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Custom Reading Glasses Frames- Metal

You should choose Y&T Eyewear if you want custom reading glasses frames because our supply chain is backed by the strong Chinese industry. We have professional drawing designers who can draw for us whatever design that suits your taste, just tell us what it will look like and they’ll create a masterpiece!

1.Y&T Eyewear can give you direction to help you to choose a suitable model for your market.There are more than 5000 styles that you can freely choose from.

2.We provide design draft customization services. You can easily custom reading glasses frames you want.

3. We have a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces of each style.

4 . We have a team of dedicated customer service specialists who will be happy to assist you with anything from inquiries about your order status or shipping times, product reviews and complaints.

5. The lenses of our glasses can be customized to suit your needs!

6.You just need tell us one idea, and we will quickly bring it into reality for you with a custom design complete in no time at all-without bringing down the cost on quality or service.


For all your needs in reading glasses, we have a wide selection from which to choose. You can also find the corresponding E-catalog if you need assistance!

Custom Reading Glasses Frames & Metal


Custom Reading Glasses CR-190


Custom Reading Glasses CR-191


Custom Reading Glasses CR-192

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Custom Reading Glasses CR-193

021 1.jpg

Custom Reading Glasses CR-194

reading glasses company.jpg

Custom Reading Glasses CR-195

Custom Reading Glasses Frames & Metal Frame

Y&T Eyewears is here to help your business succeed. Our knowledgeable sales team will guide you through the process of finding a stylish frame that’s just right for what matters most – YOU!

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