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Custom Kids' Sunglasses

Custom kid’s sunglasses from China is definitely your good selection. China has the strongest supply chain.  Basically, any complex accessory can be found and completed. So if you need to do custom kid’s sunglasses. You have can work with Y&T Eyewear.  After serious communication, Y&T Eyewear’s designer will make the design for you.

1. Y&T Eyewear can provide you with instructions to help you to pick an appropriate version for your market. There are greater than 5000 designs that you can easily select from.

2. Y&T Eyewear supply design draft modification services. You can conveniently personalize the design you desire.

3. The MOQ is 300 pieces of each style.

4. If you select well, we have a unique customer care personnel to connect with you.

5. We work with some very professional lens’ suppliers who can provide you with the quality features you need.

6. You simply require to inform us of one of your suggestions, and we can help you quickly complete and realize it.

If you intend to choose from the custom kids’ sunglasses we have, then select from our kids’ sunglasses collection. We can additionally offer the equivalent E-catalog according to your demands.

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Custom Kid Sunglasses TR CS-120

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Custom Kid Sunglasses TR CS-121

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Custom Kid Sunglasses TR CS-122

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Custom Kid Sunglasses PC CS-124

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Custom Kid Sunglasses Yellow Color CS-125

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Custom Kid Sunglasses Polarized CS-126

Custom Kids' Sunglasses For Your Business

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