Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer In China

  • Over 12 years’ experience as Chinese custom sunglasses manufacturer 
  • Depending on vogues and market interests, we have been consistently satisfying the global eyewear market.
  • Based on strategic eyewear market understudies, Y&T Eyewear develops the best ideas for custom sunglasses In China.
  • Our customized designer sunglasses are professionally made to modern standards.

Your Best Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer In China

Y&T Eyewear is a Chinese custom sunglasses manufacturer that gives the ultimate solution for your eyewear needs. If you’re a designer with great ideas for eyewear designs, we are the custom sunglasses manufacturer in China you need. With the help of modern design technologies, we can help you develop and execute your ideas while you sit back and make even more designs. Your design needs a lot of development based on international demand, and that is precisely what we can help you achieve.

Custom Sunglasses Series

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Custom Sport Sunglasses PS-870

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Custom Polarized Sunglasses PS-871

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Custom Wayfarer Sunglasses PS-872

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Custom UV400 Sunglasses PS-873

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Custom Classic Sunglasses PS-874

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Custom Mens Sunglasses PS-875

Custom Any Desgin you want

200+ Custom Sunglasses Styles

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Custom Black Sunglasses PS-876

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Custom Brown Sunglasses PS-877

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Custom baseball Sunglasses PS-878

wholesale sun glasses by the dozen

Custom Gradient Sunglasses PS-879

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Custom Hight Quality Sunglasses PS-880

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Custom Colorful Sunglasses PS-881

Why Should You Choose Y&T Eyewear?

A Large Collection of Eyewear Manufacturing Options

We are certain about helping you bring out the best from your designs because we provide a large option of glasses like sunglasses, party sunglasses, optical frames, reading glasses, and more.

A top quality QC System

As custom Sunglasses Manufacturer In China, our company’s QC team works selflessly to inspect every product, to ensure it comes out the best it can possibly be.

Large Inventory

As a custom sunglasses manufacturer In China, we understand that selling inventory is set to flourish in the near and far future. We have over 300 styles to that effect.

Styles that meet Customer Demands

Just like every other market in the world, we keep our designs and styles updated to meet the ever-evolving demands of the eyewear market. Our R&D team which is made up of professional designers, brings up over 100 fresh designs monthly.

Custom Designed Sunglasses

As custom sunglasses manufacturer in China, we also make available custom-made designs or products to satisfy customer need.

Modern Production Equipment

To gratify the cravings of custom sunglasses users, we have 8 centres with CNC machines and 13 injection molding machines in our factories.

Our factory

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reading glasses manufacturer.jpeg
reading glasses factory.jpeg
reading glasses factory resemble department.jpeg
reading glasses factory painting department.jpeg
reading glasses factory injection department.jpeg
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Customized Polarized sunglasses from Chinese Custom Sunglass Manufacturer&Supplier

Polarized sunglasses are developed to minimize glare from snow, water, road and UV defense. Improve your polarized lenses to match all your vision needs.

Import polarized sunglasses from Y&T Eyeglasses– one professional personalized sunglass producer in China will be your best selection, good quality, factory economical price, quick shipment, will maximize your revenue.

round sunglasses manufacturer supplier in china yt metal.jpg

Custom Round Sunglasses from China -Sunglasses Manufacturer.

Round sunglasses are traditional sunglasses designs that are popular for years. Wish to customize round sunglasses and also place your very own logo design? Do you still want to customize the frame and also lens with each other? As one of the Chinese custom sunglasses manufacturers, Y&T Eyewear will certainly assist you to finish it.


acetate sunglasses manufacturer yt eyewear.jpg

Custom Acetate Sunglasses from Chinese Custom Sunglasses Manufacturers and Distributors.

Acetate structures refer to phenomenon structures made from modern plastic memory acetate. They are constructed from two products: acetate, acetate as well as steel. The majority of the acetate frames brand are made of these materials, with attractive styles and also diverse sunglasses. It is durable, high-strength, colorful outlook challenging to warp, and also has a certain degree of flexibility, it will certainly return to its original shape after a little difficult flexing or tensioning. Middle and high-end fashion brand names love this material. The acetate frames match clothing to reflect individuality as well as design. The structured shape has both modern-day as well as classic attributes, with a streamlined as well as rich shade splicing structure, best for seamless integration. Acetate material sunglasses are for that reason preferred by many people.

