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  • OEM/ODM reading glasses wholesale suppliers
  • Durable reading glasses with modern designs, colors, styles, and lenses
  • Reading glasses with multiple strengths
  • Progressive lenses
  • Highly qualified research and development team
  • Full customization services including lens, logo, frame, as well as packaging

Hero Reading Glasses Manufacturer

Are you looking to stock up fancy and well-made glasses without breaking the bank. If yes, you are welcome to Y&T Eyewear. At Y&T Eyewear, we have a variety of fancy reading glasses in different color combinations and styles.

We look forward to hearing more about your order requirements so we can put you ahead of your competitors.

Fancy Reading Glasses Wholesale Show

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Custom Any Desgin you want

100+ Reading Glasses Wholesale Styles

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womens Fancy Reading Glasses IG-17

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green Fancy Reading GlassesIG-18


uv400 Fancy Reading GlassesIG-19


pink Fancy Reading GlassesIG-20

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Classes Fancy Reading GlassesIG-21

Why Choose Y&T Eyewear?

Long-Lasting Reading Glasses

As a leading fancy reading glasses wholesale manufacturer, we always prioritize the durability of our reading glasses. We want to ensure that your customers get reading glasses that they will not replace or repair regularly.

Reliable Technology

Many repeat customers choose Y&T Eyewear because they know they can rely on our infrastructure.

Affordability and Price Flexibility

As a well-equipped fancy reading glasses wholesale manufacturer, we make all our reading glasses under one roof.

Carefully Selected Materials

As a leading fancy reading glasses wholesale manufacturer, we take time to select our materials. Your fancy reading glasses will be manufactured using materials that are normally used to make luxurious designer reading glasses.

High Quality

As a caring and dedicated reading glasses manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear strives to produce the highest quality reading glasses.

Design and Innovation

Y&T has an experienced team of designers that is capable of keeping up with new trends. As a fancy reading glasses wholesale manufacturer, we can tailor-make you fancy reading glasses based on your unique specifications.

Our factory

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About Y&T Eyewear

Who Are Our Customers?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer progressive reading glasses for men and women?

Ans:Yes, we do. Our progressive reading glasses are manufacturing using durable and superior quality materials

2. How much do your reading glasses cost?

Ans: Yes. And to make this process easier for you, send a request sample. We will purchase the designer glasses from our supplier. This will save your time and energy.

3.The quantity of my first order is low. Can I develop custom and sports designer sunglasses as a request?

Ans: The price depends on the type of customization you want. Please contact our team for more information.

4. Why should I buy from Y&T Eyewear?

Ans: We have over 12 years of experience, which makes us more capable of understanding your concerns, particularly if you are a start-up or first-time buyer.

5.Do you offer UV protection, anti-reflective, and scratch-resistant lenses?

Ans:As an experienced reading glasses manufacturer,  we offer all types of lenses based on your unique specifications and requirements

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