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Wholesale Bamboo Sunglasses

As a bamboo sunglasses manufacturer, we provide very high-quality bamboo Sunglasses. We can do custom wood sunglasses in bulk. We often use TAC and nylon lenses to match bamboo and wooden glasses. The quality of this pair of glasses is very high-end. We have a strong QC team to ensure that the quality of the products is superior. We are a reliable bamboo sunglasses supplier in china you can trust.


You can choose the items your bamboo sunglasses wholesale business.
bamboo sunglasses wholesale china.jpg
wooden glasses wholesale.jpg


This wayfarer style of bamboo sunglasses’ shape is classic. If you are not sure which shape you can choose, the wayfarer shape always won’t go wrong.
wooden sunglassses wholesale.jpg


This wood sunglasses’ frame is made of TR frame.The temple green color and tortoiseshell green are a perfect combination.The plastic frame can be made into many beautiful colors and
bamboo sunglasses wholesale.jpg
You can order wooden sunglasses in bulk. Even if you need a small quantity, you can still customize your LOGO.
bamboo glasses wholesale.jpg
The plastic materials for sunglasses include the PC, TR, ABS, PP, CP, TPE. Injection production is an essential process. Plastic sunglasses usually are using the painting process to make
wood frame sunglasses wholesale 2.jpg


We have an effective cost control system as designer sunglasses manufacturers. In this way, the operation can be very flexible. So we have a significant advantage in cost

Want to Find A Chinese Supplier for Your Bamboo Sunglasses Wholesale Business?

Custom Bamboo Sunglasses Service

We can custom bamboo sunglasses style as per your design draft. The design details include accessories, lens material, and product material selection. In order to reduce the cost of the product, the frame material can be made into other materials such as TR material.TR materials are often produced by injection molding. This material is lighter than other materials such as PC. At the same time, the color of the frame can be made very beautiful by painting and printing. In this way, the cost of products can be effectively saved. So as to improve the competitiveness of products in the market. Because if we adopt 100% wood or bamboo materials for sunglasses, the production cost is very expensive. The cost of a pair of well-made bamboo and wood glasses is similar to a pair of acetate sunglasses. Our task is to do everything possible to turn your design into a product with the lowest cost. So that you can be in a favorable position in the market competition. In order to improve the quality of products, we are constantly improving the production process. The advantage of this is that quality improvement will also improve the efficiency of production, thus greatly reducing the cost of production. So the technology and quality of the products are constantly improving. If you have a good idea, let us know. Let’s do it

Choose bamboo or wood temple as your needs.


The following wholesale bamboo sunglasses packaging is for reference only. You can specify the styles you need.

wood sunglasses box wholesale.jpg


bamboo sunglasses zip box 1.jpg


custom bamboo sunglasses.jpg


Lens: TAC Lens

Frame: TR


Bamboo Sunglasses Manufacturing Process

wholesale bamboo sunglasses cnc frame.png

CNC Machining Center

The process is quite similar to acetate material frames. First, we need to carve out the shape of the frame and temples. The CNC machine is totally different from one for the acetate frame. But their functions are the same. This is the most basic step to make the wood sunglasses’ shape. Of course, the frame can be made in the manual. But a wood sunglasses manufacturer will adopt to the machine to finish it to improve production efficiency. There are many different production methods for bamboo glasses. We summed up a set of production technology with the highest efficiency and cost-saving because we need to do mass production.


After the shape of the product comes out, we need to polish these semi-finished products. The purpose of polishing is to make the bamboo/ wood frame and temple surface smoother. The polishing precision of bamboos will directly affect the quality of products. This step is necessary for glasses of various materials. Different materials use different polishing tools.

wholesale bamboo sunglasses polishing.png
wholesale bamboo sunglasses drilling.png

Drill the hole and groove for the hingle

It is leave the place to put the hingle to connect the frame and temple. The machine is a driller . Because it is semi-automatic, it greatly tests the workmanship of workers.


The frame and temple can be connected through screwing between the hingle.

wholesale bamboo sunglasses screwing.png
wholesale bamboo sunglasses spay.png


After screwing, we need to spray special transparent paint on the surface of the product. It can make the wood sunglasses frame look more shiny and smooth. At the same time, it also has a protective effect on the material of the glasses. The paint should be even when spraying. Each pair of glasses requires three times paintings.

Lens cutting

Cutting lenses is necessary for glasses of all materials. All lenses are basically not processed when they are purchased. So at this time, you need to cut out the corresponding size according to the shape of the glasses. We have special lens cutting equipment, and the size of the cut is standard and compliant.

wood sunglasses lens cutting.jpg
wholesale bamboo sunglasses resemeble.png

Resemble lens and test the lens parameter

After resembling lens, we need to test the lens parameter to check if it can meet the standard. If the lens can’t meet the standard, the lens will be discarded.

