Find Your Best Reading Glasses Manufacturer In China

  • More than 150 workers in the factory

  • Provide perfect quality control for your orders.

  • Very competitive price, keep you enough profit margin

  • All the reading glasses can comply with test standards for each market.

  • Get free reading glasses samples to let you get order what you want.

Reading Glasses Manufacturer

While pursuing the design and appearance of products, Y&T Eyewear’s goal is to make excellent quality for every reading glasses. The lenses of each pair of glasses can pass the prism standard. It can ensure the safety of consumers.Y&T Eyewear adopts advanced IP vacuum electroplating for the coating to make sure the high quality. You can expand the product category of reading glasses for your import or wholesale business without any concerns. More and more international reading glasses companies choose Y&T Eyewear as their long term Chinese business reading glasses suppliers. You can get the most fashionable and high quality reading glasses styles from us. It will be of great help to your eyewear B2B business. You don’t need to come to China to find the best reading glasses factory from China.

Wholesale Reading Glasses

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want a sample?

Why Prestigious Brands Choose Y&T Eyewear

Over the years, Y&T Eyewear spectacle china manufacturer has not only been able to work with thousands of startups and leading brands, but we have also managed to retain them as repeat customers. This has been made possible by:

12+ Years Experience

Y&T Eyewear has 12+ years of sales experience in the international market. You can get some trend reading glasses styles to suggest from us. And you can also get our opinion on the packaging

QC Team

As a reading glasses manufacturer, we have QC inspection process strictly. You can receive each pair of reading glasses have ultra-high quality.

Good Price

As a wholesale reading glasses distributor or reading glasses distributor, the selling price is your core of competition. We improve production efficiency through continuous improvement of eyewear production management to reduce the cost of reading glasses.

Comply With Test Standard

Every market has its test standard. Our customers are from all over the world. The products can meet the test requirements of different needs.

Advanced Produciton Device

Y & T eyewear has the most advanced production equipment. We have 13 injection molding machines and 8 CNC machining centres.

Big Cusomer Partner

We serve many big customers, such as Walmart, Disney, Daiso. We have a long term cooperation relationship with them. Every year, we export a lot of reading glasses for them. Working with them requires in-depth factory inspection. You can work with us, and get our best production support like them.

One-stop Service

We provide a one-stop service. You can get a range of a different kind of eyewear, not just reading glasses. You can also order sunglasses, optical glasses, party sunglasses and so on.

Our factory

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Reading Glasses Materials

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Acetate Material

Your market may have higher requirements for the material of reading glasses. As a reading glasses manufacturer, Y & T eyewear have acetate reading glasses production line. As a wholesale reading glasses manufacturer, we can accept your low minimum order quality. All acetate materials are of the highest quality.

reading glasses manufacturer supplier in china pc.jpg

Plastic Reading Glasses

The PC frame material reading glasses’ advantage is the frame can using lovely painting and pattern printing. Y&T eyewear provides PC reading glasses are at meager cost. Beautiful and beautiful packaging bag, the reading glasses looks very attractive. These will attract a lot of customers. 

reading glasses manfuacturer metal.jpg


Metal anti blue light, multifocal presbyopia glasses. There is no need to take off the glasses to see far and near. The progressive lens is basically similar to the ordinary lens on the surface, but it is completely different. It is divided into three visual areas: looking at the distance from the top, looking at the near from the bottom, and different lenses from the top to the bottom. At the same time, it can meet the needs of remote use, near use and the use of various distances in the middle. It does not need to change the glasses, so it is convenient and comfortable.

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Magnetic reading glasses

As a magnetic reading glasses manufacturer, we have many new magnetic reading glasses styles. You can import reading glasses from China.

What kind of customer is suitable for Y&T service?

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Lens parameters: As reading glasses company, you can custom the lens parameters for your import orders.

  • Strength: You can get the lens strength with:+1.00,+1.25 +1.50,+1.75 +2.00,+2.25+2.50,+3.00 ,etc.
  • UV400 Protection: Provide 100% protection against UVA, UVB Rays.
  • Progressive multifocal function: Y&T eyewear can provide you with the advanced progressive multifocal for you. It will be a very competitive style for your wholesale business. This feature will make your consumers very excited. Your users can see far and near without having to change their glasses frequently.
  • Blue light function: It will also an essential part because more and more people use mobile and computer. Almost all people will need this feature. If you combine the reading glasses with this function, you will get more customer.
  • Y&T Eyewear uses Anti-reflective coating can give your customer a better wearing experience.

Reading Glasses Manufacturer – The Complete FAQ and Buying Guide

While there are tons of reading glasses manufacturers and suppliers in the world, there are top-tier companies that can provide you with excellent-quality products for a reasonable and a competitive rate.

In this guide, we will give you the most effective, most efficient, and top tips on how you can work with a trustworthy reading glasses manufacturer so you can get optimum-quality reading glasses without any doubts!

Where to Purchase Reading Glasses in China?

China is known to be the hub of manufacturing, whatever the product you’re looking for is. There are tons of reading glasses manufacturers in the country that would befit the requirements you’re trying to find.

reading glasses in chian.png

Figure 1 – Chinese-made reading glasses

That’s why you need to set certain factors and limits in differentiating and distinguishing what’s good from better – and better from best. We’ll get to that deeper in the latter part of this buying guide.

Wholesale Reading Glasses Suppliers

Buying reading glasses in bulk or in wholesale will absolutely open a lot of benefits and advantages in the long run for your business.

wholesale reading glasses suppliers.jpg

Figure 2 – Reading glasses that have different colors, you can purchase wholesale

And, here in China, it’s never alien for them to be asked if they’re offering wholesale reading glasses!

