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Here’s why Y&T Eyewear is a great choice:

  • Latest designer frames
  • An array of thin and light lenses with scratch resistant coating
  • Low MOQs of 50 pieces per style
  • Superior quality bamboo and wooden sunglasses frames in different colors, styles, and shapes

Wooden Sunglasses Manufacturer In China

Do you have an idea in mind for custom wooden sunglasses, and you are wondering how to get started? Are you looking to work with a custom wooden sunglasses manufacturer and supplier in China to help you develop samples and kickstart your first production order?

If yes, Y&T Eyewear is a trustworthy and reliable custom wooden sunglasses manufacturer in China, and we would love to help you realize your idea.

Wooden Sunglasses Series

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UV 400 Wooden Sunglasses WS-722

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Grey lensWooden Sunglasses WS-723

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Square Wooden Sunglasses WS-724

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Retro Wooden Sunglasses WS-725

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Aviator Wooden Sunglasses WS-726

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Classic Wooden Sunglasses WS-727

Custom Any Desgin you want

300+ Wooden Sunglasses Model

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Mirror Wooden Sunglasses WS-728

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Colorful Wooden Sunglasses WS-729

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Polarized Wooden Sunglasses WS-730

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Cateory 3 lens Wooden Sunglasses WS-731

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Mens Wooden Sunglasses WS-732

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Wayfarer Wooden Sunglasses WS-733

Why Manufacture Custom Wood Sunglasses at Y&T Eyewear

A wide collection of wooden sunglasses

Y&T Eyewear is capable of meeting your eyewear needs. We develop new designs each year. We have over 500+styles of wood sunglasses that you can choose. We will provide you with the most beautifully made, fashion forward wooden sunglasses that you will not find anywhere else.

Small batches of your preferred style, shape and color

We can manufacture for you custom engraved wood sunglasses or custom logo wood sunglasses in different shapes and colors. For each style, shape or color, you will be able to order a minimum of 50 pieces, which is ideal for a start-up eyewear business.

Premium materials

Our superior quality wooden sunglasses are designed using the highest quality TAC and nylon material.

Efficient research and development team

Y&T Eyewear research and development department is keen on ensuring you get custom wooden sunglasses that are functional, beautiful, and fashionable. Our team of designers manufactures new designs each year based on the most popular designs, colors and shapes.

Experienced and friendly sales team

At Y&T Eyewear, we believe the key to success is being able to develop personal relationships with our clients. Our highly experienced sales team will not only receive you with warmth, but also give you advice regarding your preferred custom wooden sunglasses.

Strict Quality Control Protocols

We take your sunglasses business seriously. We adhere to the strictest quality and production procedures, which are governed by international regulations. We subject all the materials to a thorough test throughtout the production process. We will carefully inspect every piece of your sunglasses as it leaves the production line to ensure it provides maximum comfort and protection against UV rays.

Highly skilled production team

Y&T Eyewear has a skilled production team that is capable of offering you a full range of high standard and efficient bamboo and wooden sunglasses. You can choose your preferred material. We have quick turnaround times, meaning you will be able to maximize the production runtime.

Our factory

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Benefits of Wooden Sunglasses

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The Y&T Eyewear Story

Y&T Eyewear has a great team of highly professional and experienced designers, and a strong development capability. That said, we are capable of meeting your custom wooden sunglasses purchase requirements.

Y&T Eyewear will offer you an end-to-end solution, thus saving you a lot of energy and time. We are capable of producing for you high-quality wooden sunglasses in small batches of 50 pieces.  

You will also be able to acquire the perfect wooden sunglasses at amazingly cheap prices. We love keeping our prices low to ensure you spend less, thus helping you maximize your profits.

Quality is our priority. All your wooden sunglasses will be subjected to a thorough inspection process from strat to finish. Rest assured you will receive custom wooden sunglasses with the greatest degree of quality.

Do not hesitate to contact Y&T Eyewear to start your first production order. Our sales team is eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Y&T Eyewear Customers

We have a range of customers who include:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 50 pieces per style. We can provide you with OEM services for 50 pieces and above.

Where do you deliver to?

We can deliver your custom wooden sunglasses to various destinations including USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Please contact us for more informati

What type of wood are Y&T Eyewear wooden sunglasses made of?

As a renowned wooden sunglasses manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear will manufacture your custom wooden sunglasses from sustainably sourced wood.

Do you add custom text to your sunglasses?

Yes.  We can manufacture for you custom engraved wood sunglasses.  We look forward to receiving your custom wording.

Are your wooden sunglasses water-resistant?

All our custom wood sunglasses are water resistant. They can withstand sweat, all types of weather, as well as humidity.  They do not soak rain water nor sweat.

Can heat damage the wooden sunglasses?

It is advisable that you keep the sunglasses away from excess heat such as fire

Do you offer packaging services?

Yes. We can provide you with bamboo barrel, wood box, or even a cardboard case. Please contact us for more information on our packaging options.

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