custom eyewear manufacturer in China

  • Y&T Is A 12+Years Custom Eyewear Manufacturer From China

  •  All Solution for all the eyewear product lines

  • Recommend Good Styles For Your Market.

  • Completely solve your glasses supply chain problem

Custom Eyewear Manufacturer In China

 If you already have mature sales channels for the eyewear, you still need to explore one more custom eyewear manufacturer and supplier who can help you explore the production line bigger and better. Y&T Eyewear’s core competitive advantage is the strong OEM/ODM ability. Because of good cooperation, more and more customers like to cooperate with Y & T eyewear. Y&T Eyewear will give cost advantage and quality advantage for you also. Y&T Eyewear will make every detail perfect for you. Welcome to inquire with us.

Custom Eyewear In Defferent Different Material

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Custom Eyewear Manufacturer CE-18

custom made eyewear manufacturer yt eyewear.jpg

Custom Eyewear Manufacturer CE-19

custom made eyewear manufacturer china yt eyewear.jpg

Custom Eyewear Manufacturer CE-20

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Custom Eyewear Manufacturer CE-21

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Custom Eyewear Manufacturer CE-22

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Custom Eyewear Manufacturer CE-23


Do Custom Eyewear Frame

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Custom Eyewear Manufacturer CE-24

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Custom Eyewear Manufacturer CE-25

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Custom Eyewear Manufacturer CE-26

Why 1000+ Eyewear Client Choose Y&T?

Custom eyewear such as eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, party glasses.

As a custom eyewear manufacturer, with years of experience, we have the ability to customize various types of glasses. You can find any kind of eyewear from us. You may need sunglasses, but you may need party glasses also. Contact us. We send you E-catalog for your reference. You will get more ideas for custom party sunglasses.

Pay attention to practical efficiency

Assure your every customized eyewear project with the shortest project delivery. In order to achieve this goal, we have professional sales staff communicate with you. Fully understand your needs. And give you a fast reply. We have a merchandiser team to ensure the quality of each project and ensure the completion of production.

Launched new models every month

As a custom eyewear manufacturer, Y&T does new product exploration every month. If you need to do custom eyewear, you can learn from our styles. And find some inspiration. Also, you can use some of our existing eyewear accessories mold. You can significantly reduce mold development costs and mold making time.

Y& T Eyewear Advantages

You can specify the packing or choose our current style. Customized packaging can meet your specific sales needs. Y&T Eyewear master advanced printing technology. Such as silk screen printing, pad printing, heat transfer printing, water transfer printing to make a nice appearance for the eyewear.

Our factory

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reading glasses factory.jpeg
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Kids Sunglasses’ Product Advantages

Our Client Group


Import custom made eyewear is easy from China? I didn’t do it before.

 More than 1000+ oversea clients import custom eyewear from Y&T in China. The forwarder will make a complete set of export documents to the customer. Y&T is a shipping forwarder agent who will handle the shipping work for you. You place the order; our professional merchandiser will give you specific tips on each export step.

Can I design the packing?

Sending your design drawing, and Y&T will send back the drawing draft for your approval. After that, Y&T Eyewear’s packing partner will produce the packing with your design for you at a low cost. You don’t need to find an additional packing supplier. Y&T Eyewear will help you do these sourcing works.

I'm a pioneer. My first order is minimal. Can you do it?

The mold cost and handle cost are the same for big orders and small orders. The small custom eyewear order should add the these cost also.  Y&T Eyewear can work with pioneer in these way.This is a flexible approach.

What are your core markets?

Southeast Asia, North America, South America are our core markets. The importers, distributors, and wholesalers choose us.

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