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  • We study your market situation and introduce new styles to you.

  • We create bespoke and personalized designs for you.

  • We move with the changing trends in style and fashion.

Polarized Sunglasses Manufacturer in China – Y&T

It is no longer news that sunglasses are quickly becoming a sine qua non fashion accessory in recent times. And, given the waning global climate, many people are getting used to, and equally protecting themselves from the damaging results of UV rays on the eyes.

Whether you’re involved in the wholesale of polarized sunglasses in China, or you’re simply looking for a polarized sunglasses manufacturer, Y&T is at your service. If you also happen to be a designer, with different vendible sunglasses design, let us be your go-to manufacturer to help you materialize those designs.

Polarized Sunglasses Collection

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Mens Polarized Sunglasses PS-58

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womens Polarized Sunglasses PS-59

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Black frame Polarized Sunglasses PS-60

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Classes Polarized Sunglasses PS-61

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Pilot Polarized Sunglasses PS-62

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Metal Polarized Sunglasses PS-63


Polarized Sunglasses Series

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Oval Polarized Sunglasses PS-64

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Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses PS-65

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Colorful Polarized Sunglasses PS-66

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Pilot Polarized Sunglasses PS-67

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Gradient Polarized Sunglasses PS-68

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Classic Polarized Sunglasses PS-69

Why Choose us as Your Polarized Sunglasses Manufacturer?

Regular Sunglasses Design Update

We are a polarized clip-on sunglasses wholesale supplier – certainly. But the core of our workforce are our research and development experts that develop over 100 new sunglasses designs each month. We can also help your polarized sunglasses company grow with our aesthetically-perfect sunglasses designs.

Broad Range of Eyewear

Our brand of products covers a broad range of eye accessories such as western sunglasses, promotional polarized sunglasses, frames, optical lenses, and different types of stylish eyewear. Our brand also includes more than 300 unique sunglasses design out of which you can select based on your preference.

Moderate Inventory

We know that in the nearest future, the sunglasses industry will be basically about selling inventory. Therefore, we are willing and able to fulfill all your order specifications – irrespective of how large or small they are.

Superior Quality Sunglasses

Our lines of production are strictly monitored by a top-notch QC system. Hence, every of our sunglasses are of premium quality. And this is to make certain that the products you receive are up to standard with top-notch quality.

Design Publicity

When you make us your polarized fit-over sunglasses wholesale supplier, we’ll do well to publicize your design, ensuring it ranks top on the fashion industry’s sunglasses chart. We’ll also offer you coherent manufacturing and supply services to enable you to focus your resources on the development of your designs.

Advanced Sunglasses Technology

In our production lines, we have more than 8 sections for CNC machining, and over 10 injection molds for different polarized sunglasses production. Our equipment plays a vital role in the excellent quality of the custom logo polarized sunglasses we produce.

Years of Unfailing Polarized Sunglasses Manufacture

For over a decade, we have been a polarized sunglasses manufacturer to consumers of different identities and financial positions. And both our previous and current customers have impressive things to say about our services as a polarized sunglasses manufacturer. You’ll certainly be glad you joined our line of trusted customers.

Our factory

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Our Clientele

At Y&T, our client base covers the categories of people stated below:

Polarized Sunglasses Manufacturers FAQ

Can I Receive Sample Sunglasses?

Yes, you can. Before placing any sunglasses order with our brand, you must have seen, and approved our polarized sunglasses samples. In accordance with your order, you are free to select from our array of available or designer samples prior to the confirmation of your order.

Do You Supply to International Clients?

In addition to the individual brands we supply our sunglasses to, we are also into the export of polarized sunglasses. Our customers are also located in different continents of the globe – from Europe, to different parts of America.

Are Your Polarized Sunglasses Affordable?

Exceedingly affordable! But our polarized sunglasses are not only affordable, they are definitely the best sunglasses quality that can be obtained at this rate.

Do You Attend to Small Order?

Absolutely. Contrary to what is obtainable with other polarized sunglasses manufacturers, we accept orders of even small sizes. All that is required of you is that your order goes through accurate procedures, and it will be attended to as soon as possible.

Can Receive My Choice Packaging?

Of course. You don’t need to spend your resources in searching for another company to place a separate order for your packaging. We will help you make the order from our factory’s packaging supplier so that the process can be more affordable for you. You only need to ensure that you send us samples of your choice packaging, and you’ll receive them with your polarized sunglasses.


Can I Develop My Sunglasses Design?

Absolutely, you can. You’ll only have to pay an extra fee for us to manufacture them for you. This fee covers the cost of the mold for your designer sunglasses. You also have to send in your polarized sunglasses design with your order, and inform our agents during payment.

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