LOGO and Pattern

The logo laser process is most commonly used on bamboo glasses. It is also more in line with the natural product positioning of bamboo and wooden glasses. This process requires relatively high equipment.At the same time, the laser can also carve some complex patterns on bamboo and wood frames and legs.

wholesale bamboo sunglasses.png
wholesale bamboo sunglasses packing.png


Workers need to wipe the lens surface, and then give the temple a plastic bag. Then put the glasses in a PVC bag. Bamboo wood glasses usually come with instructions manual. Finally, put the product in packaging chosen by the customer. The package can be a wooden box or a paper box. By the way, you can specify all these things according to your need.

Frequently Asked Question


What’s the material of a bamboo sunglasses?

The frame of bamboo glasses is generally made of wood and bamboo. Because of the size of the bamboo limit, wood is also a good choice to replace the bamboo. Both bamboo and wood material can be used for sunglasses temples. You can customize the material you need.

What are the materials of wood sunglasses?

The types of wood materials are Beech, Zebra, Black Walnut, Sandalwood, Skateboard, Cork, Juniper, Oak, Chicken Wing, Rosewood, Bahia, Asiatic Pear, Cherry, Ebony, Veneer, Tech Wood, etc. Each type of wood has its own unique pattern.

Can the wooden sunglasses make into my needed colors?

Yes, you can. You can provide your Pantone No. And we can make it for you. Natural is the unique selling point of wood and bamboo glasses. If the product is painted with color, it may become environmentally friendly. Usually, the guest will choose to use the original color. However, the above suggestions can only be used as a reference, and the specific situation depends on your marketing strategy.

wholesale wood sunglasses with many colors 1.jpg

Do bamboo sunglasses made in the customized colors?

We often make bamboo and wood in the original colors. But if you need, the bamboo material color can be changed as you need.

What’s frame can be maded into to match a bamboo or wood temple?

Besides the wooden frame, customers will consider using the TR material rather than PC. Because TR material is lightweight than PC. The lens is also more advanced in material part.

Which logo printing method will be chosen for bamboo sunglasses?

For bamboo sunglasses, the material is not suitable to do screen printing. Most of the time, we choose laser technology to do the logo. The carved logo will be very clear and looks very high-end. This way of making the logo is also more in line with the material characteristics of bamboo and wood. The laser can carve many complicated and beautiful patterns on the legs.

wholesale sunglasses with pattern on temples.jpg

Is production process similar to the plastic or metal sunglasses?

As wooden sunglasses manufacturer, Y&T eyewear wooden sunglasses’  production process is totally different from the plastic and metal material. Its something like acetate sunglasses manufacturing. The similar place is that both of them be processed on the existing board. We need to use machines to carve the sunglasses frame. And then workers also need to manually handle their shape and smoothness. So the advanced machine and the workers’ skills can affect the product quality directly.

Do you have bamboo optical glasses and reading glasses?

Yes,we can make the wood frame and temples if you order them for prescription glasses. If you need reading glasses, we can produce orders with presbyopic glasses.You can specify the powers of the presbyopia.Fully use your imagination, and we can make all your ideas come true if technology allows.

What kind of lenses are usually used for bamboo and wood glasses?

Polaroid lenses and nylon lenses are the most basic configuration. But if you want to do some needed materials, we can do customization.

As a businessman in the wholesale business of bamboo and wood glasses, how to make a good market position?

As for the price orientation of bamboo and wood glasses, first of all, its production cost is much higher than injection molded sunglasses. 80% of the process is manual, so the cost of bamboo and wood glasses is very high. Its price is comparable to that of acetate sunglasses, even close to that of titanium sunglasses. So of course, such glasses should be aimed at high-end customer groups. So you can refer to the product positioning of acetate sunglasses and titanium sunglasses.

What’s the package for the bamboo sunglasses?

In the production of large-scale products, the packaging of bamboo and wood glasses is usually better than that of ordinary glasses. For example: bamboo package ,wood boxes , cardboard boxes, and so on.

How can assure every order goes well?

We also have a special order process. Before placing an order, we will provide a special product confirmation draft to confirm your company’s requirements same as the actual production orders. After placing an order, each department will operate according to the order.At the same time, We have standardized operating procedures to ensure that every step of the production process is correct. The advantage of using the SOP is that it can maximize the avoidance of errors that may occur in the production process. In addition to operating workers, we have dedicated follow-up personnel, as well as production management personnel and professional Q C to follow up on the production progress. Ensure that every order guarantees quality and completes the task on time.

What information do we need to confirm with the salesperson?

The most important thing is to confirm first, which styles you need and the prices corresponding to these styles. At the same time, we need to confirm our existing quality. In the case of the correct quality, you need to confirm the printing and packaging. The packaging requirements are also very important because sometimes a complex packaging. Its price may be higher than the cost of a pair of cheap sunglasses.

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