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· As a custom sunglass manufacturer, Y & T specializes has been manufacturing exceptional custom-built and private label sunglass for 12 years.

· From lifestyle to fashion and promotional custom sunglasses, Y & T can deliver  a vast variety of design and styles to meet your markets needs.  

· Access fabulous, versatile and affordable custom eye frames tailored to your delight.

· Enjoy the best gorgeous and functional eyeglass frames that can meet all international and local inspection protocols. 

Designer Sunglasses Manufacturer

Y & T provides professional and custom-built sunglasses ensuring superiority and variety. As a sunglass designer with hundreds of design ideas and in need of a custom sunglasses manufacturer from china, Y & T is here to serve you. Our utmost priority is to exceed your customer’s expectations.  

By combining intelligent optical solutions with thoughtful customer service, we aim to deliver premium and innovative custom glasses as per your target market. Our expert team has an in-depth understanding of diverse eyewear fashion trends in the international market. Our work is also backed by cutting-edge and extensive manufacturing capabilities. That’s why you can rely on us for innovative, fashionable, and remarkable results consistently.

Partner with us today and save tons of time and money by bringing your designs to a stunning reality. Design your own brand sunglasses with the best private label sunglass manufacturer supporting your dreams and success. Let Y & T bring your visions to life and drive your brand to greater horizons.  

Custom Sunglasses Series

Custom Any Sunglasses As you want

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Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer CS-350

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Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer CS-351

custom sunglasses manufacturer in china custom logo built pc.jpg

Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer CS-352

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Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer CS-353

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Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer CS-354

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Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer CS-355

Custom Any Desgin you need

Custom Sunglasses With Metal

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Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer CS-356

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Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer CS-357

custom sunglasses manufacturer in china custom logo metal.jpg

Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer CS-358

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Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer CS-359

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Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer CS-360

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Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer CS-361

Why Should You Choose Y&T As Your Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer?

Extensive range of eyewear

Y & T can deliver vast styles of sunglasses, party glasses, promotional custom glasses, optical frames, and reading glasses to meet your diverse needs. We aim to serve you better by offering you an enormous list of choices and design freedom.

Rigorous QC system

All our glasses are produced strictly according to global and local compliance requirements. Our in-house QC team will further test to ensure that we deliver the highest level of satisfaction.

Scalable Inventory

For the best products at the smallest orders, Y & T custom sunglasses manufacturer is your best choice. We offer over 300 styles at your fingertips, giving you the ultimate access to your products whenever and however you need them.

Consistently Updated

Our in-house team of 8 professional designers will push over 100+ fresh designs every month and ensure superiority and variety. You can learn from our design inspirations or share your unique visions with you. Regardless, we will deliver sleek, sophisticated, and gorgeous custom sunglasses to meet your needs every step of the way.

Unparalleled Service

As a proficient custom sunglasses manufacturer in China, Y & T aims to meet your specific needs with a high competency level. We will be your best choice for superior quality, factory cheap price, and lightning-fast deliveries to maximize your profits and success.

Advanced Competencies

Y & T's excellent products are backed by over 8 CNC machining centers and 13 injection molding machines. We give you a unique advantage in product quality control, lead time, and so on. Choose Y &T for the fastest, most innovative, and dependable service.

Our factory

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 Y&T Eyewear Unique Designer Sunglasses Advantage

Clients We are Honored To Work With


Clients We are Honored To Work With

Y & T is known worldwide by world-renowned companies such as  Walmart, Disney, Daiso for our innovative productions. There is no job too big or small. Our service is world-class, efficient, and seamless.

Our Business is Always About Making You Look Good Always

We work with a great list of brands and designers across diverse markets, helping transform unique visions into a remarkable reality.  Some industries and brand types we work with include:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need custom-built sunglasses?

Custom sunglasses are produced according to your specific needs. As your dedicated custom sunglasses manufacturer, we can work with you to customize the style of your eyewear and sunglasses, lens material, lens performance, quality level, color, logo, branding, packaging, frame material. Etc. At Y& T, we offer you endless possibilities! However, you can, of course, begin your search from our enormous library of existing styles and models for inspiration and custom sunglasses wholesale needs.

2. Do I need to design my own sunglasses line?

No, you can choose from our consistently updated catalog. You can also choose custom-built, which can make you stand out from your competitors. Whichever you choose, Y & T is your reliable custom sunglasses manufacturer ready to deliver exceptional service at an affordable price.

3. Can I have samples before production?

Absolutely. Y &T provides samples before the actual production to ensure that we meet your expectations completely. You can choose from our available sample sunglasses or have us create a customization sample according to your requirements.

4. Do you provide a custom packaging service?

Yes, we do, but first, you should send your packaging sample. We will order designer sunglasses packaging from our package supplier. Our goal is to save you time and money while offering access to premium packaging.

5. Do you have a minimum order quantity for custom designer sunglasses? Can you develop at my request?

We do accept small custom sunglasses wholesale orders. However, we will also charge you the mold opening cost for designer sunglasses and kick off your project. By starting small, we help you bring your dreams to reality on a small budget. Y & T Eyewear has the ultimate goal of building long-term relationships with our partner brands.

6. How long will it take to customize sunglasses?

Our deliveries depend on the level of customization you choose. For example, hand sunglasses samples usually take about 15 – 20 days. For custom-built sample sunglasses with PC or metal frames, deliveries may take about 30 – 45 days.

7. Do you work with global markets?

As a custom sunglasses manufacturer in China, Y & T is uniquely positioned to handle diverse levels of custom designer sunglasses across international markets. Our unbeatable service and exceptional products are why we have served clients from South America, North America, and other European brands.  

8 Are your sunglasses affordable?

We have our own factories and therefore deliver the unique advantage of the lowest price on all custom designer sunglasses. However, we develop according to your specific needs and meet your local market compliance requirements and global standards. Y& T has dedicated quality control inspectors on hand to ensure that your products are always the best.

9. What is the next step?

Please contact us at or by phone +86 18968941580. We would be delighted to answer your questions about our services and begin discussing your customized designer sunglasses needs.

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