Designer Sunglasses Manufacturer

  • We have more than 12 years of designer sunglasses manufacturing experience.
  • We focus on offering professional customized services to our customers.
  • We help to introduce our customers to new eyewear styles based on their local market situation or condition.
  • We are able to fully understand all the latest trends or fads in the international market of eyewear.

Designer Sunglasses Manufacturer

If you are a sunglasses designer, and you are probably looking for a good custom designer sunglasses manufacturer and supplier based in China, then your best bet is Y & T Eyewear.

Choose Y & T Eyewear today and experience how we will support your professional designs!

Custom Designer Sunglasses Series

You can choose from a variety of styles and materials.

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trend Designer Sunglasses DS-556

chinese designer sunglasses manufacturers supplier pc 2.jpg

Cat Eye Designer Sunglasses DS-557

designer sunglasses manufacturer eyewear pc.jpg

tortoise Designer Sunglasses DS-558

designer sunglasses manufacturers suppliers metal.jpg

Retro Designer Sunglasses DS-559

designer sunglasses manufacturers suppliers eyewear metal.jpg

rimless Designer Sunglasses DS-560

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UV400 Designer Sunglasses DS-561

Custom Any Desgin you need

Custom Designer Sunglasses For You

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tortoise Designer Sunglasses DS-562

designer sunglasses manufacturer china pc.jpg

Gradient Designer Sunglasses DS-563

designer sunglasses manufacturer pc.jpg

crystal Designer Sunglasses DS-564

chinese designer sunglasses manufacturers and suppliers pc.jpg

Oval Designer Sunglasses DS-565

chinese designer sunglasses manufacturers suppliers y t pc.jpg

Square Designer Sunglasses DS-566

chinese designer sunglasses manufacturers suppliers pc.jpg

Polarized Designer Sunglasses DS-567

Why You Should Work With Us Today!

We Specialize on a Variety of Eyewear

Our sunglasses cover a wide range which include reading glasses, party sunglasses, optical frame, et cetera.

We Keep Up a Very Strict Quality Control System

Our quality control team is well equipped to fully check each production batch that the company releases. Consumer satisfaction is our aim for every product and service that we offer.

We Make Inventory Readily Accessible

As a designer sunglasses manufacturer, Currently, we offer more than 300 different styles of eyewear because we know that selling inventory will be a future trend for the eyewear industry.

Provision of Customization Services

As a designer sunglasses manufacturer, we offer our customers customization services. You can bring your design logos or brand names and we will help you to customize them on the eyewear. We offer our customization services only when you ask for such services.

Provision of Services With Advanced Equipment

We offer services to our customers with advanced production equipment. We have highly advanced equipment in our factory. We have equipment such as injection molding machine. In fact, as of now, we have 13 of them. Also we have 8 computer numerical control machines in our centers. The CNC machines help us to automate the control of our machine tools simply by attaching to the tool a microcomputer that has the correctly embedded software.

Up-to-date With New Styles

As designer sunglasses manufacturer , we are always up to date with new eyewear styles, and we make sure to improve and update our products and services to match recent updates. We have an excellent team of 8 professional designers who make up our special research and development unit. This R & D team is responsible for the new heights we keep pushing, of over 100 new sunglasses design every month. We will share our inspiring ideas with you. Our research and development professionals are always eager to share the results of their research and development.

Our factory

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reading glasses manufacturer.jpeg
reading glasses factory.jpeg
reading glasses factory resemble department.jpeg
reading glasses factory painting department.jpeg
reading glasses factory injection department.jpeg

What Are The Advantages of Y &T Eyewear Designer Sunglasses?

Who Are Our Prospective Customers?


Do you make sample available to customers before mass production?

Before we mass produce your desired eyewear specification, we would first provide sampling to find out whether our production is in line with the design specification that meets your taste.


Sampling are of two kinds. We have the available samples and the customization samples.

Will I be able to make use of my desired requirement for the designer sunglasses package?

Yes you can. All you have to do is send us a sample of your desired package. As a designer sunglasses manufacturer, we will simply have to order the eyewear package from our package supplier. That way, you will save yourself of the stress, while we handle the packaging.

My first order quantity is small, can I still make a request to develop custom designer sunglasses?

Yes. We would ask you to pay the model opening cost we charge for custom designer sunglasses including packaging. We take small quantity orders for custom designer sunglasses. We would start with a first project and then work with you to develop, and establish a long-term business relationship with you.

What are some of the global markets you do business with?

As a designer sunglasses manufacturer, we have had successful business dealings with companies in Europe, South America, and North America. We supply our custom designer sunglasses to various customers in different parts of the world.

Can I get a good price from your company?

Because we are a manufacturing company, you can trust that we would give you very good prices for our eyewear.

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