Custom Frames Glasses Manufacturer

  •  Y&T Eyewear has traded as a custom made glass frames manufacturer for over 12 years

  • You will get the support and resources you need to bring your concept to life

  • You will get wholesale frames glasses that are functional and fashionable

  • Y&T will provide quality assurance for every custom made glass frame to ensure compliance with international standards

Custom Made Glass Frames Manufacturer--Y&T Eyewear

Would you like to develop custom made glass frames with your ideal logo, measurements, color and pattern? If yes, Y&T Eyewear have been custom eyewear manufacturers for a period of over 12 years.

In addition, Y&T makes wholesale frames glasses for leading eyewear brands and individual startups. That said, Y&T Eyewear could work with you to help you bring your glass frames idea to life.

Custom Frames Glasses In Acetae/Titanium

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames manufacturer in china titanium.jpg

Custom Glass Frames CF-55

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames manufacturer china titanium.jpg

Titanium Eyeglass Frames CF-56

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames manufacturer titanium.jpg

Optical Frames CF-57

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames manufacturer in china acetate.jpg

Acetate Glass Frames CF-58

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames manufacturer in china acetate yt.jpg

Custom acetate Glass Frames CF-59

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames manufacturer china acetate.jpg

Custom Eyewear Frames CF-60

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Custom Frames Glasses With PC/TR Material​

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames in china tr.jpg

PC Glass Frames CF-61

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames manufacturer china tr.jpg

PC Eyeglass Frames CF-62

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames manufacturer in china tr.jpg

Ladies Optical Frames CF-63

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames manufacturer pc.jpg

Eyewear Frames CF-64

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames manufacturer in china pc 1.jpg

PC Eyewear Frames CF-65

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames manufacturer in china pc.jpg

Classic Eyewear Frames CF-66

Why Y&T Eyewear For Your Custom Made Glass Frames?

Y&T Eyewear has consistently provided custom frames glasses to over 1000 repeat customers. Our success can be attributed to the factors below:

Modern materials for glass frames

As a custom made glass frames supplier, Y&T Eyewear use acetate, TR, polycarbonate, and titanium, which are the best materials for glasses frames. Therefore, you will have a wide selection of materials to choose from.

Blue light frames

Y&T Eyewear can create for you blue light blocking glasses in your individual eyeglass design. This kind of glasses will not only boost your sales but also keep your eyewear business relevant. Blue light glass frames are on high demand because they protect against ultraviolet light and eyestrain. Feel free to contact Y&T Eyewear.

Proficient research and development team

Through the years, Y&T Eyewear has been able to develop a proficient R&D team. The aim of the team is to identify a range of creative product ideas, which enables them to produce over 50 designs in any given month. In other words, our research and development team always has their creative juices flowing. They will put in the necessary work to ensure you launch superior quality custom frames.

Reliability-centred sales team

The Y&T sales team believes that being friendly and professional when talking to customers can have significant effects to the company’s success.Therefore, you can rest assured your calls, and questions will be answered by a team of passionate individuals.

Individualized quality control

As an eyeglass factory frames manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear is keen on maintaining acceptable quality standards in our eyewear products. Therefore, you can be assured all your requirements for the custom made glass frames will be fulfilled.

Dedicated and highly qualified production team

With over 12 years of experience, our production team is capable of delivering outstanding service and superior wholesale frames glasses.

Our factory

reading glasses supplier.jpeg
reading glasses manufacturer.jpeg
reading glasses factory.jpeg
reading glasses factory resemble department.jpeg
reading glasses factory painting department.jpeg
reading glasses factory injection department.jpeg

Y&T Eyewear Unique Materials

Y&T’s classic and timeless glass frames are manufactured using the materials below:

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames china acetate.jpg

Acetate eyewear Frames

Acetate material produces versatile custom made glass frames. It can be customized in many different ways.The frames are available in a wide selection of hues and designs.

