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· Push New Styles To Satisfy Customer’s Market Requirement.

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Bling Sunglasses Wholesale Supplier

Take it or leave it, sunglasses are gradually becoming a must-have fashion accessory in today’s fashion scene. Also, given the declining trends of global climate, a lot more people are getting accustomed to, and also protecting themselves from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Whether you’re into the wholesale of western bling sunglasses, or you’re simply looking for a bling sunglasses wholesale supplier, Y&T is always at your service. If you are also a designer, with several marketable sunglasses design, we are your best bet for realizing those designs.

Bling Sunglasses Series

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Black Bling SUNGLASSES BS-552

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Wayfarer Bling SUNGLASSES BS-554

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Custom Any Bling Sunglasses you need

Custom Your Bling Sunglasses

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Square Bling SUNGLASSES BS-557

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Polarized Bling SUNGLASSES BS-558

Why Should we be Your Bling Sunglasses Wholesale Supplier?

When it comes to blinking sunglasses wholesale, we are the best company to turn to for the following reasons:

Years of Trustworthy Bling Sunglasses Wholesale

For more than 10 years, we have provided bling sunglasses wholesale service to customers of different nationalities and financial statuses. And each of our current and previous clients have amazing testimonies to give about our sunglasses supply services. You certainly want to join our long list of loyal customers.

Wide Range of Products

Our line of products encompasses a wide range of eyewear that include western sunglasses, bling bling sunglasses, optical lenses, frames, and all kinds of fashionable eyewear. Our products also feature over 300 different sunglasses design from which you can make combined choices in a single order.

Continuous Design Update

We are a bling sunglasses wholesale supplier – no doubt. But among our team are research and development professionals that come up with more than 100 new, fashionable sunglasses designs every month. We are also open to let your bling sunglasses wholesale company flourish with our aesthetic designs.

Premium Quality Sunglasses

Our production system is monitored by an uncompromising quality control system. And as such, every single one of our product maintains our topnotch standard. We do this to ensure that you – our customer – receive only products with undebatable quality.

Attractive Inventory

We are well aware that in the future, the eyewear industry will be all about selling inventory. Hence, we are able to meet all your order requirements – no matter how small or large they may be.

Latest Sunglasses Equipment

In our factory, we have over 8 CNC machining sections, and more than 10 injection machine to meet your bling sunglasses wholesale needs. And each of our equipment contributes to the excellent quality of our western bling sunglasses wholesale supply.

Design Promotion

When you make us your bling sunglasses wholesale supplier, we’ll promote your design, and make it the number one choice of the fashion industry. We’ll also render you efficient manufacturing and wholesale service, so that you can pay more attention to your designs.

Our factory

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Designer bLING Sunglasses Advantage

Our Clients

Bling Sunglasses Wholesale Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get a Sample Prior to My Order?

Of course. Before you place sunglasses order with us, we ensure that you have seen, and are satisfied with our sample. Depending on your order, you can choose from our available or customizable samples before confirming your order with us.

Who Are Your Global Clients?

Besides the individual clients we supply sunglasses to, we also export our products to different companies and countries. Our clients are also based in different parts of the world – from North and South America, to Europe.

Are Your Wholesale Cowgirl Bling Sunglasses Affordable?

Very much. Our sunglasses are not just affordable, they’re also the best quality of sunglasses you can find at our rate.

Do You Accept Small Order?

Yes, we do. Unlike most other wholesale sunglasses suppliers, we will attend to orders of different sizes. All you have to do is to place your order through the right procedures, and we’ll attend to it within the shortest time possible.

Can You Include My Preferred Packaging?

Absolutely. You don’t have to waste any time looking for a packaging company to order your packaging separately. We will place the order with our company’s packaging supplier to make the process easier for you. All you need to do is to send us a sample of your preferred packaging, and we’ll supply them along with your sunglasses.

Can I Come Up with My Own Sunglasses Design?

Yes, you can. It will only cost you a little extra fee. And this fee is the cost of using the mold for designer sunglasses. Also, do not forget to send your sunglasses design along with your order, and notify our agents at the point of placing your order.

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