Eyewear Frames Manufacturer

  • Y&T Eyewear is an eyewear frames supplier with over 12 years of experience

  • You can order OEM frames for your eyewear frames line

  • You get classic frames from a wide selection of modern designs and colors.

  • QC staff will ensure you get frames manufactured according to your quality specifications

Y&T Eyewear: OEM Eyewear Frames Supplier

Are you an independent eyewear optician or the owner of an independent eyewear line? Are you looking for a reliable eyewear frames wholesale manufacturer in China? If yes, Y&T Eyewear is a China-based eyewear frames supplier with over 12 years of experience.

As leading eyewear frames suppliers to the China market and to markets across the world, Y&T Eyewear have great enthusiasm for what they do. If you were looking to work with a flexible and highly responsive OEM/ODM eyewear frames supplier, Y&T would be happy to work with you.  

Eyewear Frames With Acetae/Titanium

spectacle manufacturertitanium.jpg

Eyewear Frames Manufacturer EF-35

eyewear frame supplier manufacturer china titanium.jpg

Eyewear Frames Manufacturer EF-36

eyewear frame supplier manufacturer titanium 1.jpg

Eyewear Frames Manufacturer EF-37

eyewear frame supplier manufacturer in china yt acetate.jpg

Eyewear Frames Manufacturer EF-38

eyewear frame supplier manufacturer in china acetate.jpg

Eyewear Frames Manufacturer EF-39

eyewear frame supplier manufacturer acetate 1.jpg

Eyewear Frames Manufacturer EF-40

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Eyewear Frames With PC/TR Material​

eyewear frame supplier manufacturer in china tr.jpg

Eyewear Frames Manufacturer EF-41

eyewear frame supplier manufacturer china tr.jpg

Eyewear Frames Manufacturer EF-42

eyewear frame supplier manufacturer tr.jpg

Eyewear Frames Manufacturer EF-43

eyewear frame supplier pc.jpg

Eyewear Frames Manufacturer EF-44

eyewear frame supplier manufacturer pc.jpg

Eyewear Frames Manufacturer EF-45

eyewear frame supplier manufacturer in china pc.jpg

Eyewear Frames Manufacturer EF-46

Benefits of Collaborating with Y&T Eyewear

Y&T Eyewear has successfully worked with thousands of customers from China and over. This is because of:

Availability of a wide range of modern materials

As an eyewear frames supplier, Y&T Eyewear has a whole array of popular eyeframes materials that you can choose. All frames are manufactured using eco-friendly materials including acetate, TR, polycarbonate, and titanium.

Eye frames with blue light blocking lenses

As professional eyewear frames suppliers, Y&T Eyewear can produce for you custom-made frames with anti-blue ray lenses. The lenses are beneficial to anyone who spends long hours looking at a computer, laptop, or even smartphone. Blue light blocking lenses block ultra-violet rays and prevent eyestrain, thus increasing productivity. So, if you’re considering adding anti-blue ray lenses to your eyewear frames line, please contact Y&T Eyewear.

Innovative R&D team

Working with a productive and effective R&D team can boost your competitive advantage. Y&T’s R&D team can develop your eyewear frames ideas into high quality products. Through market leading research and innovation, Y&T team can innovate over 50 designs of eye frames each month. Therefore, by collaborating with Y&T, you can get wholesale eyewear frames that your customers feel good about.

Customer friendly sales team

Y&T Eyewear sales team is made up of highly professional and experienced sales managers. With over 3 years of experience in the eyewear industry, Y&T’s sales team has expansive knowledge of the marketplace. Therefore, the team will go the extra mile to ensure your order requirements are fulfilled to your utmost satisfaction. You will get nothing, but the best advice for your eyewear frames order.

Quality control every step of the process

Are you looking to work with an eyewear frames wholesale factory that builds quality into every eyewear frame? If yes, you can never go wrong with Y&T Eyewear. Y&T Eyewear will provide quality control for every design of eyewear frame to ensure they comply with international standards.

Specialized production process

As eyewear frames manufacturers, Y&T’s production team has keen understanding of the eyewear frames production process. Using high precision machines, the team will assemble for you high quality eyewear frames based on your specific requirements.

Our factory

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reading glasses manufacturer.jpeg
reading glasses factory.jpeg
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reading glasses factory injection department.jpeg

Eyewear Frames Materials

At Y&T Eyewear, eyewear frames are manufactured using different metals and plastics. The most popular ones include acetate, titanium, polycarbonate, and TR, as you will see below:
eyewear frame supplier acetate.jpg

Acetate Eyewear Frame

Acetate is the most preferred material for eyewear frames. Apart from delivering great comfort, the material can be transformed into all imaginable colors, and patterns.

eyewear frame supplier manufacturer titanium.jpg

Titanium Eyewear Frame

Titanium is often used to manufacture high-end frames, which are hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant. The frames are also lightweight and long lasting. Titanium frames can be bent and still return to their original state.

eyewear frame supplier tr.jpg

TR Eyewear Frame

Thermoplastic polyamide eyewear frames are a favorite for people who engage in demanding physical activities. They are light, durable and pliable.


eyewear frame supplier manufacturer in china yt pc.jpg

PC Eyewear Frame

Polycarbonate frames are lighter and more impact-resistant than traditional frames. They are ideal for sporting activities and children. You can get them in a variety of colors and patterns.

Who Are Y&T’s Biggest Trading Partners

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How Can Y&T Eyewear Benefit Your Eyewear Business?

 As an eyewear frames supplier, Y&T Eyewear goes over and beyond to deliver exceptional service. Therefore, if you choose to work with Y&T, you will not only get high quality wholesale eyewear frames, but also excellent customer service.

Another advantage of replenishing your inventory with Y&T Eyewear is that you will get everything in one location including your preferred materials.

Y&T will not only save you time in producing your frames, but also reduce your costs. You will get a wide selection of stylish frames at affordable prices. Y&T Eyewear can also provide OEM services for the eyewear frames we provide.

So, if you’re looking to work with an eyewear frames wholesale manufacturer that will add value to your business, please contact Y&T Eyewear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the shipping procedure for Y&T Eyewear?

The sales team in conjunction with the freight forwarder will guide you through the entire ordering and shipping process.Please contact Y&T Eyewear.

Does Y&T Eyewear offer OEM customization?

As an eyewear frames supplier, Y&T offers OEM customization services. You can choose your preferred logo, design, color, and patterns.

Our eyewear company has a limited budget. Can we still order?

Yes. Y&T Eyewear offers small and large quantity order options, but operating costs and mold costs are the same.

What countries do you deliver to?

As an eyewear frames supplier, Y&T Eyewear ships to Southeast Asia, Europe, USA, but also internationally.

Most eyewear brands import eyewear frames from China. Why?

Leading eyewear companies have outsourced eyewear frames manufacturing to Chinese factories. This is due to their affordable prices, superior quality, and a wide range of customization options.

Therefore, choosing Y&T Eyewear as your eyewear frames supplier will give you a competitive advantage.  

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