torn off. The customer likes this logo very much.

What’s the shipping package for the promotional sunglasses?

The normal packing is 1 piece sunglasses in one opp bag,20pcs/inner box, 500pcs/outer box .If you have an adequate advertising budget, you can also choose cloth bag packaging. The custom logo can also be printed on the bag. Many printed patterns on the pouch can boom your advertisement event. Make your brand go deep into the hearts of consumers. Some customers need to take part in the oversea tradeshow. And they choose our promotional sunglasses as a giveaway. Some middle east countries country like Saudi Arabia’s custom need all the goods to be shipped with pallets. Before shipping, our factory will be packing all the goods in the pallets and ship. Our service allows you not to worry about gifts; you only need to care about other exhibition preparations. Help your overseas exhibition to be held successfully.

Why you need to reserve a lot of time for promotion campaign in advance?

If you have a big promotion, you may need thousands of sunglasses, and purchase them directly from China. The cost is cost-effective. After confirming the date of the activity, arrange the purchase in advance and transport by sea. Compared with using the express delivery time to catch up, using sea transportation can save a lot of transportation costs. If you don’t pay attention to controlling the transportation cost, sometimes the transportation cost is higher than the cost of the sunglasses. We have many customers, to catch up with the promotion time, often take express delivery. In this way, the transportation cost is expensive. The total marketing cost of the enterprise will increase virtually.

What are the common colors of promotional sunglasses?

The basic frame color is black, blue, red, green, pink, purple, and white. Because the logo of each company is different, many cases need to customize the corresponding color to show the brand image of the companies. Customers need to provide a Pantone number. We will proofread according to the color card number and confirm it to the customer by taking photos or sending samples by express. Then we can arrange the production. Our basic lens’ color is grey in color. Gray is a neutral color system; it is suitable for use by all people. It can reduce 98% UV rays and infrared rays.At the same time, customers can also choose the lens colors they need.

What are the main lens materials for promotional sunglasses?

Because of the need for cost control. The promotional sunglasses’ lens is mainly made of PC materials. The PC is better than the AC lens but cheaper than TAC. The lens has a basic protection function. It can prevent ultraviolet rays and infrared rays very well. It can protect people’s eyes against harmful rays.

How to know the final product looks like if I want to do our customized logo and printing?

We have designers to do some basic photoshop and artwork for you. It can help you to know if the color and printing can match well. It can help you to find the logo and printing’s color and pattern problem. If you don’t like it, we can adjust for you immediately. And you don’t need to pay extra cost for it. We will send you a final confirmation draft for your approval. Only after receiving your positive feedback,we will arrange the production. The advantage of this work can save your time and some rework caused by the logo and color mismatch.

If I send an inquiry, how long can I get a reply?

We have a dedicated business team to serve our customers. Generally speaking, an email will be answered within 24 hours because of the time difference. If we receive an email during working time, we can reply to you within 2 hours. If you need an instant reply, we can chat through WhatsApp or Skype. Anyway, our ultimate goal is to satisfy you and make you happy to work with us. If you want to start a promotional campaign and want to know more about promotional sunglasses, please contact us through email will give you some useful suggestions.

What tests do the sunglasses pass?

Our main customers come from the global market. Meeting some standards is a prerequisite for entry into some countries. Our sunglasses can pass the European sunglasses standard EN ISO 12312-1 and American sunglasses standard ANSI Z80.3: 2015. We use excellent materials to produce sunglasses orders to assure quality. The EN ISO 12312-1 test content includes Structure and materials,Light transmittance,Refractive index,strength,Solar radiation resistance,Flame retardancy,Wear resistance (optional),Protection performance requirements, Information, and labels.

What tests do the sunglasses pass?

Our main customers come from the global market. Meeting some standards is a prerequisite for entry into some countries. Our sunglasses can pass the European sunglasses standard EN ISO 12312-1 and American sunglasses standard ANSI Z87.1-2005. We use excellent materials to produce sunglasses orders to assure quality.

Do you have special style sunglasses recommend?

Frankly speaking, all the cheapness sunglasses are suitable for the promotional event. It depends on your taste. But if you ask me to recommend a style for you and without mistake. The below one will be the best choice. It is a ray ban’s classic style. Besides sunglasses for promotional, this style also is produced as expensive acetate sunglasses and bamboo sunglasses. Many promoters choose this classic style. People like this style very much. It is with PC material lens and PC frame. It can protect people against harmful UV rays.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever business you may be in, you will never have any trouble or problem working with us here at Y&T Eyewear!

Name a product, a color, and a specific shape of promotional sunglasses and we will help you! Whatever type of promotional sunglass you need, you can place your full trust in us! You won’t find any regret of choosing us as your promotional sunglasses supplier!

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