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Acetate Sunglasses Manufacturer In China

Y&T Eyewear is a Chinese acetate sunglasses manufacturer that provides the ultimate solution for your acetate sunglasses business. If you’re a developer with great concepts for designs, we are a suitable customized sunglasses manufacturer in China you require. With the help of contemporary layout modern technologies, we can assist you to develop and implement your ideas also make even extra styles. Your layout needs a great deal of advancement based upon international needs, which is exactly what we can help you accomplish.

Custom Acetate Sunglasses Manufacturing Service

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UV400 Acetate Sunglasses PS-870

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Cat3 Lens Acetate Sunglasses PS-871

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Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses PS-872

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Round Acetate Sunglasses PS-873

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Tortoise Acetate Sunglasses PS-874

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Classic Acetate Sunglasses PS-875

Why Y&T Eyewear?

Eyeglasses Production With Large Collection Options

We are certain about helping you bring out the best from your designs because we provide a large option of glasses like sunglasses, party sunglasses, optical frames, reading glasses, and more.

Acetate Sunglasses Designs that satisfy Customer Demands

Similar to every other market worldwide, we maintain our designs and also designs upgraded to satisfy the high demands of the glasses market. Our R&D group which is composed of specialist developers, launch 100 fresh styles monthly.

Large Inventory Range

As an acetate sunglasses direct factory In China, we comprehend that offering supply is readied to thrive in the far as well as near future. We have ready over 300 styles for your choice.

A top-notch QC System

As an acetate Sunglasses Manufacturer from China, our company's QC group works selflessly to check every item, to ensure it appears the best it can perhaps be.

Personalized Designed Sunglasses

As an acetate sunglasses manufacturer in China, we likewise make available personalized designs or products to consumer needs.

Modern Manufacturing Tools

To gratify the cravings of customized sunglasses customers, we have 8 CNC devices as well as 13 injection molding makers in our manufacturing facilities.


Who are our Targets?

The customers we target are:
Our company has a performance history of giving sunglasses options for developers throughout China. Our custom-made developer sunglass solutions are specifically eyewear needs, and also our designs constantly keep up to date for the complete satisfaction of our customers. Yet most significantly, we suggest that you examine our readily available collection of acetate sunglasses to discover just meets your expectations and eyeglasses needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eyewear Cellulose Acetate Manufacturer List

Acetate has been produced and used in China for a number of years, but it was only recently that it became popular.


The majority of global acetate manufacturing companies are based in China. Mazzucchelli in Italy is also famous for its mazzucchelli cellulose acetate, and European firms also manufacture acetate.


Having said that, acetate eyewear production began in China in 2004. However, China’s eyeglasses acetate industry has struggled to capture a major share of the global eyewear acetate market since it did not start on a solid foundation.


In China, there are over 50 acetate manufacturers in China. Most acetate manufacturers are located in Wenzhou and Guangdong. Wenzhou, which is a renowned eyewear manufacturing base, has several eyewear acetate manufacturers including Jinyu, Jinliang, Liangcai, Bensemei, Zhongao, Zhongsu, and Xipu. 


In Guangdong Province, acetate manufacturers include Xin Mei Tai, Zhongzhou, Jucheng, and Tongquan. 


However, the best manufacturers of eyewear acetate in China are Jinyu, Jimei, and Jinliang. 


Jinyu is famous for its full range of color, and innovativeness. Jimei has fast turnaround times and efficient management, while Jinliang is skilled at developing new products. 

mazzucchelli 1849 cellulose acetate manufacturer.png

NO.1 Cellulose acetate manufacturers

Mazzucchelli 1849 SpA 

Established in 1849, Mazzucchelli is based in Castiglione Olona. This company is well known for its Italian Mazzucchelli acetate. 

Mazzucchelli acetate company is governed by common values and goals. It’s dedicated to innovation, product quality, and creating the highest quality materials and patterns.

