Custom Sunglasses Frames

Y&T Eyewear has gained recognition across the globe due to the following reasons:

  • We supply robust and reliable sunglasses frames
  • We utilize world-class manufacturing processes
  • We provide OEM & ODM sunglasses frames
  • High quality control standards
  • Exceptional designs, styles, and colors
  • Convenient appointments to fit  your schedule
  • We respond quickly to customers requirements

Hero Custom Sunglasses

Are you interested in collaborating with a China based sunglasses  manufacturer that specializes in the design, manufacture, and supply of superior quality custom sunglasses?

If you would like to create unique custom sunglasses frames, we are here for you. Founded 12 years ago, we’re among China’s best custom sunglasses frames manufacturers.

We use top quality craftsmanship and top quality materials to ensure you get custom sunglasses frames you, and your customers can feel good about.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Custom Sunglasses Frames

custom sunglasses framesyt.jpg

Custom Rimless Sunglasses GSW-223

custom sunglasses frames new style.jpg

Custom Punk Sunglasses GSW-224

custom sunglasses frames in zhejiang.jpg

Custom Rong Sunglasses GSW-225

custom sunglasses frames in yiwu .jpg

Custom Eyeglasses Frame GSW-226

custom sunglasses frames in wenzhou .jpg

Custom Round Sunglasses GSW-227

custom sunglasses frames in china.jpg

Custom Printed Lens Sunglasses GSW-228


200+ Custom Sunglasses Weddings Model

custom sunglasses frames from zhejiang.jpg

Custom Square Sunglasses GSW-229

custom sunglasses frames from yiwu.jpg

Custom Metal Sunglasses GSW-230

custom sunglasses frames from wenzhou.jpg

Custom One-piece Sunglasses GSW-231

custom sunglasses frames from china.jpg

Custom Polarized Sunglasses GSW-232

custom sunglasses frames from china yt.jpg

Custom Cat Eye Sunglasses GSW-233

custom sunglasses frames from china new styles.jpg

Custom Plastic Sunglasses GSW-234

Why Choose Us

As a one of the best custom sunglasses frames manufacturers, we strive to provide our customers with peace of mind. Here’s why you should choose Y&T Eyewear to support your business:

Excellent Customer Service

At Y&T Eyewear, we do not take it for granted that you have trusted us to fulfill your order. Therefore, we promise to deliver professional and unbiased customer support because we want to keep you as a client for life.

The Highest Standard of Quality

At Y&T Eyewear, quality is at the forefront of everything we do. This is important because we want to ensure that we are your first choice when it comes to choosing a reliable manufacturer. We strive to maintain the highest standards by providing you with professional and reliable sunglasses frames that meet your unique requirements. We also strive to provide you with premium quality frames that feel good and comfortable on your customers’ eyes.

On-time Delivery

At Y&T Eyewear, we have the best manufacturing equipment and resources. Consequently, we are able to ensure that your sunglass frames are delivered on the agreed-upon date.

Continuous Improvement

AAt Y&T Eyewear, we never stop improving our eyewear products and processes. We are always looking for ways to enhance our partnership with you, and increase the value of our sunglasses frames.

Fully equipped facility and manpower

Our state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped to serve all your sunglasses needs. We have over 150 full-time employees, 13 injection molding machines, and CNC machining capabilities. Please feel free to visit us to check out what equipment and resources we have to support your business.

Fair Pricing

At Y&T Eyewear, we provide the best prices without cutting corners or compromising on quality. In addition, we do not have middlemen or agent commissions. Consequently, we do not factor additional costs in to our quotes, which allows us to offer competitive prices.

Our factory

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reading glasses manufacturer.jpeg
reading glasses factory.jpeg
reading glasses factory resemble department.jpeg
reading glasses factory painting department.jpeg
reading glasses factory injection department.jpeg

Custom Qualities of Good Sunglasses Frames

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What You Need to Know About Y&T Eyewear

Y&T Eyewear is a China based custom sunglasses frames manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of superb quality custom sunglasses frames. Having been in the eyewear industry for over a decade, Y&T Eyewear is an experienced sunglasses frame manufacturer.

We pride ourselves on quality consistency and meticulous attention to details. We have been manufacturing a wide range of custom sunglasses frames for clients from all over the world.

We employ over 150 skilled craftsmen with decades of experience in designing and crafting high quality custom sunglasses. We are capable of creating for you the finest custom made sunglasses frames in every color, pattern, size and design imaginable.

If you have a unique design for your custom sunglasses frames, our talented designers will make your fine sunglasses frames idea come to life. We pride ourselves on being able to manufacture all our sunglasses frames at the lowest price possible, which means we do not break your bank.

As a renowned OEM & ODM custom sunglasses frames manufacturer, we pride ourselves on having a high rate of returning customers and referrals. Consequently, we take pride in our work and never want to take our customers for granted despite our success. Start-ups, designers, wholesalers, and brand owners who count on the best normally turn to us.

We pay keen attention to quality control, which helps to ensure that all your sunglasses frames are assembled correctly. Your frames will also be checked for quality before they are dispatched to your preferred destination.

Apart from keeping up to date with EU and USA standards, we also strive to conduct continuous research and development of our sunglasses range. We’ve also invested in the best manufacturing equipment, which has enabled us to maintain Y&T Eyewear s high standards.

Our Customers

Our long-term customers include:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Custom Sunglasses Size?

customizable sunglasses.jpg

Sample of how custom sunglasses are measured and specified

With us here at Y&T Eyewear, we’re able to produce customizable sunglasses that could be for men, women, and children! We have in our arsenal the skills, capabilities, and overall technique in producing and manufacturing customizable sunglasses whatever look of the brand you want to go for!

With this, your options of choosing us for customizable glasses aren’t just limited to sunglasses. We can help and assist you if you need prescription glasses, reading glasses, and other kinds of eyewear of different types, too!

Do you custom Colorful Mirrored Sunglasses?

colorful mirrored sunglasses.jpg

Colorful mirrored sunglasses that vary in color and in size

Mirrored sunglasses are part of the most popular and most sought-after types of sunglasses in today’s market. They’re called and deemed as mirrored sunglasses because of the reflectivity of its surface, appearing to be somewhat a mirror.

The coating’s mirroring or reflecting is determined by the structure of the layers present as well as the thickness of it. In addition to this feature, mirrored sunglasses are deemed to be better at blocking and reflecting UV rays and light.

Y&T Eyewear is an expert in producing these types and kinds of sunglasses! Similar to all other eyewear suppliers and manufacturers, we here at Y&T Eyewear can produce and manufacture the promotional sunglasses that you need!

What material is used to construct your sunglasses frames?

Our frames are made using premium quality titanium, cellulose accthtate, polycarbonate, and TR90.

What types of lenses can be used with the sunglasses frames?

At Y&T Eyewear, we have a wide collection of lenses including blue blockers, polarized lenses, mirrored lenses, anti-reflective lenses, prescription sunglasses, among others.

Are your sunglasses frames sustainable and ethical?

At Y&T Eyewear, we manufacture our products with respect for the people who will wear them. Consequently, we strive to protect our reputation by providing you with sunglasses frames that are created ethically.

Do you ship internationally?

Y&T Eyewear is an internationally recognized Sunglasses frame manufacturer. Orders can be shipped to USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, Canada, among other places. Get in touch with us for more information regarding shipping.

Who are your customers?

As a renowned rainbow sunglasses wholesale manufacturer, we supply our sunglasses to local and international customers from USA, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

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