Eyewear Frame Manufacturer for Making OEM/ODM and preparing Inventory

  • Y&T Eyewear is an eyewear frame manufacturer that has been making high-quality eyewear frames for 12 years.

  • We offer a full product line of different optical frames.

  • We have the lastest and most stylish optical frames for you.

  • All our frames are QC inspected, and verified for good quality.

Eyewear Frame Manufacturer In China

Over the years, eyewear frames supplies have always trusted Y&T Eyewear for the best quality and affordable eyewear frames that make them stand out from the competition. Also, to maximize profit and satisfy their customer needs, lots of people who need wholesale eyewear frames insist on the top-notch quality of Y&T Eyewear.

Eyewear Frame In Acetae Or Titanium

eyewear frame manufacturer in china titanium 1.jpg

Titanium Eyewear Frame EF-75

eyewear frame manufacturer in china titanium.jpg

Metal Eyewear Frame EF-76

eyewear frame manufacturer in china eyewear titanium.jpg

Titanium Eyeglasses Frame EF-77

eyewear frame manufacturer in china yt eyewear acetate.jpg

Acetate Eyeglasses Frame EF-78

eyewear frame manufacturer in china eyewear acetate.jpg

Color Glasses Frame EF-79

eyewear frame manufacturer in china acetate.jpg

High Quality Eyeglasses Frame EF-80

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Eyewear Frame In PC Or TR Material​

eyewear frame manufacturer pc.jpg

PC Eyewear Frame EF-81

eyewear frame manufacturer in china pc 1.jpg

Spring Hinge Eyewear Frame EF-82

eyewear frame manufacturer in china yt eyewear pc.jpg

Printed Eyewear Frame EF-83

eyewear frame manufacturer tr china.jpg

Plastic Glasses Frame EF-84

eyewear frame manufacturer in chinatr.jpg

Ladies Eyewear Frame EF-85

eyewear frame manufacturer china tr.jpg

Tortoise Eyewear Frame EF-86

Why Over 1000 Frame Clients Choose Y&T Eyewear Frames?

Y&T Frames Come in Different Acetate, TR, and PC Material

As a reputable eyewear frames manufacturer, Y&T produces a wide range of eyewear frames made from different materials. Many wholesale eyewear frames dealers depend on us to get any kind of eyewear frame they need. Contact us today to get yours!

Y&T also provides eyewear frames with anti-blue light function lenses

Anti-blue light lenses are in high demand because these frames protect the eyes from harmful blue light from phone screens, computers, and other gadgets. As an eyewear frames wholesale dealer or wholesale eyewear supplier, adding anti-blue light frames to your collection will yield huge profits for your business.

Our Creative R&D Team

At Y&T, we are an eyewear frame manufacturer with an eye for quality and stylish designs. Our creative team designs 50 eyewear frame styles of different colors and patterns monthly, to meet market demands. No matter your customers' style or specification, you can rest assured that our team can create the perfect eyewear frame that meets their taste.

Our Sales Team

Our sales team is made up of experienced salespersons who will provide value for your time. We ensure the fast and effective delivery of all orders, and we are available to answer all your inquiries within one hour.

Our Quality Control Team

At Y&T, we take pride in making high-quality eyewear frames. Hence, before packaging and shipping, our QC team ensures that all products undergo a thorough quality check to ensure that they’re of the best quality, and meet the customers’ specifications.

Production Department

Our production department is packed with experts with over five years of experience in making high-quality eyewear frames.

Our factory

reading glasses supplier.jpeg
reading glasses manufacturer.jpeg
reading glasses factory.jpeg
reading glasses factory resemble department.jpeg
reading glasses factory painting department.jpeg
reading glasses factory injection department.jpeg

4 High-Quality Materials

eyewear frame manufacturer acetate.jpg

These imported acetate eyewear frames are sturdily reinforced and resistant to shrinking and deformation. This novel design makes Y&T eyewear unique and the best choice in style and quality.

eyewear frame manufacturer titanium.jpg

Coated with bicolor plating, and subjected to a 48 H salt fog and spray test, and pure titanium IP vacuum, this eyewear frames do not fade. They are also corrosion-resistant, lightweight, non-allergic, and sturdy.

eyewear frame manufacturer tr.jpg

The frames are made with soft lightweight TR materials which ensures flexibility while making it hard to bend. It also gives the frame a comfortable feel.

eyewear frame manufacturer in china pc.jpg

Y&T eyewear frames come in with colorful paintings and elegant designs made from eco-friendly spray paints.

Our Esteemed Customers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I import Y&T eyewear frames from China to my country?

Yes. We have a dedicated sales team and shipping forwarders that will help ensure that the product gets to your destination port. Our sales team will also guide you on the stepwise process to import these frames from China.

Can I get detailed customization from Y&T Eyewear?

Yes. We provide different kinds of customization including- shape, design, painting, patterned logo, etc. Just send your preferred drawing, design, or specifications, and we’ll meet all your requests.

Is customization also available for small orders?

Customization of both small and large orders undergo the same production process and bear the same cost. As long as you can bear the cost, we can customize even the smallest order.

In which countries do you sell your products?

Our eyewear frames are available in our main markets which include the USA, Europe, and South Asia. As an eyewear frame manufacturer and supplier in China, we also deliver our products to all other countries and regions.

Why do competitors import eyewear frames from China?

China is the most competitive market in terms of price and quality. Due to the complex supply chain, there is room for production of every kind of eyewear frame, and years of experience ensure an increased quality. This is the reason why most people prefer to buy from eyewear frame manufacturers in China- and amongst all the top eyewear companies, Y&T eyewear frames stand out as the best.

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