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  • 12 years of producing high-quality designer sunglasses for sunglasses vendors
  • Professional customization on sunglasses vendors’ demand
  • Y&T helps sunglasses vendors with new styles according to fashion trends
  • Making the best sunglasses for all markets globally

Sunglasses Vendor In China

As a sunglasses vendor, if you have ideas for new designs you need for your brand, Y&T will make the designs come to life. While partnering with us, you can concentrate on your designs, while we handle the productions. At Y&T, we have a world-class production and quality control system which ensure that we produce only high-quality designs. Choosing a reputable Chinese sunglasses designer like Y&T gives your business an edge in terms of quality and style.

Custom Sports Sunglasses Series

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Wayfarer Sunglasses Vendor In China VS-278

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men's Sunglasses Vendor In China VS-279

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Polarized Sunglasses Vendor In China VS-280

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Sunglasses Vendor In China VS-281

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Sunglasses Vendor In China VS-282

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Sunglasses Vendor In China VS-283

Custom Any Desgin you want

200+ Sports Sunglasses Styles

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Brown Sunglasses Vendor In ChinaVS-284

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crystal Sunglasses Vendor In China VS-285

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Classic Sunglasses Vendor In China VS-286

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night vision Sunglasses Vendor In China VS-287

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Bold frame Sunglasses Vendor In China VS-288

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Cat Eye Sunglasses Vendor In China VS-289

Why Y&T sunglasses?

Variety Range of Sunglasses

We have a wide range of sunglasses in our collections including reading glasses, party sunglasses, optical frames etc. Just name the design and we will help you produce it.

Hi-tech Quality control

Our company has a hi-tech quality control team that checks all products to ensure that they meet the needs of customers.

More Inventory

As veterans in the industry, we have a catalogue of over 300 styles that sunglasses vendors can choose from. We are also open to create your customized designs.

Up-to-date catalogue

Our R&D team creates over one hundred new sunglasses designs every month. This team, which is made up of 8 world-class designers makes sure that our catalogue is updated with designs in tune with current fashion trends. We are also ready to share our style inspirations with you.

High Quality Service

We are experts in making bespoke eyeglasses according to customer demands and specifications.

Advanced production facility

Our factory has advanced production equipment such as 8 CNC machining center and 14 injection molding machines

Our factory

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Advantages of Our Unique Sunglasses

Our Clientele

At Y&T, we have a long list of clientele including:

At Y&T, we have a variety of designs you can choose from to create for your brands, and we also offer OEM services. To get started, you have to check our collection to know if we have the kind of glasses you need. If we do not, you can give us your own designs, and we work the magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Y&T give clients test samples?

Our clients are allowed to check out the samples- whether customized sample or available sample. This is to confirm that it’s what they want before we proceed with bulk production

Can I use customized packaging?

You can use your customized pack for your sunglasses. But then, we have to order the pack from our packaging supplier. This is to save us time and effort.

Can I make a small order for custom sunglasses?

Yes, you can start with a small order, and increase the quantity later. You will, however, have to pay for mold opening and also for the packing.  After you have made your small order, we can establish a long-lasting relationship.

What global markets does Y&T work with?

Y&T imports designer sunglasses to companies and brands in South America, North America and Europe. We also have clients from all over the world that order for customized designer sunglasses from our company.

Are your glasses affordable ?

Sunglasses vendors trust us to give them the best prices because we produce these glasses in our factory.

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