Eyeglass Manufacturer In China For your Business

1.Y&T Is a 12 Years+ Production Experience Eyeglass Supplier.

2.Give Full Eyeglass Manufacturing Solution For Your Eyeglasses Collection.

3.Select Some Good Styles For Your Eyeglasses Wholesaler Or Store.

4.High-Quality Eyeglasses Supply

Eyeglasses Manufacturer

If you are an eyeglasses importer or wholesaler and want to get help from a Chinese eyeglass manufacturer.  We are the No.1 eyeglasses factory choice for you. You don’t need to send so many times to follow the purchase work.  We are always ready to give you the fordable payment term and provide quality eyeglasses for you.  Trust Y&T Eyewear! A lot of your competitors already import the eyeglasses directly from eyeglasses suppliers in China. It will help you reduce the eyeglasses cost a lot. We are looking forward to working with you.

Y & T Adult Eyeglasses

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Small form Best Eyeglass Manufacturer EG-772

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Classic Best Eyeglass Manufacturer EG-773

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Red cat eye Eyeglass Manufacturer EG-774

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Colorful Best Eyeglass Manufacturer EG-775

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Oval Best Eyeglass Manufacturer EG-776

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Bowline Best Eyeglass Manufacturer EG-777

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Y & T Kids Eyeglasses

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Round Best Eyeglass Manufacturer KEG-251

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Polarized Best Eyeglass Manufacturer KEG-252

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Classic Best Eyeglass Manufacturer KEG-253

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Red ground Best Eyeglass Manufacturer KEG-254

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Wayfarer Best Eyeglass Manufacturer KEG-255

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Colorful Best Eyeglass Manufacturer KEG-256

Why Us?

All range of eyeglasses from acetate, TR, PC

As an eyeglass manufacturer, we have several eyeglasses production lines for different materials. You don't need to sourcing eyeglasses from various Chinese eyeglass manufacturers that specialize in the production of certain materials. You can inquire us.

Anti-blue light eyeglasses to make your product line bigger.

Y&T Eyewear developed eyeglasses lens against blue light function. It is a huge market because we can't do anything without mobile phones and PC. Everyone needs one piece of blue light glasses. Why not consider this development idea to your eyeglasses business? We can assure you can have a good result.

The detail is significant for the eyeglasses outlook. You can design the styles include the color, packaging. All of these will add points to product sales. Y&T Eyewear has outstanding designers to handle this part of the jobs for you.

We try our best to make you powerful and save your importing and sourcing of trouble for you. You can get eyeglasses from China quickly

As an eyeglass manufacturer in China, Y&T Eyewear pays a lot of energy and money to design new eyeglasses design every year.

Our factory

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reading glasses manufacturer.jpeg
reading glasses factory.jpeg
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reading glasses factory injection department.jpeg

Y&T Eyeglasses Advantages

Our Partner

More questions you might care about

Does Y&T Eyewear assist us to import the eyeglasses?

Y&T Eyewear focuses on the export business for many years. Please inform us of your destination port. Y&T Eyewear’s sales representatives will guide you about the process. Y&T Eyewear submits all the shipping data to the shipping forward and ships to the forwarder’s warehouse. After finishing shipping, the merchandiser will send you all the customs clearance original documents. You can entrust a freight forwarder in your country to do clear customs.

What kinds of custom-made do you do?

We can custom the styles, printing, frame colors, and so on. You can provide the drawing. As an eyeglass manufacturer, we can do as you requested.

Is it possible to do small orders with customized colors?

Whether you make large orders or small orders, the necessary operating costs are the same for eyeglasses factory. So that is why we ask the MOQ. If you can pay for the operation cost, we can produce your small orders.

What are your country markets?

We have customers in Southeast Asia and Customers in Europe and America. As an eyeglass manufacturer &supplier from China, we have designed different styles for different countries and regions.

Why should I import Chinese glasses?

China’s cost advantage is incomparable to any other country. She has a complete industrial supply chain for eyeglasses factories. Here have top eyewear companies. With so many years of development, the quality of  Chinese glasses is continually improving. More and more foreign buyers realize this.point and import eyeglasses from China. At the same time, as a Chinese eyeglass manufacturer in China. We also seized some opportunities and developed tons of oversea import customers.

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