Mazzucchelli is a leading manufacturer of cellulose acetate sheets. As a renowned Mazzucchelli acetate manufacturer and distributor, Mazzucchelli produces Mazzucchelli acetate sheet for eyeglasses and sunglass frames.

Various eyewear brands, including Joseph Marc and Kam Dhillon, for example, use Mazzucchelli acetate to create handcrafted frames that feature high levels of depth and the finest optical materials.

Mazzucchelli acetate frames  and Mazzucchelli acetate sunglasses are famous for their lustrous appearance, and brilliant colors. Mazzucchelli acetato also produces eyewear with high tensile strength, and lightweight features. 

In a nutshell, Mazzucchelli’s productions are divided into several business units, which are:

1.Mazzucchelli acetate sheets

2.Optical quality sheets

3.Cellulose Acetate granules

4.Decorative films 

5.Sun lenses


jimei cellulose acetate manufacturer.png

NO.2  Cellulose acetate manufacturers : 

Shenzhen Jimei New Material Co., Ltd

Jimei New Material Co. Ltd is based in Shenzhen and was formed in 2006. Jimei is a cellulose acetate manufacturer that specializes in the design, production, and distribution of acetate sheets. 

Jimei acetate sheets can be used to manufacture acetate eyeglasses frames, as well as acetate sunglasses. 

Jimei provides high-quality products by utilizing new technology, the best raw materials available on the market, and the expertise of its staff.

As an acetate manufacturer, Jimei has evolved into a preferred supplier for globally recognized brands.  

Jimei utilizes cutting-edge technologies to produce their acetate sheets, including extrusion technology, block technology, as well as lamination technology. Jimei extrusion technology is characterized by vibrant colors, good texture, and easy processing.

Jimei block craft acetate sheets feature pre-colored and pre-shaped granules. Block craft features different effects, including tortoise, spot, geometric shape, marble and camouflage, among others. Jimei laminated acetate sheets feature animal prints and watercolors. 


jinyu cellulose acetate manufacturer.png

NO.3   Cellulose acetate manufacturers: 

Jinyu Plastic Products Limited

Jinyu is a cellulose acetate manufacturer. Jinyu was established in 2003. Jinyu acetate sheets are used to manufacture optical frames, among other products. 

The goal of Jinyu is to produce high quality cellulose acetate material as per unique customer needs. 

Jinyu takes pride in its ability to consistently develop new items with attractive designs. Jinyu optical frames also come in a variety of hues and innovative structures, including overlay stir color, layer stir color, as well as double stir color.

In other words, Jinyu acetate sheets or acetate frames and sunglasses are available in a variety of colors, including yellow, red, purple, green, blue,  black, as well as brown.

In addition, the categories for Jinyu acetate eyewear include extrusion, dry block, wet block, as well as lamination. 

Jinyu, on the other hand, is open to receiving special requests and patterns from customers for new product development.

Jinyu acetate sheets meet international standards


jinliang cellulose acetate manufacturer.png

NO.4  Cellulose acetate manufacturers:  

Jinliang Acetate

Jinliang Acetate has a 20-year track record. Jinliang Acetate began operations in 2004. Jinliang has since established itself as a leading cellulose acetate manufacturer.

The headquarters of Jinliang Acetate are located in Wenzhou, which is in Zhejiang Province. However, the company has several Chinese offices in Wenzhou, Danyang, Shenzhen, Yiwu, Jiangxi, as well as an international office in Italy.

Jinliang Acetate’s mission is to meet consumer demands by giving exactly what they desire in a timely manner. Jinliang Acetate also aims to meet consumer expectations by creating high-quality products.

Jinliang creates unique acetate sheets by combining their distinct thoughts with aesthetics, fashion, and contemporary culture. Their Jinliang acetate sheet production is guided by innovation, efficiency, and perseverance, as well as client psychology.

Jinliang aims to improve each acetate sheet by addressing its flaws and maximizing its potential. The company works around the clock to ensure  that every customer is happy.

