Custom Rainbow Sunglasses

Here’s why Y&T Eyewear are your hero:

  • Outstanding cutting edge rainbow sunglasses wholesale solutions at affordable prices
  • Durable, lightweight, and thoroughly inspected cycling sunglasses
  • Great value for your money
  • Inventory management
  • Quality management

Custom Rainbow Sunglasses In China

Are you searching for a rainbow sunglasses wholesale manufacturer? Would you like to collaborate with a manufacturer that strives to provide superior customer service?

If yes, Y&T Eyewear would love to work with you. Our talented team will design and manufacture your rainbow sunglasses to a standard that you will find impressive.

We will do everything in our power to help you realize your idea because we want you to be delighted. Rest assured you will have no choice, but to tell everyone about our great service.

That said, the Y&T sales team and designers are eager to understand your sunglasses needs and requirements intimately so they can begin to add real value. Do not hesitate to contact Y&T Eyewear team for more information.

Custom Rainbow Sunglasses In China Styles

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cat eyes Custom Rainbow Sunglasses RS-802

custom rainbow sunglasses wholesale manufacturers china yt eyewear pc.jpg

kids Custom Rainbow Sunglasses RS-803

custom rainbow sunglasses wholesale manufacturer in china yt pc.jpg

Bold frame Custom Rainbow Sunglasses RS-804

rimless sunglasses wholesale.jpg

Colorful Custom Rainbow Sunglasses RS-806

custom rainbow sunglasses wholesale manufacturer china yt eyewear pc.jpg

Colorful Custom Rainbow Sunglasses RS-806

custom rainbow sunglasses wholesale manufacturer china pc.jpg

polygon Custom Rainbow Sunglasses RS-807


200+ Custom Sunglasses Model

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Wayfarer Custom Rainbow Sunglasses RS-808

custom rainbow sunglasses wholesale manufacturer in china pc.jpg

Round Custom Rainbow Sunglasses RS-809

custom rainbow sunglasses manufacturers yt eyewear pc.jpg

trend Custom Rainbow Sunglasses RS-810

custom rainbow sunglasses manufacturers china yt eyewear pc 1.jpg

Polarized Custom Rainbow Sunglasses RS-811

custom rainbow sunglasses manufacturers china.jpg

UV400 Custom Rainbow Sunglasses RS-812

custom rainbow sunglasses manufacturers china yt eyewear pc.jpg

Retro Custom Rainbow Sunglasses RS-813

Why Choose Us

There are many rainbow sunglasses wholesale manufacturers and suppliers in China. However, only a few manufacturers offer the distinct services that set Y&T apart from the competition.

Here’s what you get:

Huge collection of sunglasses

We are capable of meeting all your sunglasses demands. You will have plenty of options to choose from. Working with Y&T will set your company apart from the competition. Our unique collection of rainbow sunglasses will add value to your company, differentiate you, and give you a competitive edge. The lenses and frames are available in a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and sizes.

Quality material and manufacturing processes

At Y&T Eyewear, we do not compromise on quality, style, comfort, and fit. We will deliver to you the best custom rainbow sunglasses that are manufactured with top quality material. Meeting your quality standards is important to Y&T because we are keen on protecting your company’s reputation. Every pair of your rainbow sunglasses will be subjected to a rigorous inspection process to ensure it meets the required standards.

Inventory management

Y&T Eyewear is eager to understand the unique set of inventory management requirements of your rainbow sunglasses wholesale or retail business. Our goal is to ensure that you do not experience delays by ensuring we have enough sunglasses in stock. We provide more than 300 styles at any given time. Our processes have been streamlined to ensure your sunglasses are delivered on time.

Continuous exploration of new ideas

As a leading rainbow sunglasses wholesale manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear conducts extensive research to ensure you get innovative solutions for your sunglasses requirements. We not only value new technology, but also seek new trends. The goal of our R&D department is to design and manufacture for you fashion forward rainbow sunglasses that provide the best experience to your customers. Our team of 8 designers is capable of manufacturing over 100 new designs per month.

Customized Eyewear

Y&T will not only offer you rainbow sunglasses wholesale solutions, but also customization services. If you have unique requirements, we are eager to fulfill them. We will custom design your rainbow sunglasses to meet your specific requirements without breaking the bank. We will provide you with sampling services to ensure every detail is right. Your rainbow sunglasses can be customized with your logo, meaning you can also use them for promotional purpos

High precision production equipment

Y&T Eyewear is an independent rainbow sunglasses wholesale manufacturer. All your rainbow sunglasses will be manufactured in-house using our high precision injection molding and CNC machines. We have 13 injection molding machines and 8 CNC machining centers. You will love the quality rainbow sunglasses you will receive.

Our factory

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reading glasses manufacturer.jpeg
reading glasses factory.jpeg
reading glasses factory resemble department.jpeg
reading glasses factory painting department.jpeg
reading glasses factory injection department.jpeg

Advantages of Y&T Eyewear Rainbow Sunglasses

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About Us

Established over 12 years ago, Y&T Eyewear strives to provide premium quality services to its clients.  Y&T Eyewear is a leading rainbow sunglasses wholesale manufacturer and designer.

Our goal is to create positive impact for you and your customers. We can provide you with premium rainbow sunglasses for men, women, and children. We have a thorough inspection process that enables us to create value for you at every stage in the manufacturing process.

Our team of over 150 employees is highly experienced and knowledgeable about our innovative manufacturing equipment and procedures. Our personal and long-term relationship with leading eyewear brands and startups gives you the assurance that we care about what we do.

From the initial stage to the end, our team is committed to walking with you step- by-step. This is important to Y&T because we love the job satisfaction that comes from creating rainbow sunglasses that meet your specifications. We are keen on ensuring you love the sunglasses we create for you.

Your rainbow sunglasses will be manufactured in-house using high quality materials. We have a fully equipped manufacturing facility containing 13 injection molding machines and 8 CNC machining centers.

Therefore, we are capable of providing you with unparalled CNC machining and injection molding solutions. We will help you gain a competitive advantage and increase your profitability by providing you with reasonable and affordable prices.

Give us a call to discover why most of the well-established eyewear companies trust us to be their manufacturing partner.

Our Customers

Our long-term customers include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I order from Y&T Eyewear?

We have the best rainbow sunglasses, best price, and best support.

Are your rainbow sunglasses manufactured in-house?

Yes. All our manufacturing processes take place at our fully equipped facility. We will also provide you with your desired material.

Do you offer customization services?

Yes. We are eager to help you establish a unique identity for your sunglasses brand or company.

Do you offer sampling services?

Yes. We offer samples for both ready-to-order and custom rainbow sunglasses.

Who are your customers?

As a renowned rainbow sunglasses wholesale manufacturer, we supply our sunglasses to local and international customers from USA, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

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