Custom Ladies’ Sunglasses

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Custom Ladies' Sunglasses

Importing sunglasses with custom logo printed from China is definitely your wise choice. Y&T Eyewear is supported by a strong supply chain in China. The components of each personalized sunglasses can be completely matched. So if you wish to custom sunglasses with custom logo printed, You can choose Y&T Eyewear. As long as you describe your ideas, we will have a professional designer to help you design.

1. Y&T Eyeglasses can offer you instructions to aid you to select a suitable design for your business. You can freely choose from more than 5000 sunglasses designs

2. We offer layout draft modification solutions. You can quickly tailor the design you desire.

3. We have a minimum order amount of 1000 items for each design.

4. Y&T Eyewear has unique customer service to help you.

5. You can also customize the lens specifications you need. Lenses are so important.

6. You simply need to tell us among your concepts, as well as we can aid you in promptly completing and understanding them.

You can additionally supply the equivalent ladies’ sunglasses E-catalog according to your demands. The sunglasses with a custom logo will be printed on the lens.

Custom Ladies' Sunglasses

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Ladies' Sunglasses LS-310

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Ladies' Sunglasses LS-311

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Ladies' Sunglasses LS-312

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Ladies' Sunglasses LS-313

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Ladies' Sunglasses LS-314

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Ladies' Sunglasses LS-315

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