As a matter of fact, searching for it online will give you too many options you can choose from. Among the most common locations and sources you will get to include Alibaba, WholesaleCentral, AliExpress, Made In China, and many more!

Where Are Reading Glasses Made?

This question is rather relative; if you’re asking at what particular working space they’re made, well, they’re particularly made in glass manufacturing factories and plants. However, if what you’re asking is a country or a location, then there’s no specific location for it.

reading glasses in yiwu.png

Figure 3 – Reading glasses produced and manufactured in a plant

China, though, based on the most recent consumer reports, is the country that topped the chart of importing reading glasses. The importing of reading glasses by Chinese reading glasses manufacturing companies account up to 90% of the total global supply in 2020.  

Even if this is the case, not all reading glasses are made and manufactured in China.

What Should You Look For in a Reading Glasses Factory?

In choosing the reading glasses manufacturing company to work with, you need to take note of and consider a few factors.

what should you look for in a reading glasses factory.jpg

Figure 4 – Worker checking the condition of the frames of reading glasses

These factors would be the determiner of whether the supplier/manufacturer you’re working with is reliable or trustworthy.

Communication and Transparency

In the field of manufacturing/production, or just plain business, communication and transparency are two (2) things that are relevant. Without this, no matter how good and high-quality your products are, the risks of failure would still be there.

So, try and look for the reading glasses supplier that’s honest, transparent, and communicative.

Production Capacity/Capability

Of course, you want to work with a reading glasses manufacturer that’s capable of producing the volume or the amount that you need. They need to exceed the amount that you’re looking for, because, of course, they would have clients other than you.

Speed and Time of Delivery

Along with the capacity and capability, you also need to consider the speed, time, and the schedule of the delivery. What good would it be if your manufacturer can produce high-quality reading glasses and if it’s within the capacity you’re looking for if it’s going to be late?

Combine these three (3) and you have yourself a high-quality reading glasses supplier that you can trust and bank on from start to finish!

Which Reading Glasses Manufacturer Should You Trust?

There are numerous reading glasses manufacturing companies in the market, and after knowing how you can pick out the best one, which one should you go for?

Here in the country, no other reading glasses supplier/manufacturer is more trustworthy and reliable than us at Yanyu Commercial. We have been China’s most-trusted reading glasses manufacturer for more than a decade already!

Our continuous run in producing ultra-high quality reading glasses is what put up on top of the list! We’re not just experts in producing reading glasses – our skill and expertise also revolve around other types and kinds of eyewear, too!

How to Import Wholesale Reading Glasses From China?

The process of importing wholesale reading glasses from China isn’t far from how you can order it in other parts of the world. In fact, the process in ordering it from our country has a ton of advantages, which include:

  • Your manufacturer can help you with some paperwork and documentation
  • You’ll never worry about shipping and freight – it’s usually included
  • All quantities can be delivered in just one trip

So, how do you order from reading glasses manufacturers in China in bulk or in wholesale? Easy, you simply have to (1) find the reading glasses supplier you’ll work with, (2) let them know of the orders or the products you need, (3) specify the details of the glasses you’re ordering, (4) pay for the orders + other fees.

Now, most manufacturers and suppliers will help you with the paperwork, so, you don’t have to worry about it!

 Which Reading Glasses Manufacturer Should You Work With?

And if you want nothing but the best in the production or manufacturing of your reading glasses, there’s no better option than going and working with us here at Y&T Eyewear!

We’ve been voted and considered by many of our competitors their primary source of information as we’re able to produce high-quality reading glasses in bulk or in wholesale! With Y&T Eyewear, you can get the specific traits and characteristics on the products that you’ve been looking for.

  • You can choose from the many shapes and forms we offer
  • Most of our reading glasses are waterproof, dustproof, and scratch-resistant
  • Our experts here at Y&T Eyewear can make use of plastic, metal, even titanium, stainless steel, zyl, acetate, and many more
  • Delivery time for bulk orders will be within 2 to 3 weeks from the payment date

Get the best quality of glasses here with us at Yanyu Commercial and never worry about where you can secure them ever again!

Other Products We Offer

Apart from being the top reading glasses manufacturer in the country, you can also count and trust us if you ever find yourself in need of custom sunglasses, promotional sunglasses, prescription glasses, wayfarer sunglasses, and many more!

Can you provide cleaning cloth and pouch for the reading glasses?

Yes, we can. It is a wise choice to find a reading glasses manufacturer in China. The supply chain in the Chinese market is very advanced. We can purchase eyewear accessories such as the cleaning cloth and eyewear touch for you.

Can reading glasses with different strength be mixed shipping?

Yes, Y&T Eyewear always produces the order as the customer’s need. It’s up to your order request. Let us know what you need before you place an order.

What price range presbyopia glasses have better selling volume?

Reading glasses with PC frames and AC lenses have better sales. Because of the price of reading glasses using material at a low cost. At the same time, the colour of the frame can be made gorgeous. So it is very popular with consumers. If you are reading glasses wholesale supplier, we strongly recommend that you choose PC frame cheap designer reading glasses from China.Metal anti blue light, multifocal presbyopia glasses. There is no need to take off the glasses to see far and near. The progressive lens is basically similar to the ordinary lens on the surface, but it is completely different. It is divided into three visual areas: looking at the distance from the top, looking at the near from the bottom, and different lenses from the top to the bottom. At the same time, it can meet the needs of remote use, near use and the use of various distances in the middle. It does not need to change the glasses, so it is convenient and comfortable.

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