Custom Personalized Sunglasses

As one of the best custom personalized sunglasses manufacturers in China, our services promise to provide you with:

  • 12+ years of sunglasses manufacturing experience
  • The highest quality custom personalized sunglasses that exceed your expectations
  • Professionalism and expert customer support
  • Advanced CNC equipment
  • A wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes, colors and finishes
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Customization depending on your unique requirements

Wholesale Personalized Sunglasses In China

Do you need a reliable sunglasses manufacturer in China to supply you with custom personalized sunglasses? If yes, Y&T Eyewear is a leading wholesale sunglasses manufacturer in China.

As a renowned wholesale personalized sunglasses manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear manufactures and distributes its wide range of sunglasses collection to customers in Europe, USA, Southeast Asia, among other regions.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing more information with you about how we can help you boost your sunglasses business. We will be pleased to discuss your sunglasses needs and find a tailor-made solution for you.

Wholesale Personalized Sunglasses Series

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Wholesale Personalized Sunglasses CS-011

custom personalized sunglassesyt.jpg

Wholesale Personalized Sunglasses CS-012

custom personalized sunglasses.jpg

Wholesale Personalized Sunglasses CS-013

custom personalized sunglasses newstyles.jpg

Wholesale Personalized Sunglasses CS-014

custom personalized sunglasses new styles.jpg

Wholesale Personalized Sunglasses CS-015

custom personalized sunglasses in zhejiangyt.jpg

Wholesale Personalized Sunglasses CS-016

Custom Any Desgin you want

200Personalized Sunglassess Styles

custom personalized sunglasses in zhejiang .jpg

Wholesale Personalized Sunglasses CS-017

custom personalized sunglasses in yiwu yt.jpg

Wholesale Personalized Sunglasses CS-018

custom personalized sunglasses in yiwu .jpg

Wholesale Personalized Sunglasses CS-019

custom personalized sunglasses in china.jpg

Wholesale Personalized Sunglasses CS-020

custom personalized sunglasses from wenzhou .jpg

Wholesale Personalized Sunglasses CS-021

custom personalized sunglasses from china.jpg

Wholesale Personalized Sunglasses CS-022

Y&T Eyewear Qualities

State-of-the-Art Equipment

As a professional and experienced sunglasses manufacturer, we know that professional and cutting-edge equipment is essential in offering your customers the best custom personalized sunglasses.

Updated Collection

As an experienced custom personalized sunglasses manufacturer and distributor, we take pride in having one of the largest sunglasses collection in China. Our wide selection of premium quality sunglasses makes us your one stop factory for all your sunglasses needs.

Wide Variety of Materials

As one of China’s largest custom personalized sunglasses suppliers, we pride ourselves on the quality of our materials. We know that you want your sunglasses to be manufactured using the highest quality materials. Consequently, you will receive the kind of sunglasses you want, and on time. If you need a specific material, we will help you find it, meaning we will save you time and money. l.

Quality Inspection

Y&T’s sunglasses have been tested and comply with USA and European standards. Our highly dedicated and skilled quality control team will check the quality of material, shape, size, color, durability, and for any harmful substances.

Customer Satisfaction

As a renowned custom personalized sunglasses manufacturer, we pride ourselves on having customers from across the globe who appreciate our personalized customer support.

Advantages of Y&T Eyewear Sunglasses

We treat every customer as a major customer regardless of their order quantity. Whether you are a start-up, well-established brand, local privately owned eyewear business, or a multinational company, no minimum order quantity is required.


What We Do At Y&T Eyewear

Thanks to over 12 years of manufacturing experience and high-precision equipment, Y&T custom personalized sunglasses manufacturer is capable of helping you produce wholesale personalized sunglasses.

We have a fully equipped factory that enables us to provide a wide range of sunglasses tailor-made to your specific requirements. Our team of highly qualified designers will work closely with you in order to transform your design idea into a successful new pair of sunglasses. You can rest assured that your unique designs will not be shared with any other brands or customers.

Because of our many years of experience and expertise in the eyewear industry, we are capable of creating your sketches into finely finished sunglasses. Before we manufacture for you the final pair of sunglasses, we will provide you with a sample so you can approve the design.

Whatever type of custom sunglasses you need, we can make it for you. Feel free to contact us.

Our factory

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reading glasses factory.jpeg
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Benefits of Premium Quality Sunglasses

We Work With

We are pleased to offer our top-notch services to:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are your sunglasses made from?

We make our sunglasses using a variety of high quality materials including acetate, polycarbonate, titanium, and TR90. All these materials produce brilliant and durable sunglasses with functional finishes.

Do your sunglasses fade?

At Y&T Eyewear, we coat our sunglasses well to ensure that they serve your customers for a long time. However, constantly exposing sunglasses to the sun tends to make the UV layers to fade.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship to Europe, Southeast Asia, USA,and across the globe.

Do you do custom packaging?

Yes. If you want packaging for your sunglasses, please let us know.

Which destinations do you ship to?

We ship to different parts of the world including Europe, Southeast Asia, and USA. For more information regarding your shipping destination, please contact Y&T Eyewear.  

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