Vintage sunglasses China

  • Full understanding of the custom retro sunglasses market trend.
  • Introduce a cutting edge and classic style in line with your market situation
  • Offer professional customized vintage sunglasses China
  • Promises a personalized designer experience of up to 12 years for customers

Vintage sunglasses Manufacturer In China

Are you searching for designers or custom vintage sunglasses? Here is the good news you are in the right place! We offer wholesale retro sunglasses and whatever form of custom designer sunglasses you are looking for; you are sure to find here. 

Are you a custom sunglasses designer? Do you have unique design ideas for vintage sunglasses China? We are excited to announce to you that we need collaborations with custom designer sunglasses manufacturers in China. 

Y & T vintage sunglasses China will be your ideal eyewear supplier. We offer you the best way to save yourself lots of time; thus, sparing you more time to work on your designs. 

Y & T produces custom designer sunglasses uses advanced production control system. We bring your ideas and designs to life. Why waste time? Choose to work with Y & T for the best vintage sunglasses, China. Choose the best. 

We deal in retro vintage sunglasses wholesale thus, adding better specs to your design. We work with the aim of offering the best professional design support for vintage sunglasses, China.

Custom Vintage Sunglasses Series

round sunglasses manufacturers.jpg

Classic Vintage sunglasses China VS-278

vintage sunglasses china manufacturers pc yt.jpg

Wayfarer Vintage sunglasses China VS-279

vintage sunglasses china manufacturers pc yt in china.jpg

Pilot Vintage sunglasses ChinaVS-280

vintage sunglasses china manufacturers pc yt eyewear.jpg

metal Vintage sunglasses China VS-281

vintage sunglasses china manufacturers pc yt china.jpg

UV400 Vintage sunglasses China VS-282

vintage sunglasses china manufacturer pc.jpg

Retro Vintage sunglasses China VS-283

Custom Any Desgin you want

Available Vintage Sunglasses For You

vintage sunglasses china manufacturer for your wholesale metal.jpg

Round Vintage sunglasses China VS-284

vintage sunglasses china manufacturer for your wholesale business pc.jpg

Square Vintage sunglasses China VS-285

vintage sunglasses china manufacturer for your wholesale business metal.jpg

stainless steel Vintage sunglasses China VS-286

vintage sunglasses china manufacturer for your wholesale pc.jpg

Cat Eye Vintage sunglasses China VS-287

vintage sunglasses china manufacturer for you pc.jpg

tortoise Vintage sunglasses China VS-288

vintage sungalsses china.jpg

Bold frame Vintage sunglasses China VS-289

Why choose Y & T custom designer sunglasses?

You have a wide range of top-notch designers eyewear to choose from.

We operate on a strict QC system.

Our product line covers different types of eyewear – oversized vintage sunglasses wholesale, party sunglasses, reading glasses, optical frames etc.

We offer a variety of sunglasses and related products and can help you produce them.

Inventory is available

The company’s QC team is very much active and always runs a thorough inspection of every production batch.

We update our styles on a regular basis

We work with inventory and can take even large orders regardless of customers’ requirements. We can provide you with more than 300 different styles of sunglasses.

In line with being the best vintage sunglasses China manufacturer and supplier, we strive to ensure customer satisfaction.

We offer you a personalized service.

If you need your eyewear to be customized, we can do that for you.

Our company team consists of up to 8 professional designers who are attached to the special R and D team.

Our R and D Team can meet with the demands of 100+ new sunglasses design every month. 

We are willing to share our design experiences and knowledge with you. 

We work with advanced production tools and equipment.

Our company is well-equipped with the right working tools, which include 8 CNC machines and 13 injection moulding machines.

Our factory

reading glasses supplier.jpeg
reading glasses manufacturer.jpeg
reading glasses factory.jpeg
reading glasses factory resemble department.jpeg
reading glasses factory painting department.jpeg
reading glasses factory injection department.jpeg

Why you should use Y & T vintage sunglasses China

Who are our customers?


Do you provide the sample before you start production?

Y & T in line with ensuring that you get the best quality vintage sunglasses China provides for you a sample prior to production. In fact, we offer two kinds of samples- customization sample and available sample.

Is it possible to use my requirement packing for the sunglasses?

Of course, you can use your requirement packing for the sunglasses. Start by forwarding to us your request sample. We will place an order for the designer sunglasses package from our package supplier. We make the purchase for you; thus saving you your time.

What international markets do you work with?

We have gone global as we make exports in wholesale to different parts of the world such as South America, North America and Europe.

Can I develop custom designer sunglasses as a request if the first order I placed is not big?

We accept orders for even a small quantity for your rimless vintage sunglasses wholesale business. We are also open to long term business cooperation after the initial projects.

Do you offer good prices?

Yes, our prices are highly competitive, and we sell to our customers at the best price since we are the manufacturer. 

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