For over ten years, the company has participated in the Mido Fair, Silmo Fair, and HK Fair. 


zhongshu cellulose acetate manufacturer.png

NO.5  Cellulose acetate manufacturers:

 Zhejiang Zhongsu Offset Plate Co Ltd

Zhejiang Zhongsu Offset Plate Co., Ltd is a renowned cellulose acetate manufacturer.  

Zhejiang Zhongsu Offset Plate Co. Ltd produces acetate fiber sheets, which are ideal for manufacturing medium, as well as high-end eyeglasses frames and sunglasses.

Besides using cellulose acetate sheet for eyeglasses, Zhejiang Zhongsu acetate fibre sheets can also be used to produce other products. 

Products from Zhejiang Zhongsu are available in a number of specifications. They can be found in Wenzhou, Jiangsu, and other areas. 

The company prides itself in having multiple innovative production lines, as well as testing equipment and a professional workforce. In addition, Zhejiang Zhongsu prides itself in having a strong technical team and workforce. 

The company is also capable of supplying superior-quality products and services to both domestic and international customers. Zhejiang Zhongsu prices are highly competitive. Consequently, the company has a good reputation among its customers over the years. 

Zhejiang Zhongsu acetate manufacturer stays relevant in the competitive market by adhering to effective domestic and international manufacturing and management practices. 

Website: http://www.zosu.cc/

creation plastic cellulose acetate manufacturer scaled.jpg

NO.7  Cellulose acetate manufacturers:

 Creation Plastic MFY Ltd

Creation Plastic Manufactory Limited was founded in 1995. The company is a cellulose acetate manufacturer, and it has factories in Dongguan, City, China. 

Creation Plastic Manufactory Limited prides itself in having state-of-the-art machinery that allow it to produce vast quantities of acetate sheets for customers from all over the world. 

Creation Plastic Manufactory Ltd is also proud of its ability to provide its customers with cutting-edge acetate sheets. Over the years, the company has provided major brands and labels with hand-crafted patterned acetate sheets.

At Creation Plastic Manufactory Ltd, customers can provide custom patterns and logo for their unique cellulose acetate eyeglass frames and sunglasses. 

Creation Plastic Manufactory Limited is capable of producing raw material for producing the acetate sheets.  The brand is known for providing top-notch services and high-quality acetate frames to both domestic and foreign customers.

Creation Plastic Manufactory Ltd mission is to explore new markets and prospects in the acetate sheets sector.


daicel cellulose acetate manufacturer.jpg

NO.8  Cellulose acetate manufacturers:

 Daicel Prosperity (China) Limited

Daicel Prosperity, which was founded in 2002, is Hong Kong’s major producer of Acetyloid Sheets. Acetyloid is the registered trademark for Daicel prosperity’s acetate plastic sheets.

Cellulosic raw materials, cotton linter, and wood pulp are used to make Acetyloid sheets.

Thanks to the many years of experience, Daicel Prosperity (China) Limited has effectively built strong networks and partnerships with eyewear designers, producers, and retailers from all over the world.

Daicel Prosperity cellulose plastic sheets provide customers a wide range of colors, comfort, adaptability, and durability.

As a result, Daicel Prosperity acetate sheets can be used to make long-lasting acetate optical eyeglasses and sunglasses in a variety of colors and patterns. The company introduces new colors at least four times a year. 

Daicel Prosperity optical frames and sunglasses have a long-lasting shine and minimum distortion.

It’s worth mentioning that Acetyloid is one of the most durable and high-quality acetate sheets on the market today.


jiangzhou cellulose acetate manufacturer.png

NO.9  Cellulose acetate manufacturers:  

Zhangjiagang Jiangzhou Cellulose Plastics Co., Ltd.

Zhangjiagang Jiangzhou Cellulose Plastics Co., Ltd. industrial plant is 50,000 square meters in size. Zhangjiagang Jiangzhou Cellulose Plastics Co., Ltd. has a long history of producing semi-finished plastic materials. 

