Custom Designer Sunglasses Manufacturer

1.Custom Designer Sunglasses Experience For Customer More than 12 years

2.Give Professional Advice As Your Drawing

3.Y&T Eyewear will introduce some styles as per your market situation

4.Continuous Communication, Let Your Design Workable

Custom Designer Sunglasses Manufacturer

If you are a sunglasses designer and have many design ideas and need custom designer sunglasses manufacturers from China.  Y & T eyewear will be the most suitable supplier for you.  You will save a ton of time and spend your time on your design work. Y & T have advanced production control system to make all your design are workable. Choose us! Work with a  Chinese custom designer sunglasses Manufacturer will add wings to your design. Y&T Eyewear is ready to give you professional design support for you.

Custom Designer Sunglasses Series

You can choose from a variety of styles and materials.

custom designer sunglasses.jpg

aviator Designer Sunglasses DS-556

custom designer sunglasses manufacturer in china.jpg

Oval Designer Sunglasses DS-557

custom designer sunglasses in china.jpg

Classic Designer Sunglasses DS-558

custom designer sunglasses manufacturers in china.jpg

square Designer Sunglasses DS-559

custom designer sunglasses suppliers in china.jpg

UV400 Designer Sunglasses DS-560

custom designer sunglasses china.jpg

Metal Designer Sunglasses DS-561

Custom Any Desgin you need

Custom Designer Sunglasses For You

custom designer sunglasses wholesale suppliers in china.jpg

Round Designer Sunglasses DS-562

custom designer sunglasses suppliers.jpg

Bowline Designer Sunglasses DS-563

custom designer sunglasses supplier.jpg

Cat Eye Designer Sunglasses DS-564

custom designer sunglasses supplier in china.jpg

Colorful Designer Sunglasses DS-565

custom designer sunglasses manufacturers.jpg

Gradient Designer Sunglasses DS-566

custom designer sunglasses manufacturer.jpg

Classic Designer Sunglasses DS-567

Why You Should Choose Y&T ?

We can make product all kinds of sunglasses frame materials

Y&T Eyewear does custom designer sunglasses with different materials. Some sunglasses suppliers can only make sunglasses of specific materials because the production process and production equipment differ between other materials. If you have sunglasses, we can custom design sunglasses to any material.

Choose a suitable function lens as your idea

The lens is the core part of a pair of sunglasses. But the lens at different costs. You may have a market target and have your price demand. We will give you some workable suggestions to control the cost. And Y&T Eyewear can help you have good selling feedback.

Sunglasses of the same style and material have different prices. The fineness of workmanship directly determines the quality of a pair of sunglasses.Our goal is that make the best sunglasses that can get positive market feedback. Y&T Eyewear always helps you to become an efficient and most robust competitive designer.

Our design R&D team will push 100+ new design sunglasses per month. You can also learn from our design inspiration. We will share our experience with you.

Our factory

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reading glasses manufacturer.jpeg
reading glasses factory.jpeg
reading glasses factory resemble department.jpeg
reading glasses factory painting department.jpeg
reading glasses factory injection department.jpeg

Designer Sunglasses Advantages

Who Are Our Customers?


How to import designer sunglasses from China by Sea? What document I need to prepare.

Y&T Eyewear has many global customers. You can provide your essential port and country information.  Our long term freight forwarder agent will contact you and guide you on how to import. After shipping, Y&T Eyewear will send you all documents, including Bill Of Lading, CI, and Packing list to you. The freight forwarder will assist you to do clearance successfully.

Are our design packing possible ?

 Firstly, please send me your drawing. We will order the designer sunglasses package from our package supplier. You don’t need to purchase by yourself. It will save your time.

The first order quantity is no big. Can I develop custom designer sunglasses as a request?

 We will charge you the mold opening cost for designer sunglasses and packing. We will accept your small quantity custom designer sunglasses order. We can start with some project and set up a long term cooperation relationship. Y&T Eyewear will help you develop very well.

What global markets do you work with?

We exported a lot of sunglasses to North America, South America, European companies. And Y&T Eyewear does a lot of custom designer sunglasses projects for many kinds of customers. 

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