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Our products are made of natural materials and have low impact on our environment, so you can feel good about them while protecting your eyes against UV rays!

Eco Friendly Sunglasses FOR Your Business

Y&T Eyewear is a leader in designing custom sunglasses for all international markets. We have the latest technology and machinery to give professional results, so don’t hesitate!”

With our professional team, it won’t take long before we’re done with your project!

Eco Friendly Sunglasses Series

YT Eyewear is the best sunglasses manufacturer from China, with a commitment to provide you professional eyewear customization services.

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Eco Friendly Sunglasses-Acetate Material

Lightweight and durable, acetate is the ideal material for making sunglasses. It also doesn’t cause skin irritations like other materials can do! And with high-quality acetate material options available from brands such as Mazzucchelli ,Jimei & Jinyu  you’ll be able create stylish shades that look just like those designer models at an affordable price point – what more could someone want?

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Eco Friendly Sunglasses

It’s easy to find environmentally friendly plastic materials that you can customize the design of according your own needs. Mainly referring polycarbonate and TR90, prices for these two types are relatively low while still offering high quality products in order; however there may be some limitations if it comes down too personalizing since not everyone has access or knowledge about how best create their own unique product vision! Luckily though our professional designers will help make any ideas come alive so don’t worry – just provide us with some STP documents (which means something like Speed Tree participates fully) after which they’ll send 3D models confirmatively before officially producing large goods on behalf here at china manufacture

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Eco Friendly Sunglasses - Metal

The customer’s requirements for metal material will be met with either copper or titanium alloys. We can also customize the accessory needs of an individual manufacturer through our professional design process, depending on what they ask us to create!

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Wooden Eco Friendly Sunglasses

Because of their environmental friendliness, the two most popular materials for manufacturing are wood and bamboo.

OEM Any Eco Friendly Desgin you want

Eco Friendly Manufacturing Process

The sunglasses industry is a difficult one to navigate. As an OEM manufacturer, Y&T eyewear always tries their best in order for them and other companies who buy from us have what they need when it comes down to creating quality products with high standards that will last you longer than any competitor’s product can!

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Eco Friendly Sunglasses Drawing

1. For sunglasses mostly made of acetate or bamboo, we need to create 3D models in CAD before manufacturing.

2. We need to create a 3D model of the sunglasses so we can make them in plastic.

Eco Friendly Sunglasses Engraving

The engraving process is a fundamental part of the manufacturing line for many different types, shapes and sizes.


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Eco Friendly Sunglasses Tumbling

The tumbling manufacturing process is used to make sunglasses smoother and brighter.

Eco Friendly Sunglasses Lens Edging

The cutting process is quite complicated and the final result can only be achieved with precision. The lens must fit perfectly into its frame so it will look elegant on your eye glasses, otherwise you may get rid of them or even go blind because they are not fitted correctly!

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Eco Friendly Sunglasses Assembly

If you’re looking for a high-quality product that is both fashionable and functional, then look no further. Our skilled workers have over 5 years experience in the industry will assemble your new sunglasses with care to ensure they meet all of our customers’ needs!

Eco Friendly Sunglasses QC

After the eyewear is inspected, it will be cleaned and sanitized.

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Y&T Eyewear's Sunglasses OEM Ability?

A Large Collection of Eyewear Manufacturing Options

We have sunglasses and frames to fit your needs, whether you're looking for sunglasses for your business. We always explore the latest trends in eyewear so that we can get an accurate idea about what will be popular this year and make sure our stock stays up-to date with all those new styles!

Professional QC Team

With our dedicated team of experts, we make sure that every product leaves the factory ready to meet your expectations.

Various Styles In Stock

Custom sunglasses are a must-have for any fashionista. From the latest trends and designs to classic favorites, we have 3000 styles that will make your head spin! And with our prices being unbeatable? It's not just about looking good - it also saves you money so invest now before these deals disappear forever

Strong Development Capability

We take pride in our team of designers who come up with new designs every month to suit the ever-changing demands this industry has. We also have a research & development department, which keeps professionals designing over 100 fresh styles each week!

