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What can we offer you:

  • Prescription sunglasses manufacturer making the best sunglasses for the past 12 years
  • Producing custom-made glasses of all designs
  • Industry leaders in eyewear fashion trends
  • Y&T makes prescription sunglasses suited for different seasons and demands.

Prescription Sunglasses Manufacturer In China

People who design custom prescription sunglasses are always on the lookout for prescription sunglasses manufacturers in China to produce their designs. If you’re a such designer, you can trust Y&T to produce your designs. With Y&T, you can rest assured that you will get the best production. Invest more time in designing those custom prescription sunglasses, and trust us to produce the best quality. We will also support you in making your designs.

Prescription Sunglasses Styles

prescription sunglasses manufacturers custom yt eyewear.jpg

sports Prescription Sunglasses PS-746

prescription sunglasses manufacturer yt eyewear.jpg

cycling Prescription Sunglasses PS-747

prescription sunglasses manufacturer custom yt eyewear.jpg

men's Prescription Sunglasses PS-748

prescription sunglasses manufacturers in china custom.jpg

sliver Prescription Sunglasses PS-749

prescription sunglasses manufacturer custom yt eyewear 1.jpg

clip Prescription Sunglasses PS-750

prescription sunglasses manufacturer china custom yt eyewear.jpg

blue Prescription Sunglasses PS-751

Custom Any Desgin you want

300+ Plastic Sunglasses Model

prescription sunglasses manufacturers china custom yt eyewear.jpg

Prescription Sunglasses PS-752

prescription sunglasses manufacturer in china custom yt.jpg

Classes Prescription Sunglasses PS-753

prescription sunglasses manufacturer china yt eyewear.jpg

Classic Prescription Sunglasses PS-754

prescription sunglasses manufacturer china custom.jpg

womens Prescription Sunglasses PS-755

prescription sunglasses manufacturer in china custom.jpg

Polarized Prescription Sunglasses PS-756

prescription sunglasses manufacturer in china custom yt.jpg

night vision Prescription Sunglasses PS-757

Why Y&T is Best ?

Strict on Quality

We make high-quality custom prescription sunglasses. Our strict quality control department ensures that all products are top-notch before we deliver to our clients.

Variety of Eyewear

Y&T has a long line of products including custom prescription sunglasses, optical frames, reading glasses and lots more. Whatever kind of sunglasses you design; we can produce it for you.

Massive Inventory

As a top class prescription sunglasses manufacturer, we have a massive inventory of over 300 styles. Whatever your order requirement, we have what you need.

Fresh new styles every month

We have a dedicated R&D team tasked to design over 100 new sunglasses designs every month. This team of 8 professional designers will provide you all the support and inspiration you need.

Customization services

If you need custom-made glasses with your designs, we can do it for you.

World-class production factory

As a renowned prescription sunglasses manufacturer, we have 8 CNC machining centers, 13 injection molding machines and other world-class equipment.

Our factory

reading glasses supplier.jpeg
reading glasses manufacturer.jpeg
reading glasses factory.jpeg
reading glasses factory resemble department.jpeg
reading glasses factory painting department.jpeg
reading glasses factory injection department.jpeg

What Makes Y&T Eyewear Designer Sunglasses Unique?

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About Y&T Eyewear

Y&T Eyewear is one of the leading recycled plastic sunglasses manufacturer in China. We pride ourselves on utilizing high precision injection molding machines and CNC machines that are capable of creating superior quality custom plastic sunglasses.

The hi-tech machines and our highly skilled and experienced team have enabled us to become one of China’s most reliable plastic sunglasses manufacturers.

 We value all our local and international customers and no order is too big or too small.

We are capable of providing you with a minimum of 50 pieces per style in the fastest time possible. Besides providing us with your sample design, we also have over 500 styles that you can choose from.

We provide sampling services because we want to ensure your sunglasses meet and exceed your standards. Therefore, we will give you a sample before making the final product.

Besides offering you the best manufacturing services, we will also save you money. Our reasonably and competitively priced plastic sunglasses will meet your budget demands, but still exceed your expectations.

If you have a great idea for plastic sunglasses, do not hesitate to reach out to Y&T Eyewear for more information.

Our Customers

The success of our business can be attributed to repeat customers and referrals. Some of our customers include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a sample before bulk production?

Absolutely. Whether it is available sample or customized sample, we give our clients sample to check before we do mass production.

What if I want to use a special packaging for my sunglasses?

You can use your required packaging. However, you have to tell us about it, and we will purchase the packaging for our package suppliers. This way, it will be faster and of great quality.

Can I make a small order for prescription sunglasses?

Yes, you can order for small quantities, and increase the order in the future. You just have

to pay the mold opening cost for your prescription sunglasses.

What parts of the global market do your products sell?

Y&T has imported lots of products to companies and vendors in South America, North America and Europe. We have designed custom prescription sunglasses for lots of customers in these regions.

Are your prices fair?

We give the best price you can ever get because we produce these sunglasses in our factory

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