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames titanium.jpg

Titanium eyewear Frames

Titanium is a high quality material that you can choose for your custom eyeglass frames. It produces lightweight, allergy-free and corrossion-resistant glass frames that can be worn with maximum comfort throughout the day

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames manufacturer tr.jpg

TR eyewear Frames

Moulded from thermoplastic polyamide, TR90 eyeglass frames are extremely light, flexible, and strong. The frames are allergy-free and can easily bounce back to their original shape when subjected to pressure.

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames manufacturer china pc.jpg

PC eyewear Frames

Polycarbonate glass frames are less likely to break than plastic frames. Therefore, they are a great option for kids’ custom made frames. The eyeglass frames are lighter, thinner, and highly impact-resistant.

Y&T Eyewear Primary Customers

Y&T Eyewear is a leading eyeglass factory frames manufacturer with a variety of customers including:

Y&T Eyewear offers the best OEM eyeglass frames to anyone looking to buy bulk custom eyewear frames, as well as low MOQs. Therefore, if you are a start-up or individual brand, you can acquire affordable custom eyewear frames in different designs, colors, and patterns.

custom made glass frames eyeglass frames manufacturer yt eyewear.jpg

Why Y&T Eyewear is Your Choice

As a custom made glass frames manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear provides OEM customer designed eyewear frames to start-ups, fashion brands, and independent brands.

All your custom frames glasses will be produced at Y&T Eyewear. Therefore, every step of the production process will be thoroughly controlled. Consequently, you will get high quality custom made glass frames from a highly qualified team.

You will have an opportunity to choose the design and color of the frames from our available options. However, you can also provide us with a sketch of your own ideal design, and we will bring it to life.  

Above all, our prices are quite affordable, and you will be able to acquire your customized glass frames without exhausting your resources. If you’d like to take advantage of our modern production facilities and customer-focused service, please contact Y&T Eyewear.

Custom Eyewear Manufacturers – The Comprehensive Buying and FAQ Guide (FAQs)

Offering custom made or customized eyewear can have a huge positive impact on your eyewear retail business. Apart from the fact that people would be able to get what they want specifically, it’ll be easy for custom eyewear manufacturers to market their products because of its flexibility and versatility!

In this guide, we’ll talk about the top things you need to look for in custom eyewear manufacturers. We’ll not only discuss the traits and characteristics of top-tier suppliers, but we’ll also offer guidance as to how you can find the best custom eyewear even if you’re on a budget!

Can You Get Glasses Custom Made?

can you get glasses custom made.jpg

Figure 1 – Custom-cut eyewear manufacturing company

Yes! Custom sunglasses are actually part of the hottest products in the eyewear industry today! Mostly used in a more fashionable sense, a lot of people are looking for custom made sunglasses, as well as other types of eyewear!

They’re custom made in a sense that the components that are custom include the color of the frame, the size and thickness of the lenses.

How Can I Customize My Glasses?

It depends what type of customization you want for your eyewear.


how can i customize my glasses.jpg


Figure 2 – Plain-colored customized eyewear frames that you can customize

You can choose to customize it from the bone, meaning, everything is custom made from the type of materials used for it, the color of the interior and the exterior of the frame, and even the shape and form of the lenses.

Alternatively, you can customize it depending on your style! You can add a strap or any other complementary accessory for it on your own! Stickers, adhesives, and other types of additives that you can add to it – so long as the frame and the lenses wouldn’t be spoiled, you can do it!

Custom Sunglasses With Logo

Y&T Eyewear – custom eyewear manufacturer that can help you if you’re looking for custom sunglasses with logos.


custom sunglasses with logo.jpg

Figure 3 – Custom layout of sunglasses with specific logo on the temple

For these sunglasses with logos, you can specify and customize it like the placement of the logo on the product, the type of material for the frame, and other specific customizations you want to see on the unit.

Ideally, custom eyewear manufacturers will make you specify even the size and the dimensions of the frame in accordance to the lenses, and so on!

Which Frame Material is Best For Custom Eyeglasses?

Probably one of the most common, if not the most common question people ask in relation to customized eyewear would be this question.

