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We are one of the eyeglasses frame manufacturers from China. We always try our best to choose the excellent material and exquisite workmanship to make the optical frame with high quality. As an optical eyeglass frame manufacturer, our designers look through fashion magazines and look for inspiration on the Internet and social networking sites. Make sure our frame meets the needs of the international market. Our goal is to help more global frame vendors, eyeglass supplier and optical frame wholesaler successful as an optical frame manufacturing company in China, our eyeglass frames’ material includes premium Acetate and Hybrid, Metal, PC, TR and so on.

Acetate Eyeglasses Frame

Different styles of frame types

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Acetate eyeglasses frame ef545

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EYEWEAR eyeglasses FAMRE ef546

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Octagon Eyeglasses FRAME ef547

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Eyeglasses frame EF548

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Acetate eyeglasses frame ef545

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Aviator Eyeglasses FRAME


Hybrid Eyeglasses frame

Wear without clamping your face: β (beta-titanium) temples, full of elasticity, adaptive to the contours of the human face, and the tightness is just right.

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Metal Eyegalsses frame

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Women's Eyeglasses FRAME

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Aviator eyeglass frame

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Quality eyeglass frame

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optical eyeglasses frame

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As optical frames manufacturer in China, our designers’ team pays great attention to the style of products and the international trend of patterns. Some of the eyeglasses frame products are from France, Italy and other European and American countries cutting-edge fashion design concept. With years of experience in exporting to European and American markets, we are with the international fashion trend synchronization. Whether it is a classic style or popular style, our product line is involved. So you can rest assured in our product line selection. We can find the style you need from our style. We can reduce a lot of energy about sourcing eyeglasses frame from China. You don’t need to find so many Chinese glasses frames manufacturers and save a lot of market development time for you. You just need to focus on your market and serve your customers well. As a dominant optical frame supplier, it is the most powerful backing for your market development.

The advantage

Imported high-density acetate material, through continuous improvement of design and try-on experience, adjust the comfortable wearing state for customers.


As optical frame manufacturer, wecan give you the best support.

If you want to customize your exclusive style, we can provide OEM service. We can make your design custom-built eyeglass frames. So if you decide to start the acetate custom made sunglass frames project. You need to provide the CAD drawing. And then, we will make a sample first. The samples making time is about two months. The production time is about 80 days. So if you want to do this project, you need to plan and have plenty of time. By the way, the MOQ is 300 pcs/ model. If you want to do custom size eyeglass frames, please make the provide the design in advance.


We prepare inventory for the frames for our customers. Eyeglass frame vendors can order them, and the MOQ is small for each model. If you want to do logos on the frame or temples, we can do laser on them.

Strictly Quality Control

As a eyeglass frame manufacturer,we have a strict quality control system to ensure that each delivery of eyeglasses frame can meet the major international test standards. We choose the density of imported acetate as raw materials. No harmful substances are exceeding the standard. The eyeglass frame has been certified by reach and obtained the certificate of compliance. Each eyeglasses frame is with carefully handmade process.

Frequently Asked Questions

In choosing an eyeglass frame manufacturer, it will be best to consider all relevant and significant things before going with a decision. And that’s the very reason why we came up with this guide!

Just like you, many other businesses and companies are going on their journey of working with a reliable and trustworthy eyeglass frame manufacturing company – and we’ll be detailing all of these for you!

Without further ado, let’s head right to the guide!

Eyeglass Frame Manufacturers List

Tens of thousands of eyeglass frame manufacturers are scattered globally. Listing them down one by one will take us hundreds of pages, tens of thousands of words.

But, to help and assist you with this, we tried compiling some of the internet’s top picks when it comes to the manufacturing or the supplying of eyeglass frames. These companies include:

  • Y&T Eyewear – Top eyeglass frame supplier
  • Luxxotica Group
  • Marchon Eyewear Inc.

These are some of the most sought-after eyeglass frame suppliers. Some of these you might have already encountered, while some might sound new.

Are All Eyeglass Frames Made by the Same Company?

No – they’re not made by a single company. As a matter of fact, the production and manufacturing of eyeglass frames could either be dependent or independent to the supplier or the manufacturer of the lenses of the glasses.

The list we gave you above, mostly, only focuses on the production of the eyeglass frames. There are suppliers and manufacturers that produce eyeglass frames and eyeglass lenses at the same time. So, better to ask and check with your eyeglass frame manufacturer and see if they’ll be able to provide the lenses, too – so you can save money.

How Are Spectacle Frames Manufactured?

The procedure of manufacturing spectacle frames is simple and easy. In fact, we gathered much needed information on how it’s done and we were able to summarize and compress it into these steps:

  1. The cellulose acetate sheets are inserted and subjected into a steel die.
  2. This is where the shape of the spectacle units are shaped and formed.
  3. Then, this die is heated at highly fluctuating temperatures, performing a series of melting-forming-melting-forming procedure to tighten and strengthen the frames.
  4. The fronts of the frame will then be examined and will be cut according to the size and shape required.
  5. After this, the temples of the frames will be made. They’ll be measured according to the size and the measurement of the front of the frame.
  6. Then, the temples and the front of the frames are going to be smoothed and polished.
  7. The color/colors of the eyeglass frame will be applied when the shape, edge, and the form is final.