Jiangzhou employs plastic materials in conjunction with cutting-edge technology to produce high-quality eyewear. Furthermore, the company takes pride in having a robust and capable R&D team, as well as technical team. 

It is worth noting that Zhangjiagang Jiangzhou Cellulose Plastics Co., Ltd. supplies acetate sheets to customers from Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia markets. Jiangzhou has become famous due to its capacity to provide high-quality acetate sheets to its customers.

The goal of Zhangjiagang Jiangzhou Cellulose Plastics Co., Ltd. is to keep innovating. Furthermore, the company aspires to set the industry standard for acetate manufacturers both domestically and internationally.

The company has various certificates, including Intertek and SGS, meaning that their cellulose plastic meets EU, as well as international standards.  


kimye cellulose acetate manufacturer.png

NO.10  Cellulose acetate manufacturers: 

Kimye Products (HK) Company Ltd

Kimye Products (HK) Company Ltd has been manufacturing acetate since 2006. Kimye acetate is manufactured in ShenZhen, China. Since its inception, Kimye has been specializing in manufacturing acetate for domestic clients.

However, Kimye Products (HK) Company Ltd spread its wings to Hong Kong in 2014 in order to extend its consumer base. Since its expansion, Kimye Products (HK) Company Ltd has been servicing customers in Europe, North America, South America, as well as Asia.

Kimye’s mission is to provide global customers with high-quality services, creative designs, excellent communication, and accurate project development.

Kimye Products (HK) Company Ltd features a variety of plastic acetate products, which include mono color, tortoise demi, colored havana, colored block, as well as layering.

Other featured products include lamination, gradient, art print, harden acetate, mono-non percolation, as well as mix and match. 

Kimye is proud of its ability to manufacture over 100 tons of acetate every month.


juncheng acetate manufacturer.png

NO.11  Cellulose acetate manufacturers: 

Dongguan Changan Jucheng Acetate Factory

Changan Jucheng is an acetate sheet manufacturer based in Dongguan, China. Dongguan Chang Jucheng produces acetate sheets that may be utilized to make both medium and high-end optical glasses and sunglasses. It can also be utilized to create a wide range of items and accessories.

Dongguan Changan Jucheng prides itself in having state-of-the-art technology, as well as a high production capacity. The company not only imports its plates, but also employs Italian craftsmen, ensuring that their products are of the highest quality.

The success of Dongguan Changan Jucheng can be attributed to the highly skilled and competent workforce, as well as continuous learning. Furthermore, Dongguan Changan Jucheng is dedicated to ongoing research and development. 

The company also has a strict quality control mechanism in place to ensure that its products meet international standards.

Customers can order items from the Dongguan Chang Jucheng acetate factory depending on their precise specifications, color, size, and variety.


zhonghao cellulose acetate manufacturer.jpg

NO.12  Cellulose acetate manufacturers: 

Ruian ZhongAo Plastic Co., Ltd

Ruian Zhongao Plastic, based in Ruian, China, was founded in 2005. Ruian Zhongao Plastic Co., Ltd is well-known for producing high-quality acetate sheets. Ruian Zhongao has always focused on sustainable product innovation.

The company has strived to maintain great quality in its products, as well as exquisite designs, since its inception. Ruian Zhongao Plastic acetate company supplies products to domestic customers, as well as international customers in the United States, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Dubai, Germany, France, Britain, among other countries. 

Ruian Zhongao Plastic acetate manufacturer prides itself in having a strong development team, technical team, as well as a highly competent management team. The company is situated in a 20000 square foot workshop.

Since its inception 10 years ago, the company has always been governed by innovation, high-quality products, strong work ethics, and committed service.

Ruian Zhongao Plastic Co. Ltd takes pride in being able to provide acetate sheets that meet both industry standards and customer specifications.


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