To take into account, what would truly be the best material to create and make the frame for custom eyeglasses?

Let us look into some of the options you have for it:


Titanium glass is also a popular choice that businesses take for the creation or the production of customized eyewear. Because titanium is lightweight and easily adaptable, they’re among the most famous choices for eyewear frames!

Not to mention the high tensile strength and the corrosion-resistance properties they possess.

Titanium Glass

Titanium glass is also a popular choice that businesses take for the creation or the production of customized eyewear. Because titanium is lightweight and easily adaptable, they’re among the most famous choices for eyewear frames!

Not to mention the high tensile strength and the corrosion-resistance properties they possess.

Aluminum (Pure)

There are businesses that look for eco-friendly options and alternatives for custom made eyewear – and that’s where the importance of pure aluminum frames comes in. Other than the fact that they’re recyclable, lightweight, as well as strong, and durable, it’s clear why they’re part of the options.

Men’s Custom Eyeglass Frames

As a stereotype for men’s custom eyeglass frames, they need to be thick, wide, and is recommended to always run along a straight line for the temples. Curvatures, bends, and other types of shapes are often regarded to as women’s or ladies’ eyewear.

Here with us at Yanyu Commercial, we can produce and manufacture different shapes of customized eyewear for you! Whether you need aviator-type sunglasses, wayfarer, or others, we’ll be a call or an email away!

Which Custom Eyewear Manufacturer Can You Trust?

The market is filled with a heap of customized eyewear suppliers that you can choose to work with.

Figure 4 – Chinese manufacturing plant of custom eyewear

Chinese custom eyewear manufacturers top the list, garnering more than 90% of the total global supply of eyewear within the past year, they’re definitely an option you need to consider.

And out of all the Chinese custom eyewear manufacturing companies out there, there’ll be no better option than us here at Y&T Eyewear! We’ve been in the spotlight for more than a decade and we never failed any of our clients in producing the exact and specific eyewear they need!

Why is Y&T Eyewear the Best in Custom Made Eyewear?

12 years and counting, our experts and professionals here at Yanyu Commercial has been deemed as the best and most reliable in the entire country. Garnering all our skills and styles from the experiences we’ve had with our clients, we can assure you that we will be able to help you with the custom made eyewear you need!

Whether you need specific or custom optical frames, reading glasses, sunglasses – even prescription glasses, we’re only a call or an email away!

Choosing us to be your custom eyewear manufacturer will open a lot of business opportunities, some of which include:

  • Better and faster time to market
  • Higher and more decent profitability
  • OEM products and services all along
  • Connections to other businesses and enterprises within the same business field
  • Free samples and free quotations even if you’re not sure of us

At Y&T Eyewear, we consider your business our business – we can make your business’s light shine brighter!

How easy is it to ship the custom glass frames from China?

Absolutely easy. Our reliable sales and freight forwarding team will give you all the assistance you need.

How durable are customized glass frames?

Customized glass frames are long lasting just like the readily available glass frames. Y&T Eyewear takes keen interest in maintaining high quality standards in the color, shape, logo, and pattern of your glass frames.

Can I order in low quantities?

You can order in either bulk or small quantities. Please contact Y&T Eyewear for more information.

Where do you ship?

As an eyeglass factory frames supplier with a reputable history, Y&T Eyewear ships anywhere in the U.S, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Y&T also ships internationally to different countries

Why is China the right choice for custom glass frames?

China is the largest producer of not only the raw materials used to manufacture eyewear glass frames, but also the largest producer of key components. China also has a high production capacity when compared to the rest of the world.

With its large number of dedicated suppliers and developed supply chain, Chinese manufacturers are capable of fulfilling huge orders within a shorter duration of time.

Therefore, working with Y&T will use modern technology and innovation to bring your concept to life at a shorter lead-time. Please contact Y&T Eyewear for more information on how we can work together. 

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Regardless of your business position, you will never have any trouble or problem with us here at Yanyu Commercial! From regular optical frames, spectacle frames, men’s glasses, ladies’ glasses – even reading and prescription glasses, we have what you need!

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