This is the general structure of how eyeglass frames are manufactured.

Unbreakable Eyeglass Frames

When you search the market, you’ll most likely encounter unbreakable eyeglass frames and you might think that these are really “unbreakable” to the extent that they’ll be indestructible, but, no – that’s not what it is.

The term is used because these frames are shockproof and shatterproof; when you drop them, they wouldn’t budge and they’ll less likely to crack and to split in half unlike the traditional and regular eyeglass frames we’re used to seeing.

Here with us at Y&T Eyewear, we’re able to offer a heap of variants of unbreakable eyeglass frames that you can choose from!

Best Material For Glasses Frames

We know that the material used for these eyeglass frames vary. We can’t say that they’re only made from ebony, thermoplastics, or any other type of material because even this is the choice of the client or the customer.

But – according to the reports of businesses in no particular order – here are the best materials for the production of eyeglass frames:

  • Beryllium
  • Monel and Zyl
  • Titanium
  • Thermoplastics (Polycarbonate or PC; Polyvinyl Chloride PVC; etc.)

What Do You Look For in an Eyeglass Frame Manufacturer?

Choosing the eyeglass frame supplier you will be working with is crucial. Why? – This is because they’ll be the ones to determine the overall quality of your frames. It will be them who’ll dictate whether or not your eyeglass frames are going to be top-quality.

Here are the things you need to look for in an eyeglass frame manufacturer:

  • Diligence and time management
  • Production capacity and ability
  • Communication skills and customer service/client experience
  • Pricing and rates

Can Y&T Eyewear Be Your Go-To Eyeglass Frame Manufacturing Company?

If you want a stress-free experience in getting your eyeglass frames, then there’s nothing better than doing it with us here at Y&T Eyewear! Unlike other eyeglass frame manufacturers where you’ll usually have to pay north of $10,000 for a bulk order, you won’t have that experience with us!

Our minimum order quantity or MoQ is considerate and decent – you will never feel like you’re being ripped off! As the best optical eyeglass frame manufacturers in the country, we can assure and guarantee you of a smooth-sailing experience!

Business Advantages of Choosing Y&T Eyewear

You’ll find many business benefits and advantages when you choose us as your eyeglass frame manufacturer. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • We are flexible when it comes to the materials to work with
  • Y&T Eyewear can provide specific and custom styles and designs
  • The delivery timeline and timeframe of all orders are fast and swift
  • We have a dedicated customer service line to cater to all your needs and requests.

Here at Y&T Eyewear, you will never feel left out! We have a whole vast option of category for our eyewear; we have reading glasses, custom printed sunglasses, blue light blocking glasses, and many more!

If you want an experience that will never cost you time, effort, or patience, give us a call, shoot us an email, or leave us a message through any of our communication channels!

Never worry about finding an eyeglass frame manufacturer ever again!

How does Y&T eyewear support your OEM acetate eyeglasses frame business?

 If you want to do the OEM frame, it is essential to make a sample. You need to check any details that are right as per your expectations, such as the style, quality, colours, pattern, logo. For acetate eyeglass frames are pure Handmade, the process is complex from design to a real product. The sample making time is about two months( 60 days). The production time is about 3months (90days).

1.  We will help you to do the auto CAD draft for you if you can provide the samples.

2.  We will give you some practical suggestions as per design: such as the market trends, the colour trends, the style trends.

3. The sample making service is available. We will charge you the sample and freight cost. The sample cost will be refunded if you place a minimum order.

Can you print the logo on the eyeglasses frame?

Yes, as one of the glasses frames manufacturers in China, we can print the logos on the frame. The primary printing method is transfer printing, screen silk printing, laser.

What's the best material of the eyeglasses frame?

The acetate material is the best plastic material. The material advantages: it is a thermoplastic material with excellent biocompatibility and turning performance. It can be processed easily. And it is easy to do polishing. The handle feels very good with lightweight. This material doesn’t age easily. And it is not easy to burn and with good light resistance. It is not easy to deform. It is compatible with human skin. The material has excellent plasticity. The experienced eye frame manufacturers can make acetate material into high-grade, fashionable eyeglasses by machine and manual process.

How to choose a suitable eyeglasses frame line for my wholesale business?

First of all, you need to identify your customer base; they are the ultimate users of spectacle frames. You should choose the style according to the consumer’s preference. At the same time, you should also consider your consumer power, which will determine your eyeglasses frame business. What is the market trend of the eyewear industry this year? At the same time, you need to study your peers, what style they sell, how about the price. You need to determine your competitive strategy. Is it the strategy of differentiation competition or market segmentation? These are the questions you should consider before you choose an eyeglasses frame line. And then find a supplier do optical frame in China.

Why do customers like to choose the acetate material frame?

The acetate material for the optical frame is very stable, and it is particularly durable. Acetate material frames do not cause skin sensitivity. The acetate material is very textured. After careful grinding, eyewear frame manufacturers can give full play to the advantages of the material itself.