Custom Designed Sunglasses

Custom-made sunglasses are the ultimate accessory for any occasion! With our decades of experience in designing and manufacturing custom frames, you can be assured that your purchase will not only last but also look great on. We offer a wide variety colors so there's something to fit anyone’s taste or preference - both women’s fashion as well men'.

Advanced Production Equipment

In the event that you are searching for a custom-made pair of sunglasses, our factory has 8 high precision CNC machines and 13 injection molding setups to meet all your needs.

Our factory

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custom Eco Friendly Sunglasses fROM y&t

The material chosen is the core point.

1.The material use Bio-acetate (biodegradable) and recycled plastic for frame options

2. Recyclable lenses.

3. Choose natural materials for packaging. Such as wood, Bamboo.

4. Adapt Microfiber bag made from recycled PET bottles.


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OEM Sunglasses PS-879

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OEM Sunglasses PS-880

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OEM Sunglasses Sunglasses PS-881

eco friendly sunglasses.jpg

OEM Sunglasses Sunglasses PS-881

Who are our Targets?

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are samples made available to customers before they employ the services of Y&T OEM sunglasses manufacturers and suppliers?

Samples are very important to us and to our clients because through samples, the communication process between us and our clientele begins to gain root. Even more, it helps customers know what they’re going for while ensuring we meet those needs. As a custom sunglasses manufacturer in China, Putting these factors into consideration, we always provide two kinds of samples to our customers; available sample and customization sample.

2.How will the samples be sent across to me?

First off, it is worthy of note that we do not expect you to go through any stress in receiving the sample from us. Therefore, it is totally up to us to get it to you. After you send your request sample to us and we receive our designer sunglasses package from our supplier, we will in turn get it across to you. This will not only save your efforts, but will save your cash too.

3.Can I request for OEM built sunglasses if the quantity of my first order isn’t in bulk?

Yes, you can. We will strike a deal that fits whatever sort of request you would be making and then we will go ahead to work at winning your trust for the long haul.

4.What are your international markets?

For over a decade, we have worked with customers of diverse demands and objectives across countries and continents. We have supplied custom sunglasses wholesale supplier from South America, North America, and Europe.

5.How fair are your price rates?

For the quality of service we provide, our pricing cannot be more favourable for any custom sunglass designer in search of impeccable manufacturers and suppliers. It is affordable but isn’t fixed. Our pricing varies based on the nature of the business, how much it would cost us, the style/design to be developed, your location, requirements, and a few other flexible factors.

6.What is custom sunglasses ?

Customized sunglasses are the sunglasses supplier to design and generate sunglasses according to customer needs.
You can tailor sunglasses styles and also eyewear, structure material and also color, lens material as well as color, logo, packaging, and so on.

6.Why customize sunglasses?

Custom sunglasses can make your sunglasses various from various other rivals’ items on customers, it can boost the brand’s premium and also boost your profit to a higher extent.
Get low-cost custom spectacles from Y&T Eyewear– one of China’s expert custom-made eyeglasses manufacturer will be your sensible option.

7.Exactly how to tailor sunglasses (tailor your eyewear) ?

Customers who need personalized sunglasses or custom-made glasses typically need some customization such as the frame, lenses, temples, logo, and product packaging.
As a custom-made sunglasses manufacturer and also distributor, our traditional personalized scope consists of the following materials.
Mount material:
Plastic (PC), steel, acetate, TR90, wood, bamboo.
Lens material:
COMPUTER, AC, Polarized, UV400.
Hinges material
Plastic, stainless steel.

8.Why should you add eco-friendly sunglasses to your eyewear line?

1. In order to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

2.We all want the world’s oceans to remain clean, but we have a problem. plastic pollution is entering these waters at alarming rates and disrupting an essential ecosystem for life on Earth- it can even end up in your seafood!

3. Reduce the generation of environmental waste.

4. Degradable can make the earth sustainable.

5. The oceans are ringing with the sound of plastic. Studies have shown that there’s more micro-plastic than fish by volume, and it may be accumulating in marine life at an alarming rate

6. A lot goes into making one Starbucks cup – from condiments to filters paper sleeves grease stains etc., yet when you throw away your used cups they become little pieces which can easily get pulled apart forming smaller bits called “micro plastics.” These contaminants present a big problem because unlike larger particles released during manufacturing processes or accidents such as oil spills these tiny packets break down over time

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