Custom Blue Light Glasses Manufacturer

  • You can custom blue light glasses styles with your drawing.

  • More lenses’ protection function besides of blue light function.

  • Y&T Eyewear can give you direction to help you to choose a suitable model for your market.

  • To help you get through the blue lens supply chain in China.

Your Best Custom Blue Light Glasses Manufacturer

If your company needs a business supported by a blue light blocking glasses manufacturer.  Y & T eyewear is definitely the best blue light glasses supplier choice for you. If your company needs a business supported by a Chinese eyewear factory, Y & T eyewear is definitely the right choice for you. You don’t need to spend too much time. Y & T eyewear will give professional advice on the selection of payment and strictly control the quality of production orders. Help you straighten out the supply chain of glasses. Help you to import bluelight glasses from China.

Custom Blue Light Glasses

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Custom Blue Light Glasses BLG-45

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Custom Blue Light Glasses BLG-46

mens tr flat mirror.jpg

Custom Blue Light Glasses BLG-47

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Custom Blue Light Glasses LFR-252

womens tr.jpg

Custom Blue Light Glasses LFR-258

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Custom Blue Light Glasses LFR-251

want a sample?

Custom Blue Light Glasses TR Material​

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Custom Blue Light Glasses BLG-51

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Custom Blue Light Glasses BLG-52

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Custom Blue Light Glasses BLG-53

Why Y&T Eyewear?

In addition to the anti-blue light function, the lens can also add a discoloration function.

Y & T eyewear has developed anti-blue lenses with a tinted function. The color of the lens changes automatically with the intensity of the induced ultraviolet. A pair of glasses can be used for two purposes. Indoor: It is an anti-blue glasses and computer glasses. But the glasses can be with a color change to block ultraviolet outdoors.

High Quality blue light glasses frames for your wholesale blue light glasses business.

You can choose the appropriate price of the anti-blue light glasses frame according to your market positioning. Y & T eyewear has acetate series, TR series, and PC series. You can choose from a variety of materials.The optical frame can be made of very lightweight material.

Y& T Eyewear prepare the children's blue glasses for you business.

More and more attention has been paid to the protection of children's vision, especially the application of mobile phones. More and more parents are concerned about children's eyesight. You must join the blue light resistant children's glasses series in your eyewear business.

Custom blue light glasses frames

You can custom blue light glasses frames if you have your own design. We provide the OEM service.

Super many optical frame styles

Y & T eyewear has hundreds of eyeglasses frames. All these glasses frame styles are very suitable for blue glasses

Product introduction of blue light glasses

Our factory

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Who are Y&T Eyewear's customers?

Blue Light Glasses Manufacturer – All- Around FAQ and Buying Guide

Nowadays, our exposure to blue light is rampant due to the widespread use of technology. That’s why many businesses like you are focused to producing blue light glasses because it currently has high demand!

And if you’re unsure where to look for it, read along because that’s what we’ll be discussing in this guide! Not only will we teach you what the best traits are of blue light glasses manufacturers, but we will also help you by briefly running through the top things to look for in blue light blocking glasses!

Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work?

do blue light glasses really work.jpg

Contrary to what a lot of us have initially believed in, the American Academy of Ophthalmology said, in the statements of their research, that there has been no proven record that blue light is damaging to the eyes.

However, physical reports from people who have experienced it say otherwise. Regardless of this, blue light blocking glasses has been one of the most-purchased types of eyewear in the market after the boom of technology.

Based on this alone, it’s pretty clear and easy to determine – it has helped a lot of people and it was able to change the lives of people who have problems with radiation and blue light.

How Are Blue Light Glasses Manufactured?

The manufacturing procedure of blue light glasses does not differ from how regular eyeglasses are made.

how are blue light glasses manufactured.jpg

Figure 2 – There are different processes in producing/manufacturing blue light glasses

The difference, however, would be with the mixing or the inculcation of a blue-light blocking agent, as well as pigment-blocking agents in the monomer.

These factors are added in during the finalizing process of the lenses, before the assembly or the eyewear itself.

Custom Blue Light Glasses

Akin to regular sunglasses, you’ll also be able to find custom blue light glasses in the market offered by blue light glasses suppliers and manufacturers.


custom blue light glasses.jpg


Figure 3 – You can purchase blue light glasses custom to your needs

They’re not different from the traditional blue light glasses because the only difference would be the customization of the properties and physical aspects of the glass, which include:

  • Color/shade of the eyewear’s frame
  • Intensity of the blue light blocking feature
  • Depth and thickness of the lenses
  • Shade or tint of the lens

Technically speaking, the properties and the physical vulnerabilities and aspects of these glasses would still be similar to that of pre-made blue light blocking glasses.

If you don’t want to invest much time in finding the manufacturer you can trust, work with us here at Yanyu Commercial! We are the country’s most trusted blue light glasses supplier/manufacturer!

Can You Purchase Blue Light Glasses China?

can you purchase blue light glasses china.jpg

Figure 4 – Chinese-made blue light glasses in varying shapes, colors, and sizes

China accounts for about 95% of the world’s total supplication of eyeglasses from 2019 and 2020. What does this mean, you ask? It basically means that the majority of businesses and companies around the globe has placed their trust on Chinese blue light glasses suppliers!