How is the pattern of the acetate spectacle frame made up?

The main pattern of the acetate spectacle frame is leopard print pattern, transparent color, mosaic color pattern, tortoise shell pattern, solid color, etc.

Can the eyeglasses frame with anti-blue light lens?

The eyewear distributors and wholesalers will order the eyeglasses frame and use it as optometry glasses. But you can also specify the shape of the specific glasses frame to make blue light glasses. The blue light lens is very regular style. We will replace the PC stereotypes with the blue light lens. It will be an anti-blue light glasses. You can describe your needed anti-blue light lens. Such as the lenses additional function, lens material, the thickness, visual effect, the coating, multicolour, abrasion resistance requirement. We purchase the lenses as per your need. And we do resemble on the frames for you. 

What is the difference between low-end acetate and high-end acetate eyeglasses frame?

Acetate eyeglasses frame is mainly distinguished in material and technology. In terms of the acetate’s origin, the French and Italian plates are better, and the Japanese are also relatively good. Many high-end acetate eyeglasses frame are made of this high-quality acetate. High-quality acetate’s quality is more reliable. Generally, the high-end eyeglasses frame is very smooth. The frame is not easy to be out of shape. The eyeglass frame is not easy to shrink. At the same time, the high-end material is close to the skin, no allergy, and no fading.

Distinguish acetate eyeglasses frame according to process.

  • The assembly process is to combine acetate of different colours and materials into frame legs.
  • Carving technology: Base on the original colour and styles of the acetate, the engraving machine carve various patterns on the acetate legs.
  • Inlay technology: Various patterns are inlaid on the acetate frame legs with seamless. It won’t damage the smooth surface of the acetate frame. It subverts the traditional sticking drill mode and provides a new idea and angle for diamond decoration.
  • The process of spot painting: The operator uses the paint pen to smear on the eyeglasses’ leg to make the paint adhere to the plate leg evenly.
  • Corrosion: The eyeglasses frame manufacturer will use chemicals to change the colour of the acetate frame.Such as light colour to dark bright colour. Of course, we will find that the process of low-grade acetate frames is simple, and we will not use the exquisite technology such as splicing and inlaying. And the high-grade acetate eyeglasses frame often uses a variety of processes to create extraordinary colour and collocation.

What is the difference between acetate eyewear frame and injection eyewear frame?

At present, most of the acetate components are acetate fibre, and a few high-grade eyeglasses frames are made of propionic acid fibre. The acetate fibre is divided into injection moulding and pressing grinding. As the name suggests, injection moulding frames are produced through mould. At present most of the acetate eyeglasses frames are handmade and polished. As far as high-quality acetate rance is concerned, the high-quality acetate made in France is better than from Japan.

What is other high-end material can be used in the acetate eyeglasses frame?

As eyeglass frame manufacturer, we always find more material to make a frame better. We use lightweight β titanium to create an excellent wear experience. The high-tech beta titanium metal is with unique characteristics of flexible and elastic without deformation. It is lightweight and easy to wear. The use-life is durable. And the colour doesn’t fade. Because beta-titanium eyeglasses’ leg is very elastic, it is very comfortable to wear. And it won’t pinch customers’ faces. The legs of the eyeglasses can be bent, and it won’t break.

Are Walmart eyeglasses good?

Yes, of course. Walmart company have a strong sourcing ability for all kinds of eyeglasses product lines. They also have excellent supply chain management capabilities. These important capabilities give them a compelling price competitive advantage. So Walmart’s eyeglasses are very trustworthy. Customers can buy the right eyeglasses frames at a reasonable price. If you choose to cooperate with us and make full use of our eyeglasses frame manufacturer’s capability. Your advantages will strengthen in terms of product style and price.

How to check if the acetate eyeglasses frame is high-end quality?

Whether acetate eyeglasses frame is high-grade and durable mainly depends on the raw materials, solder joints, electroplating and other processes. Each acetate eyeglasses frame is polished three times to improve the lustre of the frame. The metal parts are plated by IP vacuum to ensure the eyeglasses frame quality. The origin of acetate directly determines the quality of products. As reliable glasses frames manufacturer, we also use imported acetate raw materials. 

What are your central selling countries?

Our main sales areas are Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and others. Companies that make eyeglass frames wholesale and distributor business are our target customers. They like to do import frame china glasses because it is a reliable supply chain resource way. We are always looking forward to providing the best service for goal eyeglass frame vendors. If you are finding eyeglass frames manufacturers in china, we will be the right one. Our production technology and product quality are guaranteed.

How can I find suitable cheap eyeglass frames from china?

The price of acetate material and manual price way lead to the high cost of the acetate eyeglasses frame. If you want to find suitable cheap eyeglass frames from China, we recommend the injection eyeglasses frames for you. The main material is PC or TR. The TR frame is light and flexible. It’s an excellent material for the eyeglasses frame. Usually, the lens material is AC. The Chinese optical eyeglass frame manufacturers are masters of cost control.

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