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You can find the perfect pairs of sunglasses from our company. No need for spending hours looking through the Internet., we’ve got what you’re seeking right here in one convenient location!


Y&T Eyewear is dedicated to bringing your custom-designed sunglasses designs into reality with the latest technology and tools. Our professionals use advanced machinery so you can get professional results quickly, making it easy for any type of project! Don’t hesitate – let us know what kind of ODM ( Outside Dark Matter ) shades need development ? We’ll provide high quality products that meet international demand all while maintaining affordability .

BPA Free Sunglasses Series

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BPA Free Sunglasses-Acetate Material

Sunglasses made of acetate materials are very popular in the sunglasses market. The main acetate materials are provided by famous companies such as Mazzucchelli, Jimei, and Jinyu. They have products line for environmentally friendly acetate materials. The material is bisphenol A free.

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BPA Free Sunglasses

Through the customization of environmentally friendly plastic materials, your company can make the design that best suits its needs. Most bisphenol A is used to make polycarbonate plastics, which can consist of nearly 65-70 % BPA by mass. We will choose leather shoes made of environmentally friendly materials to produce PC sunglasses. Especially when it comes to children’s sunglasses, special Bpa Free controls.

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BPA Free Metal Sunglasses

The material of choice for this piece is copper and titanium alloy.

The team at our office will work with the client to make sure that their custom sunglasses are nothing but perfection.

The CAD drawings show us what you need, and we’ll take care of everything from start-to finish! If you want the material to be bisphenol A free. We just need to control the plastic part.

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BPA Free Wooden Sunglasses

We are committed to producing quality products that help protect the environment. Our two most popular materials, wood, and bamboo offer this benefit because they contain less harmful chemicals than other more traditional plastics. These kind of pure nature material can be done without bisphenol A  at all.

OEM Any Sunglasses Desgin you want

BPA Free Sunglasses Manufacturing Process

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BPA Free Sunglasses Drawing

1.The design and production process of our sunglasses is a complex one, but we make it as easy for you to get your hands on some great-looking shades.
A few steps in drawing up an accurate pattern will help us produce what’s needed!

2. For the Plastic Sunglasses, we need to create a 3D model of your sunglasses.

BPA Free Sunglasses Engraving

You can get your sunglasses personalized with this process, which usually entails engraving on acetate and wooden frames.

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BPA Free Sunglasses Tumbling

The tumbling process is to make the surface of sunglasses smoother and brighter. Some people like it because they feel that this makes their glasses more secure on their face, which in turn gives them a better sense for visual perception while wearing these frames!

BPA Free Sunglasses Lens Edging

Once we receive the lens from our supplier,the next step is to cut it down so that you can comfortably wear them.

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BPA Free Sunglasses Assembly

We have a team of highly trained experts who will put together your sunglasses with care and attention to detail.

BPA Free Sunglasses QC Process

Inspect the glasses carefully after they are assembled to ensure quality control.

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Y&T Eyewear's Sunglasses Product Capability?

A Large Collection of Eyewear Manufacturing Options

Come see us for a stylish new pair of sunglasses! You'll find the perfect fit with our large variety. Our designers are trained in identifying what type is best suited to meet your needs, whether you're looking for prescription lenses or just want something more traditional like rimless frames;

Professional QC Team

Every sunglasses that leaves our doors is the best it can be. Our quality control staff ensures this and more!

Various Styles In Stock

Investing your money wisely is the best way to make it last, and custom sunglasses are an investment that will pay off for years. With over 3000 styles available in our store today there's no better time than right now if you're looking into making this purchase!

Strong Development Capability

Designers at our company are constantly coming up with new designs to suit the ever-changing demands in this industry. We update them monthly so that they can keep designing over 100 fresh styles every month!

Custom Designed Sunglasses

With our decades of experience in designing custom sunglasses for both women's fashion and men’s style frames, we are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase. We offer a wide variety colors so there is something to fit any taste or preference!

Advanced Production Equipment

We offer the most cutting edge technology to satisfy your every need. We have 8 CNC machines and 13 injection molding machines setups in our factory, which means we can produce custom sunglasses for you with ease!

Our factory

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Why are BPA Free sunglasses so popular?

It is necessary to control the content of bisphenol a for the protection of children’s health.

The effects of BPA on wildlife are generally negative. It has been shown to affect the development and reproduction of a wide range of invertebrates, amphibians as well as other animal species such humans.


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Kids Sunglasses KS-757

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One piece Kids Sunglasses KS-758

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Kids Sunglasses KS-759

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Kids Sunglasses KS-760

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Kids Sunglasses KS-761

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Kids Sunglasses KS-762

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Kids Sunglasses KS-763

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Kids Sunglasses KS-764

Who are our Targets?

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are samples made available to customers before they employ the services of Y&T OEM sunglasses manufacturers and suppliers?

Samples are very important to us and to our clients because through samples, the communication process between us and our clientele begins to gain root. Even more, it helps customers know what they’re going for while ensuring we meet those needs. As a custom sunglasses manufacturer in China, Putting these factors into consideration, we always provide two kinds of samples to our customers; available sample and customization sample.

2.How will the samples be sent across to me?

First off, it is worthy of note that we do not expect you to go through any stress in receiving the sample from us. Therefore, it is totally up to us to get it to you. After you send your request sample to us and we receive our designer sunglasses package from our supplier, we will in turn get it across to you. This will not only save your efforts, but will save your cash too.

3.Can I request for OEM built sunglasses if the quantity of my first order isn’t in bulk?

Yes, you can. We will strike a deal that fits whatever sort of request you would be making and then we will go ahead to work at winning your trust for the long haul.

4.What are your international markets?

For over a decade, we have worked with customers of diverse demands and objectives across countries and continents. We have supplied custom sunglasses wholesale supplier from South America, North America, and Europe.

5.How fair are your price rates?

For the quality of service we provide, our pricing cannot be more favourable for any custom sunglass designer in search of impeccable manufacturers and suppliers. It is affordable but isn’t fixed. Our pricing varies based on the nature of the business, how much it would cost us, the style/design to be developed, your location, requirements, and a few other flexible factors.

6.What is custom sunglasses ?

Customized sunglasses are the sunglasses supplier to design and generate sunglasses according to customer needs.
You can tailor sunglasses styles and also eyewear, structure material and also color, lens material as well as color, logo, packaging, and so on.

6.Why customize sunglasses?

Custom sunglasses can make your sunglasses various from various other rivals’ items on customers, it can boost the brand’s premium and also boost your profit to a higher extent.
Get low-cost custom spectacles from Y&T Eyewear– one of China’s expert custom-made eyeglasses manufacturer will be your sensible option.

7.Exactly how to tailor sunglasses (tailor your eyewear) ?

Customers who need personalized sunglasses or custom-made glasses typically need some customization such as the frame, lenses, temples, logo, and product packaging.
As a custom-made sunglasses manufacturer and also distributor, our traditional personalized scope consists of the following materials.
Mount material:
Plastic (PC), steel, acetate, TR90, wood, bamboo.
Lens material:
COMPUTER, AC, Polarized, UV400.
Hinges material
Plastic, stainless steel.

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