The country is filled with a ton of reliable blue light glasses manufacturing companies; you might even find it difficult or complex to choose the company you’ll be working with.

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses 2022

best blue light blocking glasses 2020.jpg

Figure 5 – A simple-looking blue light blocking eyeglass

The peak of the sales of blue light blocking glasses has been last year, 2020. That being said, there must be a couple of products that exceeded the charts, right? Yes! As a matter of fact, here are some of these products:

  • Gamma Ray Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  • Cyxus HEV-Absorbed Blue Light Glasses
  • Prospek Blue Light Blocking Glasses

NOTE: These three (3) are just part of the most popular and most sought-after blue light glasses in the market.

What’s Wrong With These Products?

If we look at it, they’re nearing perfection when it comes to function, style, and design. You wouldn’t have any problems choosing and offering them to your clientele.

However, there are certain points where you’ll have to consider the pricing as well – especially if you are doing business. One of the primary and major drawbacks to choosing these would be their cost. Typically, they’re expensive because they have already been branded – add the fact that the companies of these products market it extremely.

You can actually get the same type of quality, effect, and efficiency if you choose our products here at Y&T Eyewear. And, the best part is, you wouldn’t have to worry or think about the rates and prices because we designed it to be extremely affordable!

Why Opt For Wholesale Blue Light Glasses?

why opt for wholesale blue light glasses.webp

Figure 6 – Wholesale or bulk blue light blocking glasses

If you’re doing business and you are to retail or merchandise it to consumers, going for the wholesale option will be the better option for you. There are numerous reasons as to why going for blue light glasses wholesale is the better choice, some of which include:

You Can Negotiate Better Deals

One of the primary reasons to go for wholesale blue light blocking glasses is that you’ll be able to negotiate better and more effective deals, which means higher profitability for you!

Better Time to Market

You will also have a better and a faster time to market because you will never run out of stock! You will always be ready and prepared if a customer or a client requests more – this is a good sign because you’re able to sell the products and the merchandise you have.


Last, but most definitely not least is that you will be able to build the relationship not only with a single manufacturer, but with other suppliers and businesses in the same area of business, too!

Remember that, in business, network and connections are the keys to success. Knowing and working with more and more suppliers will open newer, bigger, and more available doors pointed to your success.

Which Chinese Blue Light Glasses Manufacturer Should You Trust?

This question should be rephrased to “what do you need to look for in a blue light supplier?” This question poses a lot of debate in terms of what the most important things are. But, here are some of the top tips we can give you to help you get the best quality of blue light glasses in the market.

  • Contact and speak with previous clients of the manufacturer/supplier
  • Take a look at their manufacturing plant or their factory
  • Ask for a sample and check the quality of their products
  • Weigh the delivery time and their production capacity

By mastering these things, it’ll only be a matter of time until you land working with a good-quality blue light glasses manufacturer.

Why Go With Y&T Eyewear’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

We here at Y&T Eyewear has been known to be the top producer/manufacturer of blue light blocking glasses all over the country. Our expertise has been widespread not just in China, but in other countries as well!

Our experts are so skillful that it the blue light glasses we produce won’t give off a hue or a yellowish color; it wouldn’t even seem like you’re wearing one! But, in the background, your eyes are protected from the harsh negative effects of blue light!

  • Y&T Eyewear’s blue light blocking glasses offer extreme protection
  • The lenses look stylish and fashionable – it won’t seem like it’s for treatment purposes
  • We can specify the amount of blue light you want to block
  • We’re able to produce high-volume of orders in just a short amount of time

Wherever you are in the world and whatever type of eyewear business you’re running, you can definitely place your complete trust in us here at Yanyu Commercial! We can be your go-to blue light glasses manufacturer and we’ll be more than glad to help and assist you with it!

Never worry about where you can get excellent-quality blue light blocking glasses!

What Other Products Does Y&T Eyewear Offer?

While we’re considered the best blue light blocking glasses supplier in the market, our expertise isn’t just limited to that.

As a matter of fact, we are also skilled in the production of all types of eyewear such as promotional or advertising glasses for businesses, reading glasses, prescription glasses, aviator sunglasses, wayfarer glasses, and many more!

We can produce whatever shape, form, and color of the frames you want your blue light glasses to be!

How to import custom blue light glasses from China? I just didn't purchase from China before.

You don’t need any import experience. Please tell us your actual situation in advance. We will guide you to import step by step. We will provide you with the relevant documents to help you successfully complete the customs clearance.

Can I make my customized packing box for the glasses?

Y&T Eyewear have eyewear packing suppliers. We can order for you. And we can also share the supplier information if you need. They can make custom blue light glasses package.

What's the MOQ if I want to do the logo on the side?

Welcome to inquiry with us for logo customization. If you can accept the laser logo, 100 pcs per styles  are OK for us.

What are your main markets?

Our selling market is Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East.

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Get world-class quality blue light custom glasses wholesale or in bulk without burning a hole in your pocket! Work with Y&T Eyewear and get smooth-sailing experience in purchasing or ordering wholesale blue light glasses!

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