If you want to customized as well as wholesale acetate sunglasses, Y&T Eyeglasses will be your reliable supplier in China. Low MOQ, 300pcs per stles and you can mix 2 Sunglasses, which will certainly decrease your stock pressure as well as maximize your earnings.

wholesale womens sunglasses manufacturer in wenzhou.jpg

Custom aviator sunglasses from China Personalized Sunglass Supplier as well as a Manufacturer

Aviator  sunglasses are a timeless style of sunglasses with years of background. As classic glasses have constantly remained in demand.
Y&T Eyewear, as a specialist China custom-made sunglasses factory as well as distributor, professional in supply clients customs sunglasses, from the optical frame, the lens to identify to fit your business requirements. If you intend to personalized aviator Sunglasses, Y&T Eyeglasses will be your trustworthy vendor.

womens computer.jpg

Custom-made Blue Light Glasses from China Custom-made Eyeglasses Supplier and Provider.

With the appeal of digital products, a growing number of individuals with nearsightedness are triggered. When you make use of electronic devices, wearing blue light obstructing glasses can safeguard your eyes from radiation damage.
Customized blue light glasses from Y&T Eyewear — one of the specialist personalized glasses suppliers in China will certainly be your best method to improve your business and reduce your purchase expense.

510201 17 2.jpg

Customized Kid's Optical Glasses from China Private Tag Eyewear Manufacturers.

With the boosting variety of myopia children, the children’s optical glasses market has also raised over the years.
Finding the appropriate private tag eyeglasses suppliers to produce your eyewear will certainly maintain your brand name image, conserve your purchase time, and also after-sales service costs. Y&T Eyeglasses will be your great selection of private label glasses producer in China, depend on us, get in touch with to custom-made your business currently.

customized clip on sunglasses new styles yt.jpg

Custom Clip-On Sunglasses from Personalized Sunglasses Manufacturers in China.

Polarized Clip-on Sunglasses has 2 functions. A set of sunglasses lens can be put on the optical glasses. For that reason, it has ended up being a favorite of several myopia people.
Custom clip-on Sunglasses from Y&T Eyewear Eyewear– among Chinese personal tag sunglasses makers is several importers’ best choice, low-cost rate will conserve your cost, and also improve your competitiveness in your local markets.

rimless sunglasses wholesale.jpg

Custom Rimless Sunglasses from China Custom-made Made Sunglasses Manufacturers.

Frameless sunglasses are lightweight as well as are the most effective selection for those that don’t have heavy frames. If you want to purchase sunglasses from custom-made sunglasses manufacturer, a China sunglasses supplier as well as provider — Y&T Eyeglasses– will certainly be your finest alternative to save your expense, increase your income, develop your brand and attain your goal.

chrome hearts sunglasses wholesale.jpg

Customized Heart Sunglasses from China Private Label Sunglasses Maker and also Factory.

Ladies like heart sunglasses since they can draw out a charming and also charming environment. Custom your own sunglasses from custom sunglass manufacturers in China will conserve your total price, improve the brand picture, enhance your competitiveness, and raise earnings. For that, Y&T Eyeglasses will certainly be your trustworthy companion of a custom sunglasses company.

oversized fashion sunglasses manufacturer.jpg

Custom ladies Sunglasses from China Custom-made Sunglasses Manufacturers and Supplier

Female sunglasses have currently turned into one of the basic jewelry accessories for women. Besides the protective function of the eyes of the sunglasses, the decor has actually become a more crucial factor for females to acquire sunglasses. In summer as well as some unique celebrations, sales of Ladies’ sunglasses are excellent.

Looking for one of the most reputable customized sunglasses manufacturers from China? Y&T Eyewear is the very best option for you with a better rate, small minimum order amount ( you can examine start from 1 pair), and rapid shipment.

round sunglasses manufacturer supplier in china metal.jpg

Customized Metal Sunglasses from China Custom Sunglass Manufacturers.

Metal sunglasses can considerably highlight a person’s personality, so it is additionally a favorite sunglasses style. If you require a customized sunglasses supplier to help you customize your sunglasses, Y&T Eyewear can help you to do finish that works as well as enhance the efficiency of your service.

wholesale cat eye sunglasses in yiwu yt.jpg

Custom Cat Eye Sunglasses from China Personalized Sunglass Manufacturer.

Feline sunglasses are preferred recently, enjoyed by ladies, the market is in fantastic need. As among the very best sunglass manufacturers in China, Y&T Eyeglasses can custom sunglasses made

of acetate, plastic, steel, TR, Tritan structure products, lens, and also your brand logo to make you outstanding from various other competitors.


wholesale trendy sunglasses.jpg

Customized Retro Sunglasses from Customized Sunglasses Manufacturer in China.

Timeless sunglasses (retro sunglasses) will never ever go out of the design and also people constantly demand it.
Seeking personal tag sunglasses manufacturers in China to custom vintage sunglasses? Y&T Eyewear will certainly be your trusted sunglasses producer as well as provider, will certainly custom-made sunglasses from frames, the lens to identify at top quality as well as better cost.

retro vintage sunglasses wholesale.jpg

Custom Trendy Sunglasses from China Finest Sunglass Manufactuer.

Style sunglasses are hot items in the eyeglasses market annually and constantly have large demand. Y&T Eyewear is a custom sunglass manufacturer and professional in supplying you the personalized sunglasses at a competitive rate, excellent quality, and quick shipment!

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Custom Children Sunglasses from Chin Sunglasses Manufacturer

We use TPEE material, Kid’s sunglasses are so cute, safe, and also comfortable to wear, environmentally friendly versatile product to make it.
If you are searching for custom-made sunglasses suppliers to custom-made your Kids sunglasses, Y&T Eyewear will certainly be your finest company partner as well as can supply your cost-effective price, CE & FDA approval products. Our some customers are from
hospitals, so if you intend to locate high-end sunglasses makers to make your brand logo sunglasses, you can additionally call us.

mens designer sunglasses wholesale.jpg

Customized Men's Sunglasses from China Personalized Sunglasses Manufacturer and Supplier

Guy’s sunglasses are specially designed sunglasses for guys. Along with the practical duty– shielding the eyes from damages, an attractive function is currently added, specifically in the summertime as well as unique celebrations. Sunglasses have actually turned into one of the necessary devices for guys.
Y&T Eyewear is among the professional custom-made sunglasses manufacturers in China, we give competitive costs to help you custom sunglasses from China.

wholesale ladies sunglasses.jpg

Custom Cat Eye Sunglasses from China Personalized Sunglass Manufacturer.

Feline sunglasses are preferred recently, enjoyed by ladies, the market is in fantastic need. As among the very best sunglass manufacturers in China, Y&T Eyeglasses can custom sunglasses made

of acetate, plastic, steel, TR, Tritan structure products, lens, and also your brand logo to make you outstanding from various other competitors.


aviator sunglasses manufacturers suppliers in china yt eyewear.jpg

Customized Developer Sunglasses from China Designer Sunglasses Manufacturers.

An increasing number of individuals are seeking independent character as well as do not want to put on the same points as others.

The designer sunglasses entered into being.
Import designer sunglasses from China customized developer sunglasses producer will finish your idea and orders with very a low amount.

polarized sunglasses manufacturers yt tr.jpg

Custom-made Oversized Sunglasses from Chinese Customized Sunglass Manufacturers as well as Vendors.

Large sunglasses will certainly highlight your personality and also set you besides the group. It’s a good idear to import sunglasses from a personalized sunglasses supplier and make your own brand growing, Y&T Eyeglasses will rejoice to be your ideal eyeglasses companion. Email us now to talk about your own brand name service.


oversized square sunglasses wholesale.jpg

Custom Square Sunglasses from Custom-made Sunglass Manufacturers in China.

Square sunglasses are timeless glasses and one of the most preferred designs this year. Every sunglasses company wishes to own an eyeglasses brand name eventually, you need to be no exemption. By having your very own personal tag sunglasses, you can supply your customers unique products and construct commitment to your brand. Personalized square sunglasses from Y&T Eyeglasses– among custom sunglasses makers in China– you will obtain cost-effective cost and excellent service.

Custom-made Oversized Sunglasses from Chinese Customized Sunglass Manufacturers as well as Vendors.
Large sunglasses will certainly highlight your personality and also set you besides the group. It’s a good idear to import sunglasses from a personalized sunglasses supplier and make your own brand growing, Y&T Eyeglasses will rejoice to be your ideal eyeglasses companion. Email us now to talk about your own brand name servic

promotional sunglasseswholesale custom.jpg

Custom-made Your Logo of Sunglasses as well as Eyewear on Packaging Accessories

Y&T Eyewear is one of the custom-made sunglasses makers and also custom eyeglasses producers in China, special in supplying custom-made sunglasses and also custom-made glasses for you.
We can customize sunglasses frame lenses, hinges, logo design, and also product packaging based on your demands.
If you need to locate some ideas for custom-made sunglasses and also customized eyewear, you’d better check our eyewear directory or call us straight.

figure 3 custom sunglasses with logo.jpg

Custom Plastic Sun Glasses from China Finest Sunglass Supplier.

Plastic sunglasses are accepted and bought by increasingly people because of their economical cost, lightweight, and secure quality.
Y&T Eyewear as a custom-made sunglass manufacturer, has actually customized lots of plastic sunglasses for our consumers around the globe, if you additionally have this demand and wish to enhance your supply chain, Y&T Eyewear will rejoice to accept you.

sports sunglasses manufacturer.jpg

Custom Sports Sunglasses from China Personalized Sunglasses Maker.

With the enhancement of living requirements as well as people’s health and wellness awareness, outdoor sports are increasingly more enjoyed by people, and also the demand for sporting activities sunglasses (like Running/ Cycling/ Fishing/ Wayfarer/ Golf/ Driving Sunglasses/ Ski Goggles) is enhancing.
Tailoring your own brand name of sporting activity sunglasses from China personalized sunglasses maker, will certainly boost your brand name picture, boost rates power, and also boost your profitability. Y&T Eyewear in China will certainly aid you to end up all work of the custom sunglasses.

figure 11 custom printed sunglasses no minimum.jpg

Custom promotional sunglasses by Chinese Sunglasses Manufacturer

Here at Y&T Eyewear, we maximize the use of our machine and use all the factors involved in the production or the manufacturing of the custom promotional sunglasses we offer to our clients. We have everything from the machines, the people, as well as the skills needed to manufacture our products.

The Perks of Y&T custom sunglasses

Who are our Targets?

The customers we target are:
Our company has a track record of providing sunglasses solutions for designers all over China. Our custom designer sunglass services are specially wired to meet a wide array of eyewear needs, and our styles always stay up to date for the satisfaction of our customers. But most importantly, we suggest that you check our available collection of custom sunglasses to find out how much it meets your expectations and eyewear needs.



Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are samples made available to customers before they employ the services of Y&T custom sunglasses manufacturers and suppliers?

Samples are very important to us and to our clients because through samples, the communication process between us and our clientele begins to gain root. Even more, it helps customers know what they’re going for while ensuring we meet those needs. As a custom sunglasses manufacturer in China, Putting these factors into consideration, we always provide two kinds of samples to our customers; available sample and customization sample.

2.How will the samples be sent across to me

First off, it is worthy of note that we do not expect you to go through any stress in receiving the sample from us. Therefore, it is totally up to us to get it to you. After you send your request sample to us and we receive our designer sunglasses package from our supplier, we will in turn get it across to you. This will not only save your efforts, but will save your cash too.

3.Can I request for custom built sunglasses if the quantity of my first order isn’t in bulk?

Yes, you can. We will strike a deal that fits whatever sort of request you would be making and then we will go ahead to work at winning your trust for the long haul.

4.What are your international markets?

For over a decade, we have worked with customers of diverse demands and objectives across countries and continents. We have supplied custom sunglasses wholesale supplier from South America, North America, and Europe.

5.How fair are your price rates?

For the quality of service we provide, our pricing cannot be more favourable for any custom sunglass designer in search of impeccable manufacturers and suppliers. It is affordable but isn’t fixed. Our pricing varies based on the nature of the business, how much it would cost us, the style/design to be developed, your location, requirements, and a few other flexible factors.

6.What is custom sunglasses ?

Customized sunglasses are the sunglasses supplier to design and generate sunglasses according to customer needs.
You can tailor sunglasses styles and also eyewear, structure material and also color, lens material as well as color, logo, packaging, and so on.

6.Why customize sunglasses?

Custom sunglasses can make your sunglasses various from various other rivals’ items on customers, it can boost the brand’s premium and also boost your profit to a higher extent.
Get low-cost custom spectacles from Y&T Eyewear– one of China’s expert custom-made eyeglasses manufacturer will be your sensible option.

7.Exactly how to tailor sunglasses (tailor your eyewear) ?

Customers who need personalized sunglasses or custom-made glasses typically need some customization such as the frame, lenses, temples, logo, and product packaging.
As a custom-made sunglasses manufacturer and also distributor, our traditional personalized scope consists of the following materials.
Mount material:
Plastic (PC), steel, acetate, TR90, wood, bamboo.
Lens material:
COMPUTER, AC, Polarized, UV400.
Hinges material
Plastic